Digging a Hole

BB20 – Ep13 – July 25, 2018

The shitshow continued.  Sam explained that Kaitlyn and Haleigh can waste their breath trying to change her mind about what she sees, which was of course something they both loved to hear.

Kaitlyn did indeed try to figure out where Sam was coming from and it mostly came down to Sam not seeing Kaitlyn as an empowered woman, and being pretty judgy in how Kaitlyn plays the game.   Did it seem kind of like Sam might just be jealous of the relationships that Kaitlyn has built?

JUST A LITTLE BIT, mmkay?  I know the BB editors were hammering us over the head with this scene, but yeah, Sam’s righteousness comes off a bit too hypocritical when we see her gushing all over Faysal as he literally just finished putting himself on top of you.  mmmmWHAT?  Do I begrudge Sam getting a taste of that man?  nope, not one bit.  It’s the game.  But for her to be so fucking judgmental about how other girls are playing still irks me to no end.

Yet there are multiple holes being dug here, and we’ve touched on the main one doing the digging….

Oh, Fessy….

With both of his main allies on the block, Fessy is not in a good spot.   You know what makes that spot even worse?   Promising both women that you’re going to take them down.

Just….don’t, Fessy.  Don’t.   Every time you talked to either Kaitlyn or Haleigh, it just kept getting WORSE.   Look, it’s clear, you are terrible at this game.  Competitions, sure, you’re gonna win some.  But the game of Big Brother is something you are NOT good at.  You should never have told Kaitlyn that you were going to save her.  Lie or be vague, but don’t be explicit that you will save her, doubling down even when she skeptically knows he will likely save Haleigh.

My Girl, Rachel!

I can’t deny that I will always love seeing Rachel on my TV.   She inevitably gets on my last nerve, but I can’t help myself.  Having her back to host the Veto was fantastic and helped take the edge off of the Veto competition, where OF COURSE “Houseguest Choice” came up twice during the pick, and Haleigh got to choose Faysal.  Honestly, Kaitlyn had to have known the gig was up…but Faysal hadn’t won Veto yet so maybe it was much ado about nothing.

The Veto, which Faysal Wins

SPOILER ALERT!  My bad, but this episode was edited in only one way:  watching Faysal dig a hole, dig it even wider and deeper, and then for him to of course have to walk towards and plummet right into it.  Nothing else would have been allowed with the storyline running tonight.  It was a hilarious Veto comp, if only to watch poor JC getting massively assaulted by the Chopper which hit him in the nads every time.  In that competition, we were all Scottie falling over in hysterics.

Plummet Into the Hole

Fessy knows he’s in a mess, as do we all.  He’s a big idiot for putting himself so willingly into the situation, and he’s gonna have to deal with it.

But let’s not forget about Sam, who is also working on a hole of her own.  Here she is refusing to discuss potential replacements with Tyler, who really is trying his best to get some answers out of her.   She’s determined to keep walled off from everyone, though she does indicate to him that she’ll be up front about the use of her Power…

A Most Awkward Veto

For a moment, I thought maybe, just maybe, the decision was going to be too hard for Faysal so he would decide not to use the Veto.  But he did use the Veto and saved Haleigh.  awww…the couple survives another week.

But now it’s time for Sam to name a replacement!   And hey, let’s anger some more people!

First, let’s frighten JC to death as he realizes that he’s about to get nominated since Sam wants someone who no one will want out of the house in comparison to Kaitlyn.   He panics and realizes that’s about to happen and wisely says something, which makes Sam back off.  But now?   JC has Sam on his radar.

So of course Rockstar takes the replacement nominee spot.  She seems surprised by that in her reaction, but obviously we the audience knew she was no empowered, respectable lady and needs to be evicted away from these naive menfolk post haste!!!  UGH.

But I’m here for a wrathful Kaitlyn.  Wipe those tears away and get to work, Kaitlyn.  I think you have a fair shot of staying, but it’s not a slam dunk.   Rockstar is mostly inoffensive so she’s a very tempting person to keep around, unless you’re Brett.  I NEED you to stay though – I want you to exact revenge on Faysal and the house, even if it’s just a week more.   And if you get voted out tonight, get you ass back in and make them suffer.

Status & Standings:

Head of Household:  Sam
Nominated for Eviction:  Kaitlyn & Haleigh
Power of Veto Winner:  Faysal
Veto Used?  Yes, on Haleigh
Replacement Nominee:  Rockstar

I hope whoever is evicted gets back inside.  Sam, you need to get over yourself and remember what game you’re playing.  Faysal, get a clue and remember the game you’re playing.  Kaitlyn, I want you to get your revenge and figure out how to stay in the game.  Kaycee, I want to know why you were cast in this season as you’re doing nothing!

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