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OS: Stayed up Late, Got Up Not So Late

I have discovered first-hand that even in the peaceful little ‘hamlet’ of West New York, it’s damn near impossible to try to sleep through the middle of a weekday.  I was actually doing pretty good, thanks partially to a prescription for Nasonex I’m on now as well as having stayed up till 4am last night – I know, I know….whoooooWEEEE, I”m a wild and crazy guy for staying up ‘so late’.  But right around 10:45am this morning, I start hearing this noise, much like a car being started over and Over and OVER and OVER!!!!!!!!!!  I really thought it was just some moron who wasn’t able to get his car started after he had just gone shopping at the A&P downstairs.  And after having witnessed first-hand some of the skills that my neighbors have in driving, it didn’t escape the realm of possibility that this was the case.  I tried to ignore it but trying to ignore a rhythmic LOUD and annoying noise is near impossible, especially when you’re not really all that sleepy anymore.  So I got up and looked out my window to see what the hell this was – and now I know what a portable generator sounds like.  Ugh.  I am now up, and today is going to be a LONG day.

In totally random news, while surfing a lot of the Internet last night, I went to one of my favorite sites, Realitynewsonline.com, and saw that they are looking for additional writers about Big Brother 10!  Uh, hi, would love to!  So I sent them an email with links to my previous reality competition web pages and my forum, as well as a stellar email saying how much I would love to do this.  We’ll see if it causes anyone on the other end to respond.  How fun would that be?