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I’ve been working out a lot more regularly and with quite a bit more dedication than I ….ever have. Even while in the military. I think it is the fact that I have a decent gym right in the same building as my work and it being that easily accessible helps it pass the lazy test. Because I know that if I were to try to wait to work out until I got home to the gym here at the apartment complex, it would NOT happen. I just get too damn lazy and tired by the end of the day.

So anyways, I’ve been fairly consistent with my working out lately. I finally found a GREAT exercise book that actually gives me what I’ve been looking for: true workout plans that have variation and that have a very easy mechanism to tune based on your available time to work out and/or your goals. It’s called Mens’ Health: The Body You Want in the Time You Have.

So once I actually started doing this regularly, I did start seeing results. Mind you though, I am my own harshest critic so I really didn’t think I had made all that much progress….until this past week. One of my coworkers had left a few months back as he’s in one of these GE leadership programs where you do 6-month rotations throughout the GE businesses. He used to always poke fun at me before, saying things like “all the working out you do and you can’t tell…” – bitchy, yes, but that’s basically how he is. So he was back in the area for some work stuff and on Friday, the first thing he says to me when he sees me is: “You’ve lost weight!” and not a hint of irony or sarcasm. i knew he meant it. Then later on he goes, “You’ve been working out too!” So apparently, yes, the results are finally showing up. Sweet. Because when a catty gay guy gives you a true compliment, you know that it’s the truth. 😉 LOL.