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Greatest Hits 2007-style

I did this last year and it’s kind of fun to reminisce and really think about what happened in my life this past year. ESPECIALLY this year.

I guess before I begin – and this may be a long post, so you have been warned, I’ll post my holiday pictures up from my trip back home to Los Angeles for Christmas. It was really wonderful to see the whole famn damily after 3 years of being a no-show at the typical Christmas festivities. It was definitely a brief trip and accordingly exhausting as I left here on Saturday night and got to LA about 2 in the morning on Sunday. We had Stacie and her family over that evening so there was really no rest for the wicked to be had. It’s always a blast to catch up with stister Stacie and it’s like things are always the same between us. Then the next day was Christmas Eve with the Sperskes, which has been a tradition as long as I’ve been alive or at least as long as i remember. Again, seeing the whole family with all the young generation around is crazy. I used to be the Baby of these gatherings – but I guess when the baby is now 31, that title has to be passed on eventually! I am really glad I went home, if even for a short time. Just hanging out at home with Mom and Harv was so nice. But this was a short trip and after spending Christmas day pretty lowkey with going over to the Jensens (my first time partaking in EB’s fantastic Christmas Prime Rib – awesome!), I headed back to New Jersey the day after Christmas. And so this week at work was a whopping two days but they were fairly busy for me as I’m trying to teach myself Oracle Reports based on other completed results and while that is a very good place to start (cue ‘Do Re Mi’…), it doesn’t quite get me up to the speed I need to be at. So my work laptop has been brought home to continue the working/learning. Anyways, that’s a brief recap of this week. You are free to leave at this point if you want as the rest is basically pics of family that probably only family will enjoy and then a long recap of this year that I’m sure will leave some asleep at the keyboard and others going WTF? and some going, “well, did he Really need to say that there?” And to all of that, I say, ‘this is my page and I can write pretty much whatever the hell I want!’ (For you Arielle fans, I’ve got nothing more for you either!)

23 & 24 Dec 2007 – Christmas in Los Angeles

23-Dec-2007 13:06, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.005 sec
23-Dec-2007 13:06, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 3.5, 12.523mm, 0.004 sec
Mom and Harv are nuts. Here's next year's Christmas card photo....
Mom and Harv are nuts. Here's next year's Christmas card photo....23-Dec-2007 13:07, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 3.5, 12.523mm, 0.005 sec
Stacie and her son, Trent
Stacie and her son, Trent23-Dec-2007 16:07, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.02 sec
23-Dec-2007 16:08, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 8.0, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
Me and my stister Stacie!
Me and my stister Stacie!23-Dec-2007 16:18, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
23-Dec-2007 16:18, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
23-Dec-2007 19:59, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
23-Dec-2007 19:59, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
Stacie, Charlie's Angel
Stacie, Charlie's Angel23-Dec-2007 19:59, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
23-Dec-2007 19:59, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
24-Dec-2007 17:14, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.005 sec
24-Dec-2007 17:15, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.006 sec
Uncle Steve and Auntie Helen
Uncle Steve and Auntie Helen24-Dec-2007 17:15, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.006 sec
Mom and Uncle JC
Mom and Uncle JC24-Dec-2007 17:15, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.008 sec

Well, I guess there’s no time like the present to begin my 2007 recap!

  • Okay, well, hmmm….I have things that I want to write about but where do I start off? 2007 felt like a very LONG year. I guess at the beginning of 2007, I was hopeful. I knew that 2007 would be the year I finally got free from the Air Force, but I’d have to put in 8 more months of it before I earned that freedom. So I put on my Determined Face and was ready to be the Flight Commander of SCB for what I figured would be at least till the summer when Melissa would take over for me once she put on the rank of Captain. Alas, that little daydream didn’t pan out as expected. Around sometime in mid-January, the squadron leadership tells me that they’re excited about the fact that I’ll be stepping up to take over as deputy sq cc for a month or so and that Melissa will take over in February…. WTF? I was so pissed. Especially when that house of cards fell apart and I basically got left with nothing to do. For the remaining 6 months. A new phrase was coined during that time: Bitch Don’t Care. You can interpret that in many ways, and you’d be right in EVERY interpretation with regards to that situation. But it was hilarious that I muttered that under my breath and Melissa called me out on it – don’t misinterpret that as I was not directing it at Melissa at all but she heard it and now the phrase took on a life of its own. It was awesome.
  • Here’s a sort of awkward one to write about, but it certainly was a big part of my life the first half or so of this year. I finally had a true best friend again: Jeremy. It was an awesome time for a while. And then of course life, being life, says things must change. And Jeremy went off to find happiness and work satisfaction, but that wasn’t in Colorado Springs. And I lost my best friend. I hope this doesn’t make any of my other friends think that I don’t care about them, but I’ve had very few true best friends. Before Jeremy, it was Jason back at Lajes. In Las Vegas I never really truly had a best friend but a few great ones. In Colorado Springs there is/was a great group of us that I consider awesome great lifelong friends but Jeremy was the one who fit the mold I guess of being in the Best category. So when he left, it was pretty sucky. And to be honest, it was one of the prime motivators for me to leave Colorado Springs. I’m sure I could have searched harder to stay in CS, but I didn’t. I decided it was time for me to get where I needed to go…wherever that was. And I’m sure that was/is flawed thinking because even if Jeremy had stayed, it would have been foolish to have aimed at staying there as while Jeremy and I were good buds, it’s not exactly likely a great guy like him is going to stay single for long and at that point, I become the ‘extra’ around, which is how I basically felt my status was near the end of my time in CS anyways as everybody had basically coupled up. And since we all know now which way I am, that kind of left me on the outside looking in.
  • I guess the screamingly obvious one for this year would have to be coming out. After the awkward way things happened in October of 2006 when Jeff and Susan found out (don’t get any bad or weird thoughts – I wasn’t caught in the act or something – but it certainly was not exactly the way I had imagined things to have gone that’s for sure) I really had no clear idea of what was going to happen next. Turns out that Oct 06 while stressful was exactly what needed to happen for me. In April when my Mom and Harv came out, I told them. That was one of the scariest things I ever had to do. I can vividly remember that entire day and I’m sure I will for the rest of my life. They of course were awesome about it and that alone helped so much. I don’t know what I would have done if they had rejected me. But looking back at that time as well as basically the past few years, everyone who knows admits they weren’t really surprised and kinda figured. Usually those words exactly. It’s probably my awesome ability to dress myself which gave me away…. I’m so glad that it’s done with, but now it’s just a whole new set of things I have to learn and adjust to. I’ve never dated as an adult and so a lot of this stuff is so new I feel like a damned retard.
  • Finding a new job. Yeah, leaving the Air Force was great but I knew that I had to have my act together to make sure the transition period had as minimal unemployment time as possible as I know that I’d go crazy not having somebody pay me to be there. So this summer was definitely an exciting time of traveling the country (Chicago, San Diego, New York City) looking for jobs. Through the recruiters and agencies I used I learned a HELL of a lot on how to effectively interview and do resumes etc. I guess something worked. But I have to say that sending that one email to Rob Hemker saying I wasn’t interested in going to Houston for another hiring conference was the single-most important email I may have ever sent so far in my life. I had just come back from San Diego (which was a week or so after Chicago) and I realized that those two conferences had been major wastes of time for me (ultimately). The experience I gained from interviewing was certainly good, but the actual positions I was interviewing for were not at all anything I was interested in. So the idea of going to Houston was not appealing. I had just flown back in to CS that morning and I was at my laptop trying to be productive in my job search as I realized then and there that I had to change my hunting strategies somehow. First and foremost was being direct and honest with these recruiters who were constantly calling me with more conference invites. First up: Rob from JROfficer.com. I sent him a polite email expressing my thoughts and literally 10 minutes later I get a call from him. And the rest is history as one of the first jobs offered for my pursuit was the NBC one and well, I guess we see how that went.
  • Leaving Colorado Springs. You may think that from that paragraph a few back that I couldn’t wait to leave once Jeremy left. You’d be wrong. Jeff, Susan (my Grace!), KD, Eric, Melissa, Erin…. these are all great friends that made life in Colorado Springs awesome. A true circle of friends that I feel honestly blessed to have had as it hadn’t been since Lajes that something like that had existed for me. Once I actually got an offer from NBC and after a day or so of pondering the offer and accepting it, the realization came over me that I was WILLINGLY starting over, once again. And I wouldn’t have any friends out there nor a built-in network of military to depend on. That’s one thing that is great about the military community – you can almost always find a few in your built-in rank circle that are awesome to hang out with. And since everyone in the military always moves around, they understand where you’re coming from when you’re the new guy and don’t have established friends there. It’s up to you how good of friends you want to get with these new friends, but it’s nice to have that option there (unless you go to Vegas and your ‘peergroup’ deems you unworthy of association…. thank God for fraternization!!!!). So basically saying, okay, not only am I going to leave Colorado Springs, I’m going to go where I know basically no one. Great. It sucked to leave. Those last few days spent with my friends were really painful and sad for me. But once I got on the road, I knew I had to just look forward and not dwell too much on what I was leaving behind. I’ll always keep in touch with those guys but it certainly isn’t the same not having them around to drink with, eat with, go see movies with, etc.
  • Leaving my HOUSE!!!! I still look at pictures of my house every now and then and get bummed. I tried to sell it because I’d rather have a clean break, but with the real estate market as it is, that didn’t happen. Fortunately my property management company found a renter a few days after I left and they’ve signed a two-year lease, which is awesome. But still, my house!!! I miss having my TV room. I miss the porch out back. I miss my garage. I miss my awesome kitchen/bar area. I miss my dining room. I miss my redone bathroom. It sucks just writing this. That house was totally mine and it was pretty much just how I wanted it. But now it’s gone, all my furniture is pretty much sold and gone except that which I took with me. Now I wanna drink. <sigh>
  • Summer with my Dad and Pat. It was weird – I didn’t know what to think of my Dad and Pat coming out to Colorado Springs for the summer. I was excited but it had been so long since I’d lived within any reasonable proximity to parents. Las Vegas was close to LA, but that’s still 2.5 hours away from LA. So having actual parents around to go have an impromptu dinner with was nice. I loved having them around, and having them over for dinner on the weekends was nice, as it felt great to have company that was actual family there. And then dropping by in the mornings down at the KOA camp before ‘work’ (which at this point was merely a place that I had to make an appearance at – although I probably could have skipped that too in all reality) and have breakfast. They left about a few weeks before I did and that just added to the sadness of leaving CS. I’m glad that I got this opportunity as honestly, that was the first time spent with my Dad on that regular of a basis in… well, I have no idea. It was just nice.
  • Becoming a New Yorker/Jersey Boy. I have to pay taxes to both of them so why not claim both as heritage???? New York has definitely been an incredible experience. Working at NBC and Rockefeller Center with a great group of people. Lucking out into an incredible living situation with a wonderful roommate. Doing the tourist thing in the biggest city in the world. Dating. It’s crazy. I’m still working on trying to create a new circle of friends to hang out with here, but it’s not easy going in that regards. Dating has slowed down to non-movement so it’s been kind of a lonely month except for going home. It’s my fault I guess, but frankly I don’t know how much energy I have. And this month in New York is ridiculous with tourists, so I’m really not spending much time in the city as it’s just too aggravating. I’m looking forward to relatively calm January and February to resume my exploration of the city as otherwise I’m gonna commit murder. You should have seen the ridiculousness of this past Friday as I was going home. 49th St was literally CLOGGED with tourists – they were literally walking in the middle of 49th and blocking traffic. I have NEVER seen it this crowded yet. I knew then and there that waiting for the Ferry bus would be pointless as the bus itself wouldn’t be able to move. So I walked it from 49th St/5th Ave to 39th St/12 Ave. It was actually a great night for it as it wasn’t too cold but navigating through the area around Rockefeller Center and Times Square was ludicrous. Once I got to the 9th Ave/Hells Kitchen area, it was a lot calmer and I walked by a quite a few of the places I’ve been, remembering the good times I’ve had there. So yeah, New York has been fun and while it’s a lull right now, I fully anticipate January to resume what Oct and Nov were like.

Okay, that’s probably not exactly all the Greatest Hits but it is a fairly accurate recap of the biggest things that happened to me this year. I just finished rewatching Season 3 of LOST on DVD and when Charlie writes down his 5 ‘Greatest Hits’ in his life before he is about to die, it got me thinking that I don’t even know what would be my 5. But that led me to think smaller and at least think of what happened in 2007. So there you go. If I don’t write again until 2008, I hope everyone has had a fantastic 2007 and has a safe New Years Eve. I will NOT be in Times Square this year as I just don’t have the motivation to go by myself there and suffer needlessly. I’ll be safe and warm at home with easy access to a bathroom which is what those thousands of people will NOT be able to say. And my booze is a lot cheaper to drink then out there!

Happy New Year and see you in 2008.

Going Home For Christmas

Made the reservations yesterday – I’m going to be home in LA for Christmas for the first time in a few years. Yay!!!!

It’ll be nice to be back. I know i’ll get to see Mom’s side of the family, but I’m hoping to shoot for seeing some of the Dad side too. I won’t be back too much time though, so I’m definitely going to have to hustle if I wanna try to accomplish all that.

Anyways! So here we are again. How are you? It’s been such a long time. What? I’m a lazy bastard? How dare you say that! I..I, I – well, I resemble that remark! Okay, so my during-the-week updates aren’t exactly something you can set your watch to. Most of the time not much goes on, and this week really didn’t change that too much! I did have a fun Wednesday evening and an awesome Saturday day and evening, so that makes for a good week in my book.

Yesterday I was with Eddie and we went to see Avenue Q – and let me tell you that is a ridiculously funny musical – think a foul-mouthed Sesame Street (include puppets in your thoughts, they’re the stars of the show) with catchy songs that are aimed at teaching adults a thing or two about growing up and living life. It’s awesome. When talking with Eddie and doing a comparison between Wicked and Avenue Q (which is the extent of my true Broadway knowledge), I think Wicked is the more ‘fantastic’ one and has amazing production values, but the songs as a whole are not all that memorable. Avenue Q on the other hand is hilarious and the songs are very much ones that get stuck in your head because they’re so well-done.

As many of you may already know because I sent you an email concerning it, I’ve converted (succumbed) to the iPhone. On Friday, after work, I took a stroll over to Best Buy because I had been going through withdrawals and had to get my fix…and then I realized, why deny myself an iPhone when it is so freakin’ awesome…. so off I went to the AT&T store. I didn’t go to the Apple Store because if you ever have been to one of these stores, you know how ridiculously crowded they can be – now muliply that by 10 and that’s how crowded the NYC ones are. At the AT&T store though, it was very mellow and you get tons of attention and help without a bajillion tourists cramming around you. I was done in 10 minutes or so, including the pre-approval credit check and everything – you’d think for all the money it costs you’d have to spend some more time jumping through hoops, but I guess it’s mainly because you do most of the ‘hard work’ at home when you connect the iPhone to your computer and iTunes. I had to make a decision though, and I decided not to keep my Vegas-based cell phone # anymore. I’ve been living with that for quite a few years now and it just was time to get a more local #. So there I am.

Anyways, this weekend was quite nice and today I got to just stay in, continue re-reading Wicked (I had forgotten how incredible a book it was as I hadn’t read it for Years!), and basically veg around the house. It was glorious. And now I think it’s time to eat some dinner and watch a DVD!

Attack of the FTPs!

FTP = Fucking Tree People.

I’ve been meaning to use that acronym as a headline and it was totally going to be used yesterday but I HAD to draw attention to my mockery of a person who changed the world instead, so not only did I have to come back and bring pics but I also had to use FTPs on the site. So here it is! Anyways, this is an acronym (acronyms DO exist outside of the military) used here at Rockefeller Plaza to discuss the ridiculous amount of tourists that have descended upon NYC, but especially here at Rockefeller Plaza and our world-famous tree. Literally, the crowds have gotten so damn plentiful ever since the Christmas Tree went up. And that mo’fo is huge and impressive and it’s not even decorated yet. I can’t even begin to imagine how crowded it’ll be after the end of the month when the lighting occurs. That’ll be something to see.

Okay, I don’t have too much else to say – I’ll elaborate a bit more on the pics below as we go through them, but it’s been a good couple of weeks. I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving and I look forward to surviving the holiday season here in New York and hopefully also back home!

11 Nov 2007 – My Folks Before I Left

11-Nov-2007 17:25, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
11-Nov-2007 17:25, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
11-Nov-2007 17:25, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
11-Nov-2007 17:26, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec

13 Nov 2007 – Rockefeller Plaza Tree

13-Nov-2007 07:37, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 283
13-Nov-2007 07:37, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 289
13-Nov-2007 07:37, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 213
13-Nov-2007 07:41, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141

And now here are the pics from Mila’s wedding! It was great to see everyone again and you could tell Mila was relieved that the wedding went so well and everyone had a blast. I think she mentioned that was really her only concern going into the ceremony and she needn’t have worried. It was a fantastic affair. Great music (Hava Nagila at the beginning of the reception is SUCH a good idea) and great company and great food all combined wonderfully. Seeing Sveta and Mila again though was probably the highlight of seeing my friends again, although getting to see all of them pretty much rocked. That and seeing my family again makes me miss LA and home, but I can’t lie, when I got back to New York after a miserable red-eye flight, I was also happy. So I think I’ll be here for a bit – but one day, I’ll be back, West Coast-style.

10 Nov 2007 – Mila & Scott Got Married!

Mom and Harv that morning
Mom and Harv that morning10-Nov-2007 09:09, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
The reception tent before the ceremony
The reception tent before the ceremony10-Nov-2007 17:48, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 8.0, 7.7mm, 0.005 sec
10-Nov-2007 17:48, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 8.0, 7.7mm, 0.008 sec
Sveta!10-Nov-2007 17:50, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.008 sec
10-Nov-2007 17:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.006 sec
Sveta and Tony
Sveta and Tony10-Nov-2007 17:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.008 sec
Me and Laryssa - it was great to see her again. She hasn't changed!
Me and Laryssa - it was great to see her again. She hasn't changed!10-Nov-2007 17:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
Sveta and Me
Sveta and Me10-Nov-2007 17:53, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.008 sec
The rose-strewn aisle to the altar..(is that the right word??)
The rose-strewn aisle to the altar..(is that the right word??)10-Nov-2007 18:04, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
10-Nov-2007 18:05, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
10-Nov-2007 18:06, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
Me and Monina and random stranger guy - it was awesome to see Monina too!
Me and Monina and random stranger guy - it was awesome to see Monina too!10-Nov-2007 18:35, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
Mila getting escorted down the aisle by her proud parents, Roman and Ada
Mila getting escorted down the aisle by her proud parents, Roman and Ada10-Nov-2007 18:46, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec
10-Nov-2007 19:03, Canon Canon PowerShot SD630, 2.8, 5.8mm, 0.017 sec
10-Nov-2007 19:04, Canon Canon PowerShot SD630, 2.8, 5.8mm, 0.017 sec

And as a note about the flashback picture on the frontpage – I just crack up everytime I see it. And I miss my buds back in Colorado Springs. Because even though life is definitely different and better in many ways now, I still miss the hell out of my friends that I had in the Springs. I seriously wish I could just transplant their lives and jobs out here into NYC. THAT would be perfect. Because I still haven’t found that great group of friends or such to just hang with. And then that pic also has my house’s kitchen in it!!!! I miss my house!!!!! <sigh> Oh well…

Panic Attack

 (No more countdown…weird)

So I woke up this morning completely stressed about all the stuff I have to do in the next 3 weeks. COMPLETELY stressed.

It’s kind of hard to go back to sleep once you realize you’ve committed yourself (I guess I could end the sentence there…but I won’t) to upheaving your life for something cool and crazy. And that realization slapped me in the face like someone I just called a whore. (by the way, WHORE is a fun word to say – you can say it with such different inflections – fun for all ages!) I began to list all the things I still have to do in the next three weeks, and I’m going to clue you into my mental processes and then you will be a full-fledged member of the Hobie-Neurotic Club:

  • Have to do shittons of laundry (yes, I know, everyone has to do this, but I HATE laundry… at least I don’t have to go down to a river and beat my clothes against rocks… so I’ll quit my whining)
  • Mow the damn grass (I also have to sharpen the blades of the mower since I haven’t ever and I have no idea how to do it or with what…. yes, I actually dwelled on this this morning)
  • Get a key made for my property manager (which led me into my whole panicky spiral of doom because I am still kinda scared about this damn house and wishing it would sell but it’s not so now I have to rent it and I don’t want a psycho renting it and destroying it and hoping that the property manager is good and knowing that she is but still hoping that I’m not being too optimistic and not even knowing where the hell you go to get a key made – yes, I’m insane)
  • Thinking about my upcoming househunting trip to New Jersey (and hoping that all the rooms I’m interested in don’t get rented while I’m flying out there and wondering what the hell would I do if that IS the case because then I’d have to like knock on doors and windows and figure out the next step in getting a place to live and what if I end up in the streets with a laptop and a Nintendo DS and that’s it? – again, this spiral of doom thingy knows no bounds and makes everything a great rosey shade of INSANE)
  • Hoping I can sell most if not all the items I want to sell (but what if they don’t sell and nobody wants these things and I have to ship them out to New Jersey and then I have to pay for storage after a month and what if costs like $500/month I can’t afford that!)
  • My Dad and Pat are leaving Colorado Springs on Tuesday morning (when am I going to see them again? When am I going to see my Mom and Harv again? I don’t think I even can begin to plan a trip right now during these next 3 weeks as there’s just NO TIME (as Jack Bauer of 24 would say) and who knows what the holidays are going to be like and once again my folks are going to be disappointed/mad….)
  • What if I can’t do the job at NBC? (and I find out I’m retarded and can’t spell or go to the bathroom or don’t know how to dress anymore and mix patterns and colors and belts and shoes and get lost on the subway and end up in Maine and have no clue how to get back to my apartment because I don’t even know the address yet….)
  • Wondering if anyone cares about what I wrote last week or at all ever or if they think I’m foolish for just up and leaving Colorado Springs (why ruin a good thing? I’ve got a great house and a great circle of friends…. but at this point in my life (and also during the panic attack) I realized that I HAVE to do this all because it’s such an amazing opportunity and really, it’s been a goal of mine to come to New York City)

….. so basically I let the spiral of doom take me down its path and once I got to the end of it, I realized that none of these things are insurmountable. Sure, they’re scary, and maybe expensive, but I’ve got the AF VSP money and if that gets burned up in the process of me following my dreams, well, so be it. I’ll have a great job that will allow me to probably avoid actually burning my VSP money so honestly, everything will get resolved. Each of these situations has a clear set of steps I need to take and I’ll take them.

So I got out of bed, took a shower, and began my day knocking off little steps of each task as I could do it. And I think by the time I end up in my car ready to drive out of Colorado Springs for good towards New York, I’ll be ready.

Anyways, here’s a pic of me and Dad and Pat from a few days back when we were at Joe’s Crab Shack. They’re leaving shortly for Albuquerque and eventually California. Happy Trails and Safe Driving, guys!

Dad, Pat and me at Joe's Crab Shack
Dad, Pat and me at Joe's Crab Shack31-Aug-2007 18:11, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141

And in other news, I went with KD to see the movie Stardust last night. Fantastic! A great fairy tale type movie and it was very much like the Princess Bride, although not quite as fanciful as that one. But highly entertaining and lots of great actors, especially Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert DeNiro, Claire Danes and Charlie Cox. All very charismatic in their roles and the story was always gripping. Good times.

Oh yeah, I’m a CIVILIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…and unemployed. For 3 weeks or so, at least. It’s a weird feeling – I have pretty much had a job nonstop since around Thanksgiving of my Junior year in High School, which was in 1992. Yowza.

Peace out, bitches.

Back from San Diego (T-43)

Holy Shit! I really only have 43 days left in the Air Force. It’s actually hard to believe.

But at least the future looks decently bright! Why, you ask? Well, this last conference was a bit more successful than the one in Chicago, as in the industries I interviewed with were a lot more interesting. What was even more interesting for me though was that I was attracted most to the sales jobs that were being offered! I know, go figure. No, I wouldn’t be selling vacuum cleaners or the like, but rather technology. I think I did pretty well in those sales interviews as both companies are interested in having me on, and I think I’m on to the second round, but I’m not sure when I’ll be hearing from them next.

By the way, here’s a link to the Shooting Gallery’s forum link in which I keep as up-to-date as possible on my career search:
Shooting Gallery Thread on my Career Search

In addition to the opportunities found in San Diego, a real exciting opportunity may lie in New York City with NBC! Yep, I interviewed with them last Friday afternoon over the phone and while I wasn’t sure the interview was going very well, at the end of the conversation the interviewer invited me to come to an on-site interview! I hope that it’s not overly technical as in they sit me down in front of a computer and say, “Make it work”. But if it is, well, let’s hope I have my act together and do my best. I would LOVE to take an opportunity in that area for a few years. How exciting would that be???? I just hope it pays decently, if I were to be offered it.

It’s definitely been exciting the last few weeks!

In addition to job hunting this past weekend, I also got to see family! Yep, Mom and Harv came down to San Diego and visited with me on Saturday and a bit of Sunday before I headed off to the conference prep-session. I was staying at Auntie Helen and Uncle Steve’s house in La Mesa, so that saved a LOT of money to stay there and it was also a lot more fun to stay with family than at a boring (expensive) hotel. It was definitely a quick visit, but it was great to see them all. On Monday night, Helen and I went out to dinner with my cousin Erin and Eric plus their son Finn, which was great, as I really haven’t seen them since I don’t know when. And then on Tuesday, Helen and I went to the Indian casino at Viejas, which was quite impressive. It actually reminded me a lot of Red Rock Station – and the casino is definitely high-caliber as opposed to something found in Cripple Creek, Colorado. Just still no craps tables though. But I ended up playing blackjack and for about 4.5 hours, was able to play with $100 and while I was up and down throughout the session, I ended up walking away with a $10 profit! (and that is stellar for me, let me tell you!) I just hope that is a good sign of things to come in Vegas in a few weeks!

Oh yeah, I also had another travel debacle on the way home from San Diego. I was at the airport and going through security, and I was about 4 people back from the actual x-ray portion when my line pretty much stopped. The other lines were going still, and I started getting aggravated. As I started contemplating moving to another line, it dawned on me that then the other lines weren’t moving either. In fact, all sorts of TSA agents and cops started showing up and looking at the monitor on my line’s x-ray machine. And the lines stayed shut down for 2 hours. Yep, they shut down the lines plus also brought everyone in the terminal and some planes back outside to security for a re-screening! It turns out that a TSA agent had noticed a bottle of something in a woman’s bag while it was going through the machine, but somehow the TSA agent ‘lost track of the woman and the bag’….. WHAT THE FUCK????? How do you lose track of someone? If you notice that shit in a bag, you immediately pull that person over to the side and make them dump the bottle. But no, instead, you realize you ‘lost track’ of someone and that means we shut down the airport. Yes, it was fun. Fortunately there was a cool woman to chat with for two hours while we were waiting, but when I finally got to my plane and it took off, I didn’t make my connecting flight in Salt Lake City to Colorado Springs. Luckily I made it on the standby list for the next flight a few hours later, but seriously, how annoying was that? But I (and all my belongings) made it back to the Springs and my house was still intact. yay!

16 July 2007 – Dinner with Erin, Eric & Helen

16-Jul-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
16-Jul-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
16-Jul-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
16-Jul-2007 20:33, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141
16-Jul-2007 20:34, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec, ISO 141

18 July 2007 – San Diego Airport

18-Jul-2007 11:51, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.003 sec
18-Jul-2007 11:52, Canon Canon PowerShot SD900, 2.8, 7.7mm, 0.017 sec

And oh yeah, don’t bother me on Saturday. I plan on picking up and reading the last Harry Potter with absolutely no media connectivity till I’m finished reading it. I will NOT be spoiled by the well-intentioned or not media. If it takes me all day and a lots of pizza and soda to read it in one day, then that’s what it will take!!!!!!!