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In One Foul Swoop

BB17 Episode 32 – September 3, 2015

<–Previously, James Prolongs His BB Life For One More Episode

Did I not brag about my anti-powers in previous posts?  It certainly seems I have the magic touch of causing people who do nothing to do things by calling them out, or when I cheer for a person, they immediately get evicted.  In this case, both Meg & James got tossed out of the house fairly efficiently and quickly.  Damn.  Did they really deserve to be there much longer?  Probably not, but I did like them nonetheless.  The only thing that I think I’m looking forward to in these remaining weeks of gameplay is that there are no more easy targets.  Well, John is certainly “easy” for the Austwins, but if Vanessa has any say, he should be somewhat safe.

Should I dare root for a winner now?   As basically I’m down to thinking Vanessa has earned this win especially with having survived all the insanity of her own causing.  John would be an awesome winner just because he’s crazy and hilarious.  Of the Austwins, ONLY Liz has my support for a win.  I like Julia well enough, but she’s their Meg.  Austin keeps getting all this credit by the other houseguests for being this masterful player, but come on – are we not seeing something they are?  And Steve?  He’s a big wuss and doesn’t deserve the win for repeatedly being too afraid to do something and for “getting out” Jackie.  Ooh, big victory, Steve-o.

I’ve probably just cursed Vanessa and John.  Sorry, guys!

Fare Thee Well, Meg!

BB17_Ep32_MegJuliaHere we had a perfect opportunity to break up the Austwins 3 – and there were the #s to do so.  But does Steve do it?  NO.  I don’t get it.  You had John’s support for a house flip, and sure, while it would have been uncomfortable dealing with an angry Liz, who cares?  One way or another, you’re their target.  Yay for 5th place, buddy.  (Watch Steve win now – that’s the terrible effect of my anti-powers!).

BB17_Ep32_MegJulieSo off she went to Julie-Land.  She has no regrets about keeping Vanessa during the week of Becky’s reign and ruined efforts to oust Vanessa, as she thinks Shelli would have put her & James in the same situation.  I think she could be right, but I don’t think Shelli was close to Austwins anymore and wouldn’t have had their support like Vanessa did/does.  And just to make sure it’s clear, she thinks of James as a best friend and that’s it.  FriendZone for you, James!

Let the Double Elimination-ing Begin

BB17_Ep32_HoH BB17_Ep32_HoH_LizWinsVanessa didn’t get to play, but in the end, it didn’t matter.  James was out first along with Steve during these Q&As about mocked-up pictures of the first 6 evicted houseguests having a crazy road trip.  right after them was John & Austin, leaving Julia & Liz to battle it out for HoH.  They actually kept getting answers the same until this one above, when Liz seemed to just guess True and sure enough, got it right.  She certainly didn’t look thrilled about winning, but it’s probably due to the stress of it all.

Guess who she nominates!?   I called it immediately and wasn’t proven wrong when it was time for nominations:  James & John.

The Apparently Hard Power of Veto Competition

BB17_Ep32_PoVComp BB17_Ep32_PoVComp2So when the first two competitors’ attempts resulted in them both zeroing out, perhaps the setup wasn’t that great?  You had to roll the ball from the starting point around the boomerang and try to get the highest score which was the sum of both balls thrown.  Both Steve & John threw theirs right off the damn boomerang as there was no guardrail or curve.  What the?  Liz & Austin both at least kept their balls on the course, tying for a little while until Julia came up and beat them both.  Poor James, who got to go last, also racked up a Zero score, effectively ending his chances of staying in the house.

BB17_Ep32_JuliaWinsVetoSo Julia pulls out a Veto win, not that she needed to, although it was probably important that one of them won and neither John or James did.  But in their cases, neither scored.  Feh.

Bye, James

BB17_Ep32_JamesJulieSo there ends the Meg & James portion of the story.  He really didn’t seem all that surprised he ended up here but did look a tad disappointed.  Julie pointed out that while he was HoH, he would actively play the game and quite aggressively.  But when he wasn’t, he stayed low and out of sight.  James admits that was intentional – but she indicates he did that while all his friends and allies were getting picked off one by one.  Probably not a great strategy then, if it’s serving just to weaken you.  My thoughts are you can’t play balls to the wall and then expect to just fade away and hope the house goes with it.  Sure, he lasted fairly long, but he’s not close to winning by any means.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep32_StandingsOutgoing Head of Household:  Vanessa
Nominated for Eviction:  Meg & Julia
Evicted:  Meg (4-1)
New Head of Household:  Liz
Nominated for Eviction:  James & John
Power of Veto Winner:  Julia
Veto Used?  No
Evicted:  James (4-0)

This next HoH will probably determine which of the groups that Vanessa is aligned with will win out.  If Steve or John manage to win HoH, they’ve saved themselves and could probably make it to the end, as Vanessa will side with them.   At least, I think she will.  But if an Austwins member wins HoH, then I don’t see any way that it’s not an Austwins finale – Vanessa may make it interesting still, but her road to a win with Austwins intact is pretty hard to see happening.

Next, the Ping-Pong of Power Keeps The Game Interesting–>

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