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Shelli Makes Her Move

BB17 Episode 6 – July 5, 2015

<–Previously, Jace is evicted

Well then.  Shelli is here to play the game, people, and not just have sexytimes with Clay.   Much respect to her!  She cleanly got away from the vortex of overplaying being done by Audrey and Da’Vonne, original members of that alliance Shelli was involved in which ended up being doomed to failure (CALLED IT).  Shelli also gets to cuddle with hot shirtless Clay a LOT….

BB17_ep6_ClayAlliancemaster..and he constantly offers to sacrifice himself for her game moves.  This woman is a QUEEN in this house.  And it seems that those she’s allied with are also wanting to keep plans close to the chest.  Imagine that!?  I wish they’d figure out a name so my diagram will have some more meaning to it, but for now, I’m calling the alliance here as Shelli – Clay – Jeff – Meg.

Everyone Hates Audrey

BB17_ep6_VanessaCallsOutAudreyDamn.  That didn’t take long, did it?  Some people are good at the misdirection tactic, sprinkling fake information here and there that paints someone else as a target.  All Audrey managed to do was splash paint by the bucketloads all over everyone and then claim it was anyone but her doing it…while holding the bucket and being covered in paint.  Terrible analogy, I know, but I ran with it.  It was just such a basic bitch move and to think she could get away with it.  She even confesses she knew her plans would go to shit if people managed to connect the dots.

BB17_ep6_DaVonneAmused BB17_ep6_EveryoneAgainstAudreyWell, those dots got connected something fierce.  For some reason, Audrey was throwing Vanessa under the bus in a huge way regarding a fake “Girls Clique” she was allegedly spearheading.  Audrey tells that to Vanessa (!) and that Da’Vonne was the ringleader targeting Vanessa.  You’d think such a strategy would be ridiculous and you’d be right.  Vanessa gets Da’Vonne and Audrey together to figure this out, and of course Da’Vonne is immediately like, “uh, no fucking way did I say that.”  A “house meeting” is called and everyone basically unloads on Audrey, painting her as Enemy #1.

It’s almost like it’s too easy to boot Audrey next, right?

Becky’s Best Laid Plans…

BB17_ep6_CluelessBeckyI like Becky a lot -she’s very earnest, relatable, and survived getting hit in the face by a FUCKING TRAIN.  How insane was that story she told the houseguests???? And no plastic surgery after a tooth got knocked through her upper fucking lip????  INSANE.  I digress though, but I bring it up as she seems really fucking cool.  But she’s getting played hard right now by her co-HoH, Shelli.

Their first conversation regarding the ultimate goal of the week was a no-brainer:  get Audrey out.  But much like Jace, they’re afraid to give her a chance to get off the block via the BotB or the Veto Comp, so the Backdoor solution is chosen.

….Don’t Mean Shit to Shelli

BB17_ep6_ShelliBreaksOutBut Shelli has bigger fish to fry.  She & Clay reason that Audrey is no threat to anyone – no one believes a word she says.  She’s effectively isolated and is a known entity, good or bad.  But there is someone who Shelli & Clay are definitely ready to get out of the house immediately: Da’Vonne.  In fact, they’re concerned if any of Da’Vonne, Jason, or James win HoH next week as Shelli & Clay are likely targets.  So Shelli & Clay think it’s time to make a move against Da’Vonne while they have the power to do so.

BB17_ep6_ConvincingJohnBut how?  They don’t think they can count on backdooring Da’Vonne so instead of that, the plan is to pair her with someone who will throw the Battle of the Block.  Clay offers his shirtless torso’d self to be paired with Da’Vonne, but Shelli knows there is just too much potential for him going home.  So they bring in strange mofo John the Dentist.

BB17_ep6_JohnIsInI can’t help getting turned off by John.  Every time he speaks he’s Bobcat Goldthwait at his most 1980s.  He was introduced to us as this ladies’ man dentist, but I do NOT believe that shit at all.  John is just….weird?  Strange?  Maybe he’s super insecure and way more introverted than even what Steve claims to be?  Regardless, Shelli and Clay read the situation well and bring him into their group, kinda.  Clay pledges to give up his own game life if for some reason John ends up in danger.  We’ll see about that.  But John is in.  Because of course – hell, I’d have that same adoring look on my face if Clay was pledging his shirtless loyalty to me.  What do you want me to do?  Oh, volunteer as a pawn for your schemes?  You’re shirtless?  What?  Yes, whatever, Yes.  So John’s in and Shelli’s secret plan to get Da’Vonne out moves forward.

Nominations Ahead!

BB17_ep6_NominationsNaive Becky thinks everything is going according to the plan to backdoor Audrey.  Alas, even at the end of the episode, Becky sees nothing is going wrong.  I’m sure Shelli sold the shit out of her “pawns” to Becky.

BB17_ep6_NominatedBecky’s nominations were easy, although poor Steve getting nominated again.  Da’Vonne was clearly not surprised by getting nominated by Shelli, and I think Shelli’s speech was fairly clear and accurate in her intentions (i.e., Da’Vonne doesn’t trust Shelli or Clay so she’s a threat).  But Becky doesn’t know that Shelli actually means what she’s saying.

Shelli’s Plan Continues Unimpeded

BB17_ep6_BOTB_HOHsLook at that face – that’s the face of a mastermind enacting some revenge?  vengeance?  justice?  destruction?  Whatever – Shelli is moving her plan forward and loves seeing this Battle of the Block play out.  Shelli needn’t have worried about it at all, as while John was on board, all he had to do was let Da’Vonne lead the competition.  Da’Vonne’s strategy was awful and proved to quickly be her & John’s undoing in this comp.

BB17_ep6_BOTB_DaJohn BB17_ep6_BOTB_Screens BB17_ep6_BOTB_JasonSteveSo the goal was to get 9 cameras set up to shoot the right shot, which was shown to them via words on a quickly iterating display.  Jason & Steve wisely only opened up 2 cameras at a time, then checking to see what those 2 shots had to be and then execute those shots.  Da’Vonne immediately wanted to turn on all the cameras, but of course the cameras aren’t numbered.  So you’re left overwhelmed by all the views.  BB17_ep6_BOTB_WinnersUnsurprisingly, Jason & Steve dominated this challenge and took themselves off the block.

Jason pledged to do what he can to help Da’Vonne, but honestly, I don’t see there being much he can do.  She has to win Veto and save herself.  And with the Big Brother Takeover, if somehow someone in Shelli’s alliance gets that 7th phone call, Da’Vonne is SUPER fucked if she’s on the block still.  So Jason, I think you need to start worrying more about yourself and your game now.  Da’Vonne has dug her grave, honestly.  Why pick fights like she did last week?  Come ON.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep6_StandingsHeads of Household:  Shelli & Becky
Nominated for Eviction:  John & Da’Vonne, Jason & Steve
Battle of the Block Winners:  Jason & Steve
Deposed Head of Household:  Becky
Remaining Head of Household:  Shelli
Still on the Block: John & Da’Vonne

I think these alliance groupings are accurate enough, as of now.  No names to go with them yet, but give it some time.  As things stand now, I think Shelli & Clay are making some aggressive moves, but smartly.  Not too many people and not overplaying them.  I am very interested to see how the Veto shakes out along with the “Last Laugh” element.  That could make or break someone’s fate!

Next, John Wins Himself a Veto and Shelli Makes a Choice –>

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