Swing and a Miss

BB16 Episode 19 – August 6, 2014

A few people during this episode made some pretty crappy moves which are likely going to seal their fate:

  • Zach:  This whole week has been one heckuva shitshow for him, but we’ll get into that more
  • Christine:  Not only is she unsuccessful at throwing a wrench into Nicole and Hayden’s game, her own Detonators are starting to see through her bullshit

Of course, some things went particularly well this episode, namely Caleb’s physical appearance.  HOLY SHIT HE’S HOT.

Adam and Eve

I think it’s important we focus on the good first before diving into the shitstorm that is Christine and Zach.  Let’s look at what CBS gloriously bestowed upon us….

First, the de-frocking of Caleb:BB16_Ep19_AdamandEveEmerge

BB16_Ep19_AdamandEve2Very good choice of contestants to have this happen to.  Specifically, Caleb.  Donny is nice and all, but I could not deal with Donny dressed like this.  Could not deal.

Then next, let’s give this hot mofo a buzzcut.  Because yes.  That is all.

BB16_Ep19_CalebSaysGoodbye BB16_Ep19_LetTheShavingBeginVictoria does not deserve this kind of prize.

BB16_Ep19_FrankieReactsToCaleb BB16_Ep19_CalebStillHotWithBuzz BB16_Ep19_CalebBuzzedFrankie fully gets how special this moment is.

So Caleb, please shut the fuck up about how bad you have it.  You’ve won the genetic lottery, you’re off the block, and you’re making me agree with Zach of all people, who is also tired of your whining.

Other stuff happened too, didn’t it?

Christine Continues Down Her Path to Defeat

BB16_Ep19_ChristineSchemesI honestly did have high hopes for Christine, at least earlier in the game. Those were simpler times though, when I thought she’d feel stronger towards Nicole than to those other alliances.  Who knew she’d never confide in Nicole about the Bomb Squad or the Detonators?  Nicole apparently was a Plan B if you will.  It would have made sense, to me, to definitely be part of those super-alliances, but also tell Nicole the plan so she knows what is going on.  Then you and Weirdos Unite surprise them all.  But alas, I’ve had to strip Weirdos Unite out of my Status Diagram!!!!  End of an era, I tell ya.

So what did Christine do this time in her continued incompetence?  Well, she felt it was a great idea to lie about Hayden and Zach to Nicole, hoping to drive a wedge there and get Nicole back closer to her.  Alas, she didn’t think Nicole would check into this story of Hayden making out with Victoria and Hayden wanting Zach to stay.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.

BB16_Ep19_HaydenNicolespeak BB16_Ep19_HaydenShockedOf course Nicole talks with Hayden, as it just didn’t sound like a plausible story.  And of course, Hayden denies everything as none of it happened (but wouldn’t it be mind-blowing if Hayden really was doing all that stuff and was playing Nicole?).  So now Nicole not only distrusts Christine, she’s also willing to nominate her instead of Frankie.  You done messed up, Christine.

The Zach Implosion

BB16_Ep19_NervousZachOne thing Christine IS getting right is targeting this numbskull.   He basically ran it down for us on how much he whiffed it this week. First he tells Nicole to put him up.  She happily does.  Then he admits that he choked at the Battle of the Block, losing to Victoria.  Finally, he horribly blows it at the Power of Veto competition – beating out only Victoria and that’s because she fucking timed out of the competition.  Zach, I don’t know if you’re going home tonight, but MAN I HOPE YOU DO.  It would be great to see the look on your face when you realize no one had your back and you’re going out before Victoria.  Guess we’ll see!  (I’m on the West Coast, so tonight’s Double Eviction episode hasn’t started yet…no spoilers, please!)

Let’s dive into that Power of Veto competition!

Power of Veto:  Comics Time!

This was a great competition.  We already knew it was going to have a comics element due to yesterday’s reveal.   Today we got to see just how it was put to use.  Each houseguest ran the course individually and in private, having to ride a zipline past a window where all the comics were set up in a particular order.  At the end of the zipline, the houseguest then had to recreate the order, also avoiding the trap of picking covers that were slightly wrong.  Everything went fairly standard for the other competitiors, including Victoria’s abysmal performance, until we got to Zach.  Let’s recap:

Stage 1: Yay, I’m Competing
Stage 2: Feeling Great!
Stage 17: Utter jackassery as you can’t believe you’re not getting the answer right
Stage 666: Yelling at the Big Brother cameras because there’s no way you’re wrong
Stage 667: Riding the zipline again to get a fucking clue
Final Stage: Acceptance

So yeah, Zach had a horrible Veto competition performance, losing to everyone but Victoria.  Christine was the ultimate Veto winner this time, just narrowly beating out Nicole, who had designs on backdooring Frankie.  She still held out hope though that Christine would use the Power of Veto on somebody….

Power of Veto Ceremony

BB16_Ep19_ChristineTheVetoHolderWith Christine holding the Power of Veto, nobody was sure what she’d actually do.  Nicole hoped she would use it so Frankie could be backdoored.  Zach was fairly positive she’d use it on him because of the Detonator alliance.  Jacosta didn’t care as if Christine didn’t use it, she’s sitting next to Zach, which bodes well for her chances of staying.

BB16_Ep19_NominatedStillIn the end though, Christine chose not to use the Power of Veto on anyone.  Probably not too surprising of a decision, although Christine tells us that it was because she was afraid of another Detonator going up.  Christine, your loyalties and the way you act on them are confusing.  Get it together.

BB16_Ep19_NicoleDisappointedNicole was momentarily disappointed, but she then realized it’s not so bad getting rid of Zach.  Christine is certainly working to make that outcome happen, and others in the house may end up taking this opportunity to do so.  We’ll see!

Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces

  • ANOTHER alliance emerges!  This time it’s between Nicole, Hayden, Cody and Derrick.  This one is called, “The Rationale.”  Ugh.  Even Derrick had to roll his eyes at that one.  But who knows, maybe this alliance actually has staying power?
  • BB16_Ep19_DerrickThinksDerrick is truly the puppetmaster of this season.  Not only is he in every alliance there is, including Team America, but he’s got basically an alliance for every situation.  If The Detonators blow up, he can jump fully into The Rationale and it looks intentional.  If The Rationale ends up becoming irrationale, he can easily be with the Detonators and no one would know.  He’s bringing along Cody in all this and that’s smart, as you can’t do this alone.  But Derrick also knows that he has been central to all of this and can likely argue circles around Cody.  You’ve got this, Derrick!
  • Caleb telling us he’d buy a “prescription” to the Amber comic and would buy millions of copies tells us that Amber still needs to worry once BB is over.  Just sayin’.

Status and Standings:

BB16_Ep19_StandingsHead of Household: Nicole
Nominated for Eviction:  Zach and Jacosta
Power of Veto Winner:  Christine
Veto Used?  No
Still Nominated for Eviction:  Zach and Jacosta

With tonight being a Double Elimination, things are gonna move fast.  I’m excited to see if Zach either pulls out a save or gets eliminated.  Also stoked to see what happens in the craziness of tonight’s episode and who will be the sudden target.  Nicole could end up a target if any of her targets this week get HoH.

The Contest With A Clear Winner:

BB16_Ep19_CalebVCodyStandings as of Episode 19:  Caleb, 10; Cody, 4

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