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BB16 Episode 6 – July 6, 2014

First things first, the Zrankie Showmance

Frankie has certainly become the voice of the snarky viewer, hasn’t he?  I wasn’t thinking I’d grow to really like him, but yeah, after a week of his reactions and comments, I’m a fan.  Even stranger?  Frankie has been instrumental in me not completely loathing Zach.  I know!  Their Show”Bro”Mance is all sorts of confusing but when they did that quick clip of video of their interactions plus how cuddly they were at the Battle of the Block… Zach isn’t as bad as he had been.  BB16_Ep6_Zrankie2 BB16_Ep6_ZrankieCaressAnd was that not gay enough for you or me?  WELL, then let me continue with yet another intriguing development….

A Cuddling To Come

BB16_Ep6_DevinCalebIn last week’s episode when Devin was losing his damn mind and expanding the Bomb Squad to everyone, he had that moment when he climbed into Caleb’s HoH bed and I got all fanfic-y.  Remember that?  Well, I certainly was reminded of it when in this episode, Caleb is having the Cuddle DTs and confesses to Devin that he just needs it, he needs it.  Maybe not those exact words, but you know I’m not far off.  So he tells Devin about his needs and Devin happily steps up to volunteer for duty.  The strong, solid and handsome man’s willingness to do what was necessary, even if it involves some singing, moves Caleb to tears, and my mind to wandering….BB16_Ep6_EmotionalCaleb

I am so ready to find out that Caleb’s social outbursts pre-game are all about “I think the lady doth protest too much” because COME THE FUCK ON.  I’m gay and this was almost too much for even me to deal with.  Two “straight” guys do NOT rely on each other for cuddling in a house that still has 7 women in it.  Or maybe I’m just old and too closed-minded.  🙂 Regardless, I’ll happily indulge these two fellas their cuddle time.

Alright, so that was what was boggling my mind in this episode – other things happened though!!! Let’s talk about them!

Weirdos, Unite!

BB16_Ep6_WeirdosUniteHandshakeI freaking love these three and want this to be the ruling secret alliance.  Nicole is goofy, Christine is surprisingly powerful, and Hayden is funny and growing on me each episode.  So for them to all join up is pretty surprising and awesome.  Also, Hayden and Nicole’s burgeoning romance is interesting.  Not sure if that will factor into anything in the long run, or if Christine doesn’t think that will make a difference at the end, but I’m happy to see anything happening with regards to an alliance other than that Bomb Squad.  I’ve dubbed them “Weirdos Unite” for the time being until they figure out a formal name.

Nominations Time!

Welp!  No sooner had Weirdos Unite formed than did 2/3 of that alliance get nominated!BB16_Ep6_Nominations  Devin and Amber were still picking from the non-Bomb Squad side of the house, and while Amber’s were basically throw-away choices, Devin’s were decidedly not.  Well, Paola wasn’t a personal attack, but Brittany as a target was certainly personal.  BB16_Ep6_BrittanysOverItAs you can see, this is the face of someone who HAS NO FUCKS LEFT TO GIVE.  I got all wrapped up in gayness at the beginning of this post so I had forgotten to write about Devin’s continuing madness.  Let’s dive into that briefly.

Devin’s Continuous Madness, Briefly

BB16_Ep6_DevinTearsCBS helpfully reminded us that Devin plays this game super emotionally.  Each episode is filled with some kind of manic energy emanating from the man, whether it’s due to him having a brand new imaginary target or feeling deep remorse over that target a few days later (or in some cases, offering to “cuddle” with and serenade the hottest guy in the house – can NOT blame Mr. D on that one).  So Devin gets completely remorseful today over his actually shitty  and sneaky treatment of Donny and not only apologizes to Donny privately, but holds a house meeting to publicly flog himself.  Oy vay.  It’s admirable and stand-up of him to do so, but as Frankie and Zach scream at us from the DR, you keep your trap shut about shit like this!  Everyone in the Bomb Squad is ready to cut you loose at the first opportunity.  Maybe not Caleb, but he has some (very hot) reasons.

So after that house meeting, Brittany rightly points out to some folks who lingered that if Devin had forced Caleb to nominate Donny, then the bullshit reasons given last week for nominating them were exactly that: bullshit.  Of course the drama queens in the house go running to report back to Devin and he flips out, as he had poured his heart out.  Ugh, this guy.  So she painted a target on herself and that’s how this story all comes back full-circle to one of my original points a million words ago.

Battle of the Block, Week 2

BB16_Ep6_BattleoftheBlockThe BB Rager set was still in place, but totally trashed due to an epic party having taken place.  The two nominated teams had to compete by trying to correctly answer trivia questions based on quickly-flashing fake pictures of the houseguests.  Devin had urged Paola to throw the competition to ensure Brittany remained on the block. He also had let Hayden and Nicole in on that plan.  In the end, Brittany and Paola did most of the work of losing the competition so Hayden and Nicole were taken off the block and Amber was removed as HoH.

Status and Standings

BB16_Ep6_StandingsSome changes!  First, we have Weirdos Unite officially recognized.  But really, the main additions now to this chart are all that bromantic links we now have!  Definitely tied Zach and Frankie together, as well as Devin and Caleb.  We’ll see how either of those pan out in the long run.  Also added?  A new Hostile link between Devin and Brittany. Yay!!!  I got rid of the Victoria-to-Frankie one as that seems to have gone away.  Victoria is barely in the show as it is!

Remaining Head of Household: Devin
Deposed Head of Household: Amber
Nominated for Eviction:  Brittany and Paola (Devin), Hayden and Nicole (Amber)
Battle of the Block Winners: Hayden and Nicole
Have Nots: Cody, Brittany, Hayden
TeamAmerica:  Donny, ???, ???

And now of course, the best competition:

I’m biased towards Caleb’s intriguing actions this episode; also, yet again, Cody was barely in the episode.

BB16_Ep6_CodyvCalebRankings as of Episode 6:  Caleb: 3  Cody: 1

Man, these posts are endless, aren’t they?  OH WELL!

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