A Sunday getting Dirty Hands

We had a fun and productive morning today as Larry & I got up kinda early for a Sunday and made it over to Mom’s house for some good ol’ gardening and landscaping fun.  She’d had the bushes that were in the front porch torn out a few months ago but there was now need to get something more interesting back in there.  She came up with the plan to get some nice place stones surrounded by smaller rocks to set up potted succulent plants around.

Well, as you can see in the various photos below, the plan went pretty much perfectly!  We all went over to Home Depot and got the pots, plants, bags of rocks, anti-weed plastic – and in pretty short order, well, after a second trip to Home Depot after it was discovered we completely underestimated how many bags of river rocks were needed, the job was done.  And even better, the three of us did a pretty damn good job at it.   I think the front porch looks pretty great now and we chose some cool plants to give it some color.

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