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Amazing Race 24 Leg 6 Bonus Clips

Just in time before Amazing Race‘s triumphant return after two weeks off, here are some bonus clip recaps for ya from Leg 6.  These were interesting in that we got to see some of the lighter side of things, including a prank played by some of the teams on the back of the pack.  Of course, with the leg taking place in Sri Lanka, we also have some teams experiencing a bit of perspective shift.  With this being the halfway point, everyone is in agreement though that the remaining teams are TOUGH and it’s going to be a tough fight to get to the end.  So get caught up and refreshed as The Amazing Race continues tomorrow!!!!

Extra/Deleted Scenes

AR24_Ep6_whosbeingmeanWho’s Being Mean? Caroline is asking if Flight Time is going to be nice but he doesn’t remember being mean. She points out he hasn’t been sweet either.  Flight Time tells Big Easy that it’s always the way that whenever he’s not acting the way people expect him to, that’s a case of him being mean.  A whole lesson of how properly to snap some fingers with full attitude ensues.  Caroline persists and wants to know if Flight has anything nice to say to her.  He doesn’t at the moment.  She tells him that she thinks he’s very good-looking.  He returns the compliment and thanks her for her dishonesty, but she insists its the truth.  They smile lovingly into the camera, and it’s a nice moment.  Flight Time wants Caroline to know that the audience knows after 3 seasons that he’s not a mean person no matter what she’ll say. Who are they going to believe?  He does point out that her track record isn’t so spotless. They both laugh and she ends up requesting and getting a kiss on the cheek.

AR24_Ep6_bandnerdmemoriesBand Nerd Memories:  Jessica recounts their experience going to the Heritage House and meeting with the wise man in his tree house.  She wanted to give his flute a whirl but it seems he was playing it in an orientation different than what she was familiar with.  They were both really digging the chance to listen to the man’s flute-playing and would have appreciated a bit more time to sit and relax.  John would have loved if Phil was there with that guy at the Pit Stop.  Jessica tells us that she did play the flute in her youth but is kind of embarrassed to reveal that she was a band nerd.  John was also a band nerd too and played the tenor sax.  He’s surprised to realize after all this time they could have formed their own band!

AR24_Ep6_puttingitinperspectivePutting It In Perspective: Caroline & Jennifer are stuck in a cab that’s not moving and they admit they have no idea what their race standing is. They know they’re certainly not in first place and likely in last.  Caroline makes a money check and Jennifer murmurs quietly to her about it, but I can’t tell what about exactly.  Caroline recounts seeing so much poverty during this leg, remembering one woman on the train whose face was covered extensively by burns.  They’ve been making efforts to thus give money away as much as they can to try to do something good.  Unfortunately they just don’t have that much and it explains why they were doing a money check.  They both get emotional when describing the various folks they’ve seen.  They’ve both made a decision that if they do win the million dollars, they’ll come back here to do a mission.

AR24_Ep6_environmentalistsThe Environmentalists:  Rachel explains that she & Brendon are very into recycling, making their own stuff, and growing vegetables, so the elephant dung paper challenge was very cool to participate in.  They’d actually known about that process from a previous reality event and since then, learned a lot about it, including the fact that profits from elephant dung paper go back to the elephant orphanage.  Brendon goes on about their support for animal orphanages and with Sri Lanka, there’s so many elephants that have been orphaned, usually because their parents were hunted for ivory but also because the elephants may have been collateral damage during the Sri Lankan civil war.  One thing that elephant orphanages have to contend with is the huge amount of food elephants consume.  He’s happy to be able to help support those efforts by buying those products even if they cost more.  Plus it’s recycled ingredients that lead to “beautiful poop paper. ”

AR24_Ep6_havingfuninfrontHaving Fun in Front:  Dave & Connor tell us about a prank that the first 4 teams pulled on the back-of-the-pack teams at this leg’s Dutch Museum first marker/equalizer by creating a fake sign-up sheet.  Those first 4 teams were going to be in the 8:30am slot, then have 2 more slots at 9:00am with a final slot at 9:30am.  Apparently the trick was a success.  Jennifer admits she was in on it and actually was the one who came up with the sign-up sheet idea as the trick.  Connor remembers that John & Jessica and the Globetrotters were fine with being in the 9:00am slots.

We then cut to the video of the Globetrotters arriving to the Dutch Museum, with Big Easy moving pretty slow this early in the morning.  John is there pointing out that they better move quickly to make sure they get that other 9:00am slot, blissfully unaware he’s also being pranked.

Cut back to Dave & Connor telling the story when they recount Brendon & Rachel’s arrival.  They were not happy as they were going to be the only ones at 9:30am and an hour behind everyone else.  Cut to Brenchel at the Dutch Museum and they’re all fake smiles as they discuss that they are in last tour by themselves.  Caroline & Jennifer discuss that they ended up feeling bad about how Rachel was reacting.

Back at the Dutch Museum, Leo and Jennifer are laughing that the prank really was only on the last team to arrive.  Brendon comes up and explains to the camera that while he is an honest person, the fellow to his left, Leo, doesn’t have that same persuasion due to the fact that he’s wearing a USC shirt.  Word, Brendon, word!  Leo does take offense at the fact that Brendon thinks it was only him as he reveals it was basically everyone who played the prank.

AR24_Ep6_lessonslearnedagainLesson Learned…Again:  At a train station, Brendon lectures Rachel about why they’re losing right now because yet again they didn’t read the clue thoroughly.  He’s of course referring to Rachel’s disaster at the gas station.  He knows that she has reading problems and Rachel blames it on her dyslexia.  Didn’t know that about her!  Brendon reminds her that she just has to slow down when reading as it’s a know problem they have to overcome.  Rachel wipes away tears from her eyes and apologizes but Brendon wants her to not be sorry, just work on overcoming these mistakes.  He hopes that she can drop any negativity and just focus on overcoming the mistakes.  Further, Brendon doesn’t want Rachel to focus on “making up” for that mistake.  Just move on.

At the Pit Stop

AR24_Ep6_glimmerofhopeA Glimmer of Hope – Caroline & Jennifer/7th & Last: Phil asks if Caroline & Jennifer knew they were in last place when they ran in.  They both did but they were clinging on to a little bit of hope as they didn’t know how the other four teams did at the other Detour.  Phil thinks it’s high time for a song especially as his greeting party just sang them a song.  After some deliberation, the Country Girls knock out some ditty about southern girls who are going to win the Amazing Race.  Caroline finishes with “even if it kills us!”  Phil asks what is different about this season that makes it so much harder and they both reply that it’s the competition.  Everyone’s playing flawlessly and even more, the best guy-guy teams to ever race were brought back.  Regardless, they’re not giving up and they’ll give it their all to get to the end.  Phil asks if that’s a promise and the girls make sure he’s not talking about dying for the race!

AR24_Ep6_brenchelwontgiveupBrenchel Won’t Give Up – Brendon & Rachel/5th: Rachel can’t believe how competitive the other teams are!  It’s like racing against a bunch of Dave & Rachels (the winning team from Brenchel’s first Amazing Race season and who tied the record for most 1st-place finishes)!  Phil is impressed by Jessica continuing to run despite her feet all ripped up but also recognizes that Rachel doesn’t give up either.  Brendon is very proud of her and tells Phil he reminds her to not let failure get her down; she needs to learn from it.  Some things Rachel has learned is to stay calm and to read the clue 20 times.  Brendon knows that if they can keep this up they’ll continue to do great like they just did at the Detour.

AR24_Ep6_29andcounting29 and Counting – The Globetrotters/6th: Phil asks what it’s like in Sri Lanka for them, especially with it being their first time there.  Big Easy was amused by traveling by the 3-wheelers as he has to back in just to get in.  Phil bets that the drivers take a look at his size and figure there’s no way he’s going to fit.  Phil asks Flight Time what’s he enjoying this season so far.  Flight Time is enjoying all the places they’ve visited and the teams they’re racing against.  They’re holding to their race motto of “Just Don’t Come in Last” and it’s still in effect except of course for the final leg.

Regarding their competition, Flight Time isn’t surprised at all how competitive they all are.  It’s expected and the closeness of each leg’s finishes just shows how impressive all the teams are.  Phil points out that if they make it to the end, this is the official halfway point.  Flight Time points out to Phil that if they make it to the end, it will be 35 legs they’ve raced.  Phil’s impressed by that figure.  Big Easy is angling to get there by following their motto as that’s all it takes to get to the final leg.

AR24_Ep6_movingupMoving Up – John & Jessica/3rd and Dave & Connor/4th: Phil asks if they’re wiped after that finish, especially with all the challenges and traffic, yet here they are on the beach.  John & Jessica are ready for a dip.  Phil is impressed by the level of competitiveness he’s witnessing this season.  Jessica mentions that they’ve been trying to claw their way out of last and Phil notices that even with her damaged feet, she was the first one to run in.  Dave tells Phil that he was just fine getting passed up by a girl especially with his track record of getting hurt while running on the sand.  Connor knows there’s not a big difference in the standings so it wasn’t worth it.

Phil asks Jessica how she’s managing to get by with her feet the way they are and she tells him it’s just been important to get some breathing room in the race and get it done.  He knows John has to be proud of her and of course he is, calling her a rock star.  They are very proud of being able to pull out a win over Dave & Connor since those two are such beasts.  Phil is happy for John & Jessica for making it to 6 legs which is brand new history for them.  Dave & Connor can relate as they only made it 4 legs before.  Phil thinks both teams have it in them to make it a lot farther.

After the Race

AR24_Ep6_fullexperienceThe Full Experience:  Jennifer says that they feel really good about being able to beat any of the teams.  What?  It seems they’re talking about in the end, although they recognize if it came down to beating the Cowboys, they’d need all the luck in the world.  Caroline jokes that that’s not asking for much!  Jennifer insists that they really do have a chance at beating them as there always is something in challenges that suits a female outlook.  Caroline thinks they just need a little lead or a time advantage to succeed so that’s their next goal.   They’re also looking at the silver lining of having to do their upcoming Speed Bump, as it’s an experience they’ve yet to have!  This will complete their full Amazing Race experience and one they’d much rather have than to be sent home.

AR24_Ep6_matterofsecondsA Matter of Seconds: Jet admits that he hates getting second especially since it was such a close finish.  He is proud of how consistent of a race they’ve ran this entire season though.  Cord thinks this leg’s defeat, while not losing the war, will certainly provide the drive they need to dominate in the future.   Leo & Jamal are both thrilled at having beat the best of the best even if by a matter of seconds.  Leo recalls that despite all of the Detours and Roadblocks on this leg, the trains were equalizers as everyone was plowing through the challenges easily.  But that’s why it’s “All Stars”!

AR24_Ep6_choosingwiselyChoosing Wisely: Connor tells us that after they got off the train, he decided to carry both of their packs as it wasn’t much slower for him and it helped conserve Dave’s energy.  It was a matter of choosing wisely how best to use their energy.  Dave recalls that when they got to the Mount Lavinia train station, he & Connor arrived first and made it over the pedestrian bridge but John & Jessica were right there afterwards and Jessica overtook him.  Knowing that he was going to be running in sand and remembering his achilles injury from last season when he ran in sand, Dave wasn’t willing to risk that injury again for 3rd place.  They ended up only 15 seconds behind John & Jessica and neither are disappointed with that result.


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