Med Cruise II: Venice 2, Electric Boogaloo

May 25, 2012 – Venice, Italy, Day 2

The next day, Day 10 – Venice (Day 2 of 2), was a little bit more Venice and it was wonderful. We only had a half day as the ship was requiring us to be back on board by 2. The agenda for our excursion was a gondola ride and free time, and that was pretty damn cool. When we got to where the gondola ride picked people up, we saw our first Hard Rock Cafe of the day, which was perfect, as I knew where to go when it was time to buy souvenirs. The gondola ride itself was very nice, and we shared it with a Filipino group, who ended up being very nice and funny. The ride actually went into the Grand Canal for a bit and it was right near the Rialto Bridge, which was exactly where I was hoping to go later on so it was good to see the perspective and figure out where it was.

After the gondola ride, we then had plenty of time to go souvenir shopping, which was fantastic. Found a few neat shops and hopefully picked up enough trinkets, although I really hate that part of the trip, to be honest. Ugh. We also got our last Italian lunch/meal in on the continent, and enjoyed a prosciutto pizza and a dish of spaghetti carbonara. Yum. We then got back on the ship, and after the whole process (boat ride to dock, walk to bus, take bus to the port terminal, process through terminal with passport, walk length of deck to Equinox’s entry, final security scan into ship) it was time to enjoy a half day at sea, but before that, enjoy the view of leaving Venice from our stateroom balcony. The approach in was on the other side, but you leave the same way you come in, so this time we got to see Venice from that amazing perspective. And while we were taking pictures and gawking at the amazing scenery, we heard some camera noises from our neighbor’s porch and saw a white camera that was awfully familiar. Turned out that the guy we met from our yesterday excursion was our neighbor as well! Yep, Dave was our neighbor in this trip. Crazy coincidences.

Larry & I embarked on a sure-fire way to battle boredom and we drank at the Martini Bar that afternoon. That’s when we met Chloe & Christian for reals and got a bit buzzed chatting with them. They’re a lot of fun. Dinner in the Silhouette room followed with another great meal but far too much food, as Larry ordered a second entree to see what their carbonara was like. Ugh. We caught the show (cute, funny magician) and after that, it was totally time to get sleep. Seriously.

Skiff Ride into Venice

Excursion:  Gondola Ride

Visiting the Rialto Bridge

Lunching in Venice

Returning to the Equinox

Leaving Venice

Afternoon on Equinox

2013 Mediterranean Adventure Pics

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