Med Cruise II: Our Much-Needed First Day at Sea

May 21, 2013 – 1st Day at Sea, sailing from Naples to Dubrovnik

I was a bit hungover at the beginning of the day as yeah, I had a fuckton of alcohol the night before. So we took it a bit slow at first. I didn’t get up till around 10am, and wasn’t ready till just before 11, so we missed the James Bond trivia contest. After getting some breakfast, I ended up going back to bed to take a nap while Larry enjoyed some other trivia contests. Finally around 2 or 3, I was able to emerge and have some lunch like food. We ended up getting to do some more trivia, drink some coffee, play some Blackjack (I was doing okay but then got destroyed by a run of cards for the dealer that were brutal).

It was the first formal night and so we got to wear our suits for the second time this evening. Actually got a table for two right by the window which was very nice. After that, we caught the show where the production cast did a bunch of random songs. Enjoyable, and the guys are pretty hot especially when they take their shirts off. 🙂 We then hung out with Doug & Harriet a bit at the coffee bar, before heading down to the casino. The blackjack table was packed and of course, the craps table wasn’t, so we played there a little. I actually had a decent roll my first time out, but after that, it was pretty much dismal. OH well.

2013 Mediterranean Adventure Pics

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