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No Power For You, Winston

BB20 – Ep 11 – July 19, 2018

Some drama and fireworks occurred this week before and after the eviction, but the thing that could have made this episode a bit more epic would have been Sam using her Bonus Life Power on Winston.  Not that I particularly liked Winston after more of his personality become clear, but it would have been interesting to have seen what would have happened in the house.

Winston did seem to try to make a plea to her to get her vote, but I think it ended up being that she went with what both Tyler and then the girls in Level 6 were saying:  “Keep Brett.

He’s a bigger target and they can hide behind him.”   Personally, I don’t think that is a wise strategy.   He does have a lot of charm and while I think his gambit re: Rockstar at the Eviction will likely backfire, it just shows the kinds of approaches he’ll take, many of which he can pull off because he’s hot and charming.

Eviction Night

They really are such attractive men. What was I saying?   Oh, yeah.  So it wasn’t completely clear who actually was going to go home, what with Tyler looking to have a swing vote.  And even before the votes were cast, Brett got up and threw Rockstar under a bus to cast doubt on Kaitlyn’s allies, as he claimed that Rockstar told him she was going to throw her vote and blame it on Kaitlyn.

That sat well with Rockstar.   And then when we got the 6-5 vote and Winston ended up getting evicted, which was not at all how Kaitlyn thought the votes were headed….

even more confusion was generated.  Rockstar was likely freaking out that she was going to get blamed for this, Kaitlyn was stunned that a vote didn’t go the way she thought it was going to go, and we all know Winston certainly didn’t take the eviction well.

Rockstar did not let that accusation slide after Winston stormed out of the house (and also tossed Sam’s friendship bracelet to the ground).  She lit into Brett with what could be seen as honest outrage and not a performance.   Brett kept up his end of the charade and asked her to come clean, but she obviously isn’t part of any plan.   Not sure if he expected Rockstar to come back so hard against him so quickly and openly – he might have thought she’d go privately to her alliance to smooth it over but with it being an open debate and forum, and Brett not really providing any kind of proof or evidence, likely the fallout is going to be a detriment to him.

Whiny Winston

Winston didn’t do himself any favors in his behavior storming out of the house nor with his chat with Julie.  For some reason he thought “his” alliance wasn’t also Brett’s alliance, and so their votes against him were a betrayal.  ????  He came off as very much a spoiled brat and while I think he’s still physically hot, damn, he needs to tone down his attitude a lot.

I loved the Off the Block interview with him though.  He did come off a bit better, but he was still upset about getting evicted and then finding out Sam could have saved him?   That was delicious.  Ross and Lance were hilarious in this – I highly recommend these videos as they’re a blast.  Winston looks hot in his v-neck.  That is all.

A New HoH…this Sunday

Our first long endurance competition!   No one immediately fell off, so that’s good.  Brett looked like he was in the zone for this, but many times in these kinds of comps, the big and buff are at a disadvantage.  It would be highly entertaining if Brett won though, or Rockstar, or Kaitlyn again.  Anyone else winning will likely make it a meh week, but we’ll see.

Status & Standings:

Outgoing Head of Household:  Scottie
Nominated for Eviction:  Winston & Brett
Evicted:  Brett (6-5, w/ Angela, Tyler, Rachel, Kaycee, Sam and JC voting Winston out)
New Head of Household:  TBD

Like I said, it would be great if someone intimately involved in the eviction drama wins HoH and this week results in a shitshow!  Although Julie did mention there was some problematic comments made by the houseguests that had to be addressed…so I’m sure THAT will be fun… (sarcasm).

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