Sam the Robot Catches a Break

BB20 – Episode 3 – July 1, 2018

Alright, this week seems to be getting spread out over 2 weeks’ worth of episodes like previous seasons have done, so this episode was not a Veto or Elimination episode.  Instead, we learned more about the formation of new alliances, a new showmance, and a new gameplay element called the Big Brother App Store.

Did I get to ogle hot guys in this episode?  I know that’s the question on the forefront of most minds, and to be honest, they weren’t objectified all that much.   But here they are after entering the Have Not room (note that they both had volunteered to be Have Nots this week and Brett even joked they’d have to cuddle together….)

That’ll do, Big Brother, that’ll do.

Anyway, let’s get on with it:

Sam Has a Bad Day

Clearly, I get why Sam is pissed off.  She’s been penalized with Robot Powers and that leads to her getting ostracized.   Tough break, and she’s kind of venting her rage after getting nominated.

She asked everyone to come in one at a time and just talk to her…and while Tyler is in there feeling guilty, Kaitlyn comes in and tells her she should consider this fuel for her to win the Veto and get going.   In all honesty, I agree that Kaitlyn’s right.  Use this rage to win and get back in the game.   But right now, Sam is in full on pity and pissy mode.  I don’t begrudge her that, but she does let the rage get to her and she gets annoyed at Kaitlyn’s advice.   Probably not seeing future alliance-mates here.  Tyler wishes that Sam could have kept her cool as she needs to be making friends at this point.

Later on, while Sam is back to temporarily being a human, she realizes that no one is really talking to her.  That leads to more lashing out and at this point, it’s like, hmm…she may be doing too much damage to save herself.   But in this particular session, JC steps up and reminds her that she has an opportunity here that many people would want and she has to fight.   This motivational speech does seem to click for her, and here’s hoping that was what it took to put her in the right frame of mind to succeed.

The First Official Showmance

As a non-Live Feeds viewer (at least not regularly), I’m aware that a whole lot more goes on in the house than what we get on the CBS episodes.   Especially with regards to who is hooking up with whom.  In this episode, what was once just friendship has turned into bedroom kissing between Swaggy C and Bayleigh.  He immediately regrets it, privately.   He had no intention of getting tangled up in a showmance, but here we are.  Good luck!!!

Alliances!  Get Your Fresh Alliances!

I am pretty skeptical of any of these early alliances that form within the first week.   Typically a sub-element of these alliances is what actually survives into the mid- and end-game, not the whole thing.   But it is my duty to report on formed alliances, and here they are:

Level 6, consisting of Angela, Rachel, Winston, Tyler, Brett and Kaycee

And in this corner, F.O.U.T.T.E. (Five Of Us Til The End), consisting of Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Fezzy, Haleigh and Rockstar

Basically, I think Level 6 has the better shot of lasting, especially because it’s clear that Swaggy is arrogant and not totally aware of what’s going on in the house.   You see, Fezzy and Swaggy thought they were forming another alliance with Brett and Winston that would be unstoppable, except for the fact that Brett and Winston went right back to Level 6 to report on it.    So while Level 6 isn’t necessarily aware of FOUTTE, they are aware of Swaggy’s moves.  And knowledge is half the battle!

A New Gimmick This Season:  Big Brother App Store

The houseguests are told that America has been able to interact with the BB website and the data collected on those interactions has determined a houseguest that’s #mosttrending as well as one that’s #leasttrending.  Each HG has to go up to the secret App room and initialize the screen and find out if they are going to win a power or earn a punishment…

First, we find out is the #leasttrending:  Fezzy.  That’s a bit surprising and I’m hoping it isn’t a religious thing.  It wasn’t clear to me if #leasttrending meant that they just got the least amount of responses or if it was the most negative?   I didn’t vote, so who knows.  Anyway, it’s a big surprise to Fezzy to also be #leasttrending and he has to pick from one of the above Crap Apps.  i’m not sure I would have picked Hamazon, but that’s his choice and now whenever a package is delivered, he has to feast on whatever it is.  PASS.

And in the ‘Catch a Break’ category, Sam wins the ability to select a Big Brother Power App.  Girl definitely needed it, and it was nice to be emotionally manipulated by a broadcast network.  But it was manipulation that I appreciated, so I’m good.  Anyway, Sam picks Bonus Life, which was probably the best choice.  I think I’d have maybe considered Identity Theft though, as maybe you’d get to swap places with someone?  Anyway, Bonus Life allows her to use this power once within the first four eliminations, allowing the evicted houseguest to have a chance at coming back.  If it’s not used by the 4th eviction, that 4th evicted houseguest automatically gets the power.

And that’s the end of the episode – she wisely doesn’t tell anyone that she got the power.  Sometimes it’s amazing that shutting up is a strategy many can’t figure out, but here’s hoping Sam does and can manage to be that first week houseguest who gets nominated and then fades into the background a bit while the new alliances target each other.

Status & Standings:

Head of Household:  Tyler
Nominated for Eviction:  Sam & Steve
#leasttrending:  Faysal (Hamazon)
#mosttrending:  Sam (Bonus Life)

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