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Audrey Gets Nominated – World Doesn’t End

BB17 Episode 13 – July 22, 2015

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I’d say this episode had some interesting things happen, so there’s something good!  I wanted to make the title of this post be “Da’Vonne Was Right” but then Audrey actually got nominated and it was like, FINALLY!  I mean seriously, even being unsure of what the edit was that America was seeing, I don’t think there’s anything that could be edited to make Audrey look like a good competitor.  She’s the worst.  But everyone was clearly not wanting to put out a transgender contestant for fear of looking like a transphobe.  But you know what?   Audrey has earned this nomination, and it’s about fucking time.

WhackStreet Boys, Yo

BB17_Ep13_WhackStBoys3I admit that this was way more charming than it had any right to be.  I loved that as the performances continued, the audience steadily declined, until finally it was just Jackie humoring them for one of the ridiculously early mandatory performances.  But they were doing their best, and I enjoyed it regardless!

BB17_Ep13_WhackStBoys BB17_Ep13_WhackStBoys2Audrey Picks a Fight, Loses

Audrey doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone.  She throws Jason under the bus and then gets pissed at Shelli & Clay for getting mad at her because she did that.  So she starts telling people outside of the alliance how she feels, and of course everyone can’t wait to go and report it back to the King & Queen of the Prom.  It’s a dumb move by Audrey, and getting all emotional about it is stupid, even if it’s a strategy.  She tries to coerce some protection from Clay over it, hoping to get his promise that she won’t be put up as a replacement nominee.  She doesn’t say “to not get backdoored” but come ON, that is the the intent of that statement.  Clay naturally has that in mind when he & Audrey finally clash, and she starts getting pissed about semantics.  Audrey’s right:  she didn’t say “backdoor.”  But to fall on the sword for saying something that meant the exact same thing?  You’re dumb.

BB17_Ep13_ClayUpset BB17_Ep13_PleaseMediate BB17_Ep13_AudreyMakesHerCase BB17_Ep13_ShellyListens BB17_Ep13_ClayUpset2Hey, I look shirtless shots of Clay.  So shoot me!   Continue reading Audrey Gets Nominated – World Doesn’t End

Shall We Over-Play a Game?

BB17 Episode 4 – July 1, 2015

<– Previously, when Becky & John dethroned Jason

Without fail, the first week of Big Brother ends up being a super hyperactive encapsulation of an entire season, with all the ups and downs of alliances forming and falling apart and the resulting euphoria, paranoia, and anger all along for the ride.  Last season we had Devin losing his damn mind that first week and paying for that overplaying by getting evicted third!  I honestly can’t blame them new houseguests for being overwhelmed by the adjustment to living 24/7 with the same people, competing for the grand prize, and knowing you can’t really trust anyone.  It’s why I’d NEVER want to go on this show.  I’m far too sensitive a soul for this game.

So here we are with the first week jitters right on schedule.  I thought I would have some great new diagrams to put on my Standings board, but you know what, the only alliance that really actually means anything is the one that is sorta doomed: ShellTown.  But at least they actually trust each other.

We looked to have a loose alliance forming with James, Jason, Da’Vonne and Audrey bringing in Meg and Clay, and that’s not a bad group.  Potentially problematic with Clay’s relationship with Shelli, but still, workable.  But Da’Vonne tells us privately she knows this isn’t long-term but will work for the time being.  Uh oh – I mean, I get her point, but seriously, you can’t keep looking to the doorway for an 11 to walk in and take you away from the 6 you’re with.  Love the one you’re with!

How to Overplay, Da’Vonne Style

BB17_ep4_DaVonneAngryFrankly, I like Da’Vonne.  But this episode did her no favors.  Was she doing anything wrong by counting things in the house?  Not at all.  But when you look kind of odd and people notice and interact accordingly, there’s a couple of ways you could have handled it.  One could laugh it off and admit what you’re doing – sure, that might help others out a little bit, but it immediately removes the weirdness.  But instead it became personal and she was livid that Clay, but especially Shelli, sent in Jeff to see what she was doing in the bedroom.  BB17_ep4_JeffClay_InfoExchangeAgain, I can see her thought pattern, but damn, it’s a game about relationships.  You’re safe this week, but you’re not safe next week.  Why do this?   It’s a careless move that only served to shine a bright light on you as an unstable alliance mate. Continue reading Shall We Over-Play a Game?

Happy Things To Be Distracted By

There’s a bunch of shit going on in the country today so let’s think about happy things and pretend things are better!!!

This story and accompanying video are so wonderful.  I love that the dog, Arthur, just kept coming along, figuring another meatball was on its way. And now he’s in Sweden, Land of the Swedish Meatball!!!  Yay!

Do I really need a reason for this?  It’s Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and it is absolutely everything and still is.  Her latest video for “7/11” is pretty great too, but nothing compares to this.

And oh yeah – how about the next Jurassic Park movie trailer?

I hope the CGI gets slightly cleaned up to not look so clearly CGI, but besides that, I’m kind of excited that the park has become a real thing and quite huge in scope and much like a Sea World adventure – but that everything goes to hell.  I’m very excited to see what dinobeastie is chasing the crowd of people in the park!  Like the subtle touch of using a light piano motif of the original theme when the scary shit is happening in the trailer.  In other words, CAN’T WAIT!!!

Rando Tuesday Stuff

Yeah, I said ‘rando’.

Nothing too crazy to report on but I did have a pretty great interview at noon, hopefully leading to a next round of stuff.

Anyway, this animated GIF is everything to me right now:

KvqKK8qPerfectly captures the emotions of the Twin Peaks news.  Still can’t believe this is happening but the fact is it is going to be a LONG time to wait.  Patience patience patience!  Also have to do my best to keep my expectations in check.  Because here’s the thing – in my mind, the story for the 9-episode run in 2016 HAS to focus on saving “Good Dale Cooper” from the Black Lodge.  In the course of that story, I think we’ll get some answers to the other cliffhanger’d issues (did Ben die?   did Audrey die in the bank?  did Ed stay with Nadine?  Will Josie’s fate be made more clear?  HOW’S ANNIE???) but first and foremost, get Dale out of the Black Lodge.  Explore what Bad Dale has been up to in the past 25 years. Maybe have a happy ending?  I’d hate for Dale to end with Leland’s fate.

HuffPost_AmazingRaceOn the other end of my pop culture leanings, Huffington Post had a nice story about how The Amazing Race is actually made.  I’ve read some of this stuff before but it sounds insane the amount of work needed to make this show function.  It’s also a testament to how good the camera guy and sound guy are for EACH team that you rarely notice their presence.  Only when you think about the fact that when in cars, you always see one racer driving and the other in the backseat, as the camera guy has to sit in the passenger seat while the sound guy is in the backseat.  Well, until I can actually get on the show myself, I’ll content myself with gazing at it from afar in my Amazing Race write-ups.

Private Parts

Larry and I just finished researching Private Parts on cable….it’s surprising how hilarious it is and that I haven’t seen it probably since when it came out! It’s also kinda awesome to realize that his WNBC radio broadcast booth was right near where I used to work in 30 Rock!