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“Don’t Say Yes Until I Finish Talking” + Other Bombshell Faves

I have been going through some kind of Broadway Show phase, which includes updating my “Status of Musicals” rankings to include the last few shows we’ve seen…as well as putting the fictional Bombshell musical from NBC’s Smash.  I absolutely love the music from the show and would happily see a real production of it.  I know that in a post from years ago when Smash was still airing, I posted the Hulu or link to the video of “Don’t Say Yes Until I Finish Talking” but it went away after a few weeks as content providers don’t want you to have endless access to content for free, they want you to consume it while ratings can be derived from it.  But fortunately, someone has posted it on Vimeo, and I’m happy to include it here…along with other performances I loved from the series.  And it must be pointed out that the chorus boys in this number are damn fine.

Next up, “20th Century Fox Mambo,” which is an absolute blast to listen to on its own but when you factor in this great staging of it, it takes it to the next level:

This next track is another of my favorites from the series but in the plot of the show, it was kinda dropped as they were going to have a Nat King Cole number but then decided against.  I just love this song to pieces though.  So, here’s “Let’s Start Tomorrow, Tonight“:

“History is Made at Night” is probably my favorite song from Bombshell though, as I can just imagine seeing it performed on a Broadway stage and it being the number that brings the house down.  The chorus just blows everything away and has one of those hooks that you can’t get out of your head for the next day.  MAN!  Someone bring this show to reality!  (Sorry about the attached video – it cuts out for some reason in the middle and there’s no other video I can find of the performance…)

I know that Smash had a bunch of contemporary songs too, but those performances were typically my least-favorite part of the show.  I also didn’t care all that much for the other musical brought in during the second season, The Hit List, as I really was invested in seeing what they did with Megan Hilty’s character, Ivy, and what was done to bring Bombshell to Broadway.  Le sigh.  The show has ended but the soundtrack and Youtube videos keep the show going on!

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