TWO… (T-2)

Just a final outprocessing with the Military Personnel Flight in the morning and I’m done.

Not much to say today, but had to update just to continue the countdown. Had my last ‘duty’ day at work today which amounted to me going around to the offices I wouldn’t see again inside and out the mountain and visiting those folks there. So farewell Cheyenne Mountain. It’s been a time. When I got home, I ended up playing more BioShock (aka computergame crack). And now I have my going-away at Jack Quinn’s to look forward to. Hopefully I don’t get too thrashed. Anyways, I should probably get to sleep now, although I am watching ‘The Jerk’ right now on Comedy Central and I had forgotten how funny that movie is. NO… must go to sleep!!!! Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

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