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OS: Second Night – It is 4:27 and it’s also 8/8/08!

I remember last year when it was 7/7/07!  And next year, it’ll be 9/9/09!  How exciting for all of us, truly.

As you may infer, I am dreadfully sleepy and tired, as it is 4:27am and I’ve been at work since 7pm.  Nothing of note has happened, and that is  not a bad thing.  But it certainly leaves me tired and bored.  Again, I’ve surfed a lot of Internet and read Vanity Fair – but this issue would hardly be  something you could actually say you ‘read’, as it really is nothing but a ton of advertisements.  I think because this issue is the ‘Style’ issue, it is necessarily an ad-heavy issue, but seriously, it’s ridiculous.

I’ve got another few hours left till I can go home – I think I’m going to try to go for a treadmill run upstairs before I head home…but I could also see bailing out on that too.  Maybe I’ll do that when I get home at the gym in the building…..

So tired.

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