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The Ridiculously Awesome “Reunited Apart” Series by Josh Gad

I just finished watching the latest (and last, for this “season”) Youtube video series put on by Josh Gad (Book of Mormon, “Olaf”) and I’m in such a great mood.   Since the Pandemic started, he has put together the Zoom calls to end all Zoom calls by reuniting casts from epic 1980s movies – so basically, these are dream reunions for us in Gen X.   Not only is it awesome on its own that he does that, but he’s also raising money for various charities to help support those hurt by the pandemic’s economic toll, so I am only too happy to chip in $50 here and there to help.   Today’s episode that I watched?   Fuckin’ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, that’s what!!!!!

It’s so goddamn good, and the entire time I had a smile or was laughing.   Honestly, nearly EVERYone from the cast was there (with the exception of Jeffrey Jones as he ended up getting convicted of pedophilia, so yeah, he’s persona non grata), even freakin’ Ben Stein AND in a surprise cameo at the very end, Kristy Swanson.   The 45 minutes blow by so damn fast watching Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck (who Larry & I saw at the In N Out in Burbank one time!), Mia Sara, Jennifer Grey, the parents, and more reminisce and re-enact scenes.   That movie is just the greatest.   I actually recently rewatched it some time during the pandemic and it just holds up so well.   The parade scene, everything.

You gotta watch till the end for obvious reasons, but there’s also a fantastic John Hughes dedication that brings out a TON of brief re-enactment cameos from mega stars of John Hughes’ movies, and I can’t stop laughing at Jane Krakowski reciting her “french kiss” line from National Lampoon’s Vacation.   It’s such a perfect line for her and she fucking delivers it just perfectly, still.

There have been other reunions that Josh Gad has hosted – I watched the first one for The Goonies and that was spectacular.  Also watched the one for Splash, but I haven’t seen them all.   I highly recommend you seek them out, as they’re magical, especially if you’re in the Gen X timeframe like me.   Larry would have fucking loved watching these.

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