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I guess no miracle is forthcoming.   We had to take Larry to the ER today.  this morning he was really really weak and very out of it.  Fran suggested we call Brandon to see if they had any guidance and he talked with Dr Weinberg and they recommended he come to the UCLA Santa Monica medical center ER for treatment and analysis.  So we got there fairly quickly and after getting processed in, it turned out that he had really high levels of potassium and very low levels of sodium.  The sodium we knew, but it wasn’t obvious that it was such a critical level, as while we had been prescribed salt pills, they were not in stock at CVS so he hasn’t been taking any.  They had him in a private room at the ER area, and he started a first round of treatments to help regulate these levels – but it’s a full process, and requires him to be in the ICU at least one night and probably the regular hospital a few more days for monitoring.  The ICU doctor mentioned that the use of spironolocatone may also have contributed to this condition as while it helps process water out of the system, apparently it doesns’t help with getting rid of potassium.  So there will be efforts to fill him up with liquid so he urinates a lot which is the natural way to pass potassium.  As for the sodium levels, they are critical to brain function, and is very likely the cause of why he’s so out of it.   Today was a nightmare to witness, as he just kept getting more and more confused about everything.   Everything.   Fran ended up staying at the ICU tonight as we just were concerned that he wouldn’t be able to communicate effectively, as he literally doesn’t know what’s going on.  He’s in a giant fog.   Please God, let him come back at least somewhat.  I know our fight is doomed, but please don’t make him lose himself like this.

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