Big Brother 14 – Ep 17

It is about time that people are realizing it’s time to “make a big move.” The first half of the season has been nothing but hedging bets and talking big but then a whole lot of not much action. But finally, finally, it looks like we turned a corner and people are starting to see…hey, let’s REALLY make a big move.  ALAS….it is hard to ignore the fact that the Big Brother producers are seemingly poised to prevent Frank (or Boogie) from ever getting eliminated.  They are loving that there are two power bases must be anticipating that if Frank/Boogie are removed from the game, the show will be less compelling.  I agree with that too, but that’s the game.  Eventually the Quack Pack will have to cannibalize itself and then it’ll get interesting again. Yet here’s this fucking Mystery Box in the ball pit – and let’s speculate “wildly” here – who guesses that the mystery will allow Frank and/or Boogie to remove themselves from the block and choose their replacement?  I DO.  This is the Coup d’Etat all over again.  You know it.  I know it.  But it’ll not be so blatant as when the coaches returned and the vote was “cancelled.”  I’m sure it’ll be a repercussion of Pandora’s Box – Shane will be offered some lump of cash…he’ll be weak despite Britney having warned him that this was coming up…and the result?  America gets to vote on who they want to give the Coup d’Etat power…and of course, magically Frank will get that power.  We’ll see if I’m right.

Head of Household:  Shane
Safety Winner:  Britney
$10K Winner: Boogie
Nominated for Eviction:  Frank & Boogie

Episode 17 – August 19, 2012

After a few segments of watching Danielle and Ian painfully wipe out on the tilted Crisco floor, Britney secured the Safety prize while Mike Boogie grabbed the $10k.  He was shameless about it and as I commented in my last post, this had to have bugged Frank.  It obviously did.  Boogie didn’t care though as he was secure in his alliance.  Really?  At the end of the challenge, when it came down to the HoH, Dan made an admirable attempt after losing Safety to Britney but Shane grabbed the win.  Yet again the power swung back to Britney/Shane and yet again, Britney wants to target Frank.  I completely agree with this strategy, but they’ve done this now….what?  FOUR TIMES?  Every time they get distracted by the bright shiny thing and end up not doing it – well, the exception of course was the Coaches Return bullshit.  This week though, they’ve managed to have an alliance showdown (without the Silent 6 knowing about it) and the Quack Pack has won out.  Meaning?  Boogie & Frank are the targets since it’s clear they’re not trustworthy.  Dan is definitely on board with this as he and Frank stopped being BFF a long time ago.  Yet then that stupid Mystery Box shows up and Shane starts to get cold feet….which makes me want to drop an LB on him. Britney basically does, yet the editing makes it uncertain what he’ll do.

In completely non-game related news, Ian figures he better make another move to ensure Ashley isn’t lost for good.  He even gets his armpits (?) defoliated by some magical burning cream, which Shane has been using to keep his chest hairless and glistening.  I honestly think….Shane should leave the hair on his chest.  I bet that would send his hotness up dramatically.  Regardless, Ian now has smooth pits but that does nothing for his and Ashley’s relationship.  Just look at that pic.  Ashley wisely (!) remarks that they are bound to be just friends.  Ian unknowingly thinks there’s still a chance even after this.  A case of being very intelligent yet not very street smart.

Anyway, back in Shaneland, Britney finds out from Ian that Boogie was chatting with him before the HoH challenge about who he’d nominate for eviction.  Boogie led with an “obviously Britney, right” but Ian shot that down so Boogie figured it would be Shane then.  Ian’s got nothing invested in Boogie or Frank and is dedicated to the Quack Pack, so this info gets back to Britney and Shane, making the decision that much easier.  Shane nominated Frank and Boogie, and while Boogie guarantees he’ll get Veto, I’m doubtful.  Why?  Because I am sure CBS/Big Brother will make it so he doesn’t have to.  Grrr……

HG Comments
Ashley – No love for Ian….but will she align with him or be protected by him in the impending civil war for her heart?  Did the Frank makeout-session swing her to his side or will she side with Ian?
Britney – Rocked in a challenge!  You go girl.  And why is it that you always seem to get vital info?  First is was Ian inadvertently telling you stuff a few weeks back with his noncommittal answers, now it’s Ian advertently telling you stuff.  I admit I’m shocked you’re still running strong.
Dan – Both you and Britney definitely lucked out, although I’d attribute it to the fact that you both ended up with just one teammate so it’s easier to not have to worry too much about all the others.  But I’m not sure Danielle is the strongest boat to tie your fate to.
Danielle – Your falls on the HoH challenge were hilarious in a guilty way.  I kinda wish I watched the live feeds to see what the status of your Shane association is.  By all accounts, especially Janelle and Wil in the Jeff Talks, he’s downright antagonistic to you.  Now I feel bad and hope you get a clue.
Frank – You really have been on the block every week you weren’t HoH.  It’s impressive you’re still here.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I think you’re going home this week.
Ian – Look at you making sure the Quack Pack triumphs.  I wonder if you have any clue that there was a Silent 6 that you weren’t a part of.  Your actions alone though have ensured the death of the Silent 6 as without it, Britney & Shane may have been reluctant to turn on Boogie & Frank.  Well played!
Jenn – I think this was the most I’ve seen of you.  You had emotions about Wil leaving and then you were depressed about Shane winning HoH again.  You even missed the initial HoH room unveiling, yet Shane seemed cool with it.  I was wondering if it was an edit to show why you were nominated, but the floater route was avoided this week.  Be ready though, Jenn.  You definitely will be the first of the floaters targeted.
Joe – And you are definitely the second floater to be targeted if that becomes a strategy.  Count on it.
Mike Boogie – Not that I think you are even scared at this point, but still, that $10K move was very short-sighted.  I’m curious how you’re planning to strategize this, and if you even will need to thanks to CBS and that damn Mystery Box.
Shane – Back in power!  But was the A/C on or something?  What’s with the shirts being worn?  And what is with your hair?  It seems to morph and change each segment.  And really? You Nair your chest?  *I’m assuming it’s Nair.
Wil – Your karma eviction was 4th, while being 6th out of the House.
Janelle – Evicted 3rd, 5th out of the House.
JoJo – Evicted 2nd, 4th out of the House.
Willie – Eliminated. Effectively 3rd out of the House.
Kara – 1st Houseguest Evicted, 2nd out of the House
Jodi – Not really Evicted – but 1st out of the House

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