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Willkommen, Mein Herr (MM)

Cabaret_HIPD40027I was astonished to find that I was not the good son or the good gay I thought I was when I found that I did NOT have a CD of the Cabaret soundtrack.  What the hell is that about?  Cabaret was heavily featured in the TV show Glee recently (LOVE Glee, by the way – if you’re not watching it and love music, watch it! Wednesdays on Fox) and so I wanted to listen again to Liza Minnelli’s version of ‘Maybe This Time’, which is an incredible song.  But alas, I found I did NOT have it.  I must have remembered having the cassette tape….ah, cassette tape.  I ordered it from Amazon and got it on Monday.  It’s such a good soundtrack – ‘Maybe This Time’ is of course great, but seriously, it’s all about ‘Mein Herr.’

The song starts out slowly and gradually builds up into this frenzied energetic song of awesomeness.  But I can’t discount the rest of the movie.  Every song is fantastic.  The movie itself including all the non-music sections, is endlessly entertaining and you willingly fall into the story of When Brian met Sally.  And oh boy, do they have quite a time together.  Gotta say I thank my Mom for getting me hooked on this movie when I was pretty young.  I remember as a young kid asking her what it meant (and why was it funny) that Joel Grey as the emcee was claiming all the dancers were “wirgins.”  Yes, wirgins in the way that Germans can’t properly say the letter V.  And I believe she skillfully diverted my question with a “would you like another Diet Coke?”  My mom is no fool.  And of course, if you know anything about the second half of the movie, well, it’s somewhat say surprising that she showed it to me as a kid.  That’s why my mom rocks.  It was one of her favorite movies and it became one of mine too.

What the hell am I going on about?  Just that Cabaret is a great flick and if you can find the time to spend about 2 hours or so, Netflix it.  Trust me, you’ll love it.  I would kill for the Broadway revival to come back.   It would be fantastic to see a live performance of this.

In other non-musical news (I know, how non-gay), I went for another 4 mile run in the Park today.  I’m very proud of myself for keeping up with this.  It helps that the Nike+ system keeps me honest.  Work was blech, and I would really like for the week to be over.  And guess what?  It’s my mom’s birthday this weekend.  She’s going to Vegas but I won’t be able to join.  I am sending off a present to her tomorrow that was made with love and some technological work on my part.  Yay MacBook Pro!

West Side Story!

That’s my life, of course.  But I also did see the Broadway production of it last night with Larry (it was my birthday gift to him).  A little bit of drama preceded the show of course.  In the morning, Larry texts me with this message:
“Hobie, you do realize these tickets are for the 2pm show, right?”

Here’s me walking in the Rockefeller Center concourse on the way to work….. reading the text…. stopping…. beginning to panic sweat….. freak out commences.  I text him back, “please tell me you’re kidding…”   He’s not.  I check my email and see that yep, I moronically bought the matinee tickets.  No WONDER I got such great seats.  So, now I’m thinking through all the options I have:
1)  Ditch work for the afternoon — Unfortunately, there’s no way I can do that especially that day with the meetings I’ve got to be involved with
2)  Larry goes without me and takes someone else like a coworker or family —- a viable backup option but it would still suck for ME, so I wasn’t content to go that route; plus, Larry wasn’t necessarily able to leave work either!
3)  Beg TicketMaster to exchange the tickets from the matinee for the evening show.  I really did think I had bought the evening show.  This goes to show my attention to detail leaves a LOT to be desired.
4)  If all else fails, I bought ticket insurance (the first time I’ve EVER done that), and one of the covered reasons is work responsibilities.  i was totally ready to make up a story in that route and get my money back to buy tickets for another performance later on.

Option 1 and 2 sucked, so I started the phone calls for Option 3.   Surprisingly, Ticketmaster was helpful.  But when they put me on hold for a while as they made calls to their client rep, they finally came back on with me and told me they couldn’t get in touch with their contact.  She tells me that if I don’t hear back from them by 1pm, all sales are considered final.  What the hell does that mean?  She obviously has to say that, and in response to my questioning of what my insurance options, tells me to call the insurance folks.  So that’s what I do.

After about 30 minutes, during which I have been talking to Larry (and apologizing for being a dumbass), I finally get a call back from Ticketmaster.  They exchange my tickets!  My original tickets were center orchestra, row H.  I know, awesome seats, right?  The rep tells me the best seats she can get me now are row N, against the right side of the theater.  Well, that sounds okay.  I’m just stoked to get seats and not have to do an insurance claim (I know, an insurance claim for Broadway tickets?).

Fast forward through the workday, then it’s evening.  I pick up my tickets at the theater, then wait for Larry.  I see the seating chart and realize that the seats are literally far right.  I’ve been there before, and usually you end up not being able to see that far right part of the stage because it’s just blocked by the wall.  Oh well, you don’t have to SEE music, right?  Anyways, we finally go inside and find our seats.  Jackpot!  The seats, while on the edge, are also unlike what I’ve seen before.  The middle orchestra is normal, but the side sections are raised up a little bit.  Plus, row N was at the front of the particular section, so we had no seats in front of us and a little wall too, so lots of leg room and no giant heads in front of us.

Whew, that was a long way to tell a story about seats.  It’s my blog though, so I’ll talk about whatever the hell I want!  West Side Story was really good though – although the performer who played Tony, while ridiculously hot, was not a good actor at all.  He could sing decently, but his acting was a lot about exaggeration and talking in a funny Broadway voice.  He’s lucky he’s hot and in jaw-dropping shape.  I’m sure that’s how he got the job.  ;-p  The other performers were amazing.  My favorite scenes from the performance were ‘Somewhere’ (I absolutely love that song – it makes me tear up every time), ‘America’, and ‘Dance at the Gym’.  One of my favorite songs from the movie, ‘Officer Krupke’, just wasn’t done all that well, so I couldn’t get all happy about it.  Some interesting choices the show had versus the movie were that America was sung amongst only the girls, ‘Somewhere’ had a kind of dream/fantasy sequence sung by the whole cast for most of the song before it became only Tony & Maria, and very noticeably, ‘I Feel Pretty’ and ‘A Boy Like That’ were sung in Spanish.

Alright, enough of that.  Here’s an awesome video my friend Dan sent me – it’s an over-dubbed ‘Literal’ version of the video for ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart.’  If you’ve seen it before, you probably know it’s kind of a weird, creepy-in-a-bad-uncomfortable-way video to a great song.  Well, this video version addresses all that head on.  Glee Club of the Damned, indeed.

Beatles: Rock Band

Holy shit – this game will be amazing.  Larry sent me the link to the actual website where there’s more details about the game, but I hadn’t seen this video until just now.  Wow.  LOVE the Beatles.  Can’t wait to play this game.  I so want to go see the Beatles LOVE show at the MIrage again too.  I’m trying to talk Larry into seeing it again when/if we get to Vegas this summer.

In other trivial (to YOU) news, I made it a second day in a row to work out in the morning.  I think the adage is if you can do something three times in a row, you’re on your way to making it a habit.  And I’m so stoked that after leaving work in a few minutes, i”ll actually be heading HOME.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Movin’ on up (movin on up!) to the Upper West Side!

Where the hell have I been?  Gosh, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  Sorry ’bout that, y’all!

What’s the crazy exciting news going on right now, you ask?  I am moving to NEW YORK CITY!  I know, I know, didn’t I do that  over a year ago?  Kinda.  But I was still across the river in Jersey.  Close, but definitely no cigar.  But I knew back in November that I was ready to finally live on my own and most importantly, move into the city.  I’ve been checking listings a lot over the past 30 days.  Mostly through craigslist because hey, it’s free.  Of course, you get what you pay for.  But one listing I clicked through on had a link to the actual site.  The ad in craigslist was actually quite informative so I was impressed enough to follow the link to the real site.  Good move on my part.  The site belonged to this guy who not only puts great pictures of the properties up, he also puts up detailed floorplans (a huge rarity in the online world) and great descriptions.  Here’s the link to it while it’s up of the place I fell in love with online and once I saw it in person, I had to have it:

Go ahead, be jealous.  Sure, it’s ‘only’ a studio.  But DAMN.  It’s a huge giant space with 12′ ceilings.  Those windows are awesome.  It’s in the Upper West Side on a fantastic street (72nd).  It’s a block and a half away from the Dakota (where John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived) and Central Park.  My commute to work, via two possible subway routes, is about 15 minutes.  It’s basically ridiculous.  The rent will probably appall anyone who doesn’t live in NYC and the immediate area around it.  I know it’s appalling to me when I really think about it.  But for the area and what I’m getting, it’s incredible.  Also, there’s a freakin’ attic over the kitchen for storage.  Plus, the closet is incredible in that over the two sides where the clothes hang, shelves go up like another 10-12 feet.  You think i’m exaggerating.  I am so not.  I will need a damn Lex Luthor library ladder to get up to the top shelf if I need to.

So that has been an exciting thing to do.  My lease will start Jan 1 but I will also have both places at the same time during January.  Hopefully that will make moving not so stressful.

Other than that – let’s see… it’s been a while but it’s mostly been busy at work or hanging out with Larry.  Thanksgiving I spent with him and his family in Fort Lee, which was a lot of fun.  I am headed home to LA for Christmas though, so look out California!  You’re lucky Prop 8 passed or I may have just got myself gay-married for kicks!

Of course plenty of fun things have happened in the meantime, but I really can’t detail them all.  I’ve been writing like crazy still for RealityNewsOnline but Amazing Race just ended!!! Booo….  They are asking me back to recap the new NBC show “Momma’s Boys.”  I would never watch something like this but if they want me back to write for them, who am I to complain?

I haven’t linked to my stories lately, so let me see if I can find the recent ones and link them here:

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Hopefully my recap of the finale’s Insider videos will be up really soon.

Peace out!