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2008 - NYC/NJ, Getting to Know You

Getting into the swing of things at NBC. Starting to have a true social and dating life. Wow.

2007 - Colorado Springs, Year 2 & New York City, Year 1

OUT. That should say it all.

2006 - Colorado Springs, Year 1

You know what, it was a long and eventful year. Getting adjusted to living in snow, dealing with the responsibilities of being a flight commander, and eventually making the life-changing decision of getting out of the military the following year. Add other random things and you have a very full year.

2005 - Las Vegas, Year 3

The light at the end of the tunnel?

2004 - Las Vegas, Year 2

When things got shitty.

2003 - Las Vegas, Year 1

Well, this sums up all of the memories of getting used to living in the states again, struggling through a job I initially hated, finally getting a job I liked, driving to LA every other weekend (it seemed), and fighting the urge to gamble. And oh yeah, I made Captain this year!

2002 - Lajes Field, Azores

Stupidly, I never pursued getting my website back up until almost the end of my time at Lajes. I think it was Alan who brought up how he hosted his site that made me interested in doing it....or else the fact that besides Byron, most of my social life had dried up with everyone having left by then. So I was in search of a hobby. I have tons of pictures from my Azores experience, and I went to Europe three times while there, so there are plenty of pictures to put up eventually.

2001 - San Antonio until leaving to the Azores

So it was at this time when I first started a website, actually hosting it from my own computer, which acted as a web server. That exercise actually taught me a lot about networking and how much you can do with a PC. I also learned a helluva lot about HTML, as I didn't use a program to drag and drop stuff like I do now. But it did mean I had to leave my computer on all the time, and well, that kinda sucks. Anyways, this has lots of good stories from the end of my San Antonio days.