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March 2005

Off to LA this weekend

March 30, 2005: Wow, when I don't have to worry about school and papers during the weekends, I can actually go and do stuff. Sweet. Anyways, I'm off to Los Angeles this weekend. In fact, I'm actually taking Friday off so I will have a 3-day weekend. It'll be nice to see the folks in their natural habitat again! I'm also seeing Wendy & Jason, but it's more of a "Happy Divorce" party. Yep, Wendy & Jason are going their separate ways. I won't go into it on this very non-gossipy site, so you'll have to call me to get all the juicy details! Just kidding, just kidding. So we'll see how things go this weekend. Hopefully a safe drive down and back, lots of fun in SoCal, and then me back ready for a fantastic week at work. Oh, I didn't mention yet that we finally moved into a new office, so now there's actually breathing room, working room, and basically, room. It's made things much nicer and it's possibly things may not seem so bad as working in non-OSHA standards really can get you down! I would show a picture of before-and-after, but then I'd be shot dead for taking pictures inside our facility. I'll have to draw it or something. But it's nice to have room. I also got my Jetta's driver's seat bottom replaced. No longer will I be burned like a shiskabob by my Jetta's evil inferno maker. Yes, I was nearly incinerated one time because the seat warmer decided to break or something and burn through the seat and into my clothes and skin. Luckily, since that's a defect, it was completely free for me to have replaced, so now I have a new seat. Cool. And then today, I called USAA to do some banking stuff and they let me know I could refinance my auto loan. And I did. It went from 9% to 5.45%. Yes, I had a 9% auto loan. I got this loan back when my credit was still el-terriblo and I couldn't get any better than that rate. But things are finally turning around. Thank God.
What's New? My Amazing Race pages are up for Leg 5 and Leg 6. Remember Survivor is back on on Thursday nights!

A fun trip to Laughlin!

March 28, 2005: A fun trip, but definitely not a profitable one. Anyways, that story is for when I put up the pictures. I have not much to report right now, as I'm in the midst of baking a birthday cake for Linus and watching S9 of Friends and getting ready for the new episode of 24 (I'm so glad Chloe is back! And what is with Audrey Raines? I so miss Dina Arez already...). Sweet. It was so windy today.

<Insert headline here>

March 23, 2005: Yep, I have absolutely nothing to report except that I updated my Survivor and Amazing Race pages. How sad, eh? But it's nice to not feel anger and rage, although extreme happiness wouldn't be unwelcome.
What's New? Survivor Ep 6 and Amazing Race Ep 4.

Still no homework. Sweet.

March 22, 2005: Yes. It's cool. I got in contact with the Violin Outlet and while they are closed this week, they told me to come by next week. I can't wait to start this up again. It's going to be fun and it should be something creative to do. Other than that, my best of hopes and thoughts go out to a few people today: Miss Jenny, please take care and hang in there. I was going to post a thought on your website but others had already said what I was going to say, which is while it's scary and tough now to see your brother go out in the big wide world, it's time for him to explore it for himself and make his own way. But one thing's for sure - he knows that his big sister has his back always and forever, and he'll remember that while he's out there. He's lucky to have a sister like you. We were all lucky to have a friend like you out here. And to Michancy, like we talked about on the phone today, don't let all the negative crap surrounding you convince you that is the truth. You're so much better than that.
What's New? My Amazing Race 7 Episode 4 page is up.

Wow, no homework. Nice.

March 21, 2005: Yep, it's almost boring around here. I'm so bored I may have to go play some craps. Maybe I should start another degree program so I don't get in trouble. Anyways, not much else going on - I could not get motivated to start work today. I actually got up early and got to work 'early' (a whole 5 minutes - but that is quite a big deal for me), but just couldn't motivate myself to say, Hey! It's Work Time and I'm Here to Work! Oh, if I ever do say that, please smash me in the face. I know the former Sgt Jenny would have had no problem doing so.

Anyways, I updated because Linus wrote a long-ass rant on Episode 5 of Survivor saying that everybody's a big whiner because we don't like seeing Ulong lose continuously. Mock him mercilessly. ;-)
What's New? Linus wrote a novel concerning Episode 5 of Survivor Palau.

I AM Done now!

March 20, 2005: It took just over two years, but it is finally done. I finished my last class yesterday morning, and I can feel fairly certain that I didn't fail it, meaning that I am now a person who can write Hobart Barnes, B.S. CS&E, M.S. CIS and be totally not making letters up and writing them after my name. It's kinda cool. I can't believe it's been two years since I started, but hey, it's done, and I only had one six or seven month break in between. YEEHAW!!!! I actually get to graduate and walk in the ceremony on May 21 at the Orleans Arena. My mom and Harv will be up - it should be fun! I actually even got my cap and gown, along with graduation announcement stuff. I ordered a diploma frame too, so I have proof that I graduated too! It's such a relief to be done though - I won't miss the weeknight visits to the UoP online newsgroups nor the stress of writing papers every weekend. Nope. Not at all. Now I can just veg and let my mind waste away! Okay, not gonna happen. I promised myself that I'd get back into learning the violin, and I'm going to. Not this week though, as it's gonna be another hectic one, and this next weekend is going to be FUN! Laughlin with friends to celebrate and just have a good time. I can NOT wait! Anyways, I'm done with this update. I think. I picked up the Incredibles at Best Buy - awesome movie. Have you seen it? Well, I'm done. I filed my Income Tax return today, and I should get a nice little refund soon. Joy!!!!

Signing off, Master of Science Hobie.
What's new? Oh, I guess I have some more DVDs to put on the list. It's been pretty slow on the DVD release front lately though.

Almost done with school

March 16, 2005: Eh, not much to say. But did you see Survivor? OY VAY! Here's my take on it.

Meet Ralph

March 15, 2005: So I finally got a dog. Not a real one, obviously, but a very cute and always puppy-ish stuffed animal. I saw him in Albertson's and couldn't walk by without putting him in the cart. So he's now mine. He's a ferocious guard dog, so you have been warned. His name is Ralph. It seemed appropriate somehow.

So have you seen the latest trailer to Star Wars: Episode 3? Jeez-louise, it blew me away. Typically the full length trailer leaves you sort of underwhelmed, because now they're showing you a whole lot more. And boy howdy, do they ever show more. And I can not freakin' wait for May 19, 2005. This looks to be the movie people have been wanting to see throughout the entire prequel trilogy. All this set up from Eps 1 & 2 look to be leading towards one helluva payoff. All I gotta say is: "Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

This past weekend I was able to idealize what a very good evening is for me: dinner at Outback, a trip to Best Buy afterwards (this can be modified to include an after-trip to Barnes & Noble), and then a visit to one of our fine local casinos. I did this Saturday night, and it was glorious. At the craps table at Sams Town, it was awesome. I found a spot at a $10 table, and immediately it was my turn to roll. And I rolled great, immediately putting me ahead - this is remarkable because I'm almost always having to claw my way back up just to break even, but that night, I made about $100 immediately and never dipped below my initial investment, playing with casino money the entire time. Sweet. I eventually made it to $520 - I so wanted to cash out just so I could get a purple $500 chip, but I didn't have a camera, and it didn't really seem worth it just to hold it (my precious) and then give it back so I could continue gambling. I did continue gambling, and eventually cashed out at around $330, which is rare for me, as I rarely walk away with a profit, so yay for me, as that profit went to washing the car and buying groceries. It's not as if I couldn't afford the groceries before, but it is always nicer to have a few Benjamins in your pocket to buy the groceries with.

I also caught back up with some folks on the phone this weekend, primarily Byron, who I have been pretty bad at communication with. It was great to talk to him again, and I look forward to seeing the whole Kelly clan in a few weeks. Also talked to Mom, and started setting up plans for a drive to LA for Easter weekend, but after hanging up with her, I remembered that Easter weekend is when I'm going to be in Laughlin with my Jewish friends - seems appropriate to be spending Easter with the Jews. ;-) So LA folks, I will have to make it a point to get down there just for a regular weekend and hang out. It would be nice to get out of here, although I've been busy other ways.

That would be the crack known as Knights of the Old Republic, I and II. These games are so fun, but time just goes so fast while you're playing them. Work has been pretty busy too, and the last week and this one have been productive but tiring when I finally get home. Hopefully this work will mean much less anger and animosity from the users in the mid to near future. And you wanna know something: I may find out where I'm going sometime next month. I'm crossing my fingers for somewhere cool.
What's New? My Amazing Race 7 Episode 3 page.

YAY for FriDAY!!!!

March 10, 2005: <sigh> I would like to end this post like that, but it's really not that bad right now. I just am tired of stuff. I'm so excited that my school is about over. I don't think I can stand doing another one of these classes with papers due every weekend and school stuff to do every night. Can you spell burnt out? I can: H-o-b-i-e. I look forward to starting my violin lessons again, because that will at least be relaxing (well, at least once I can play again without making glass break) and somewhat fun. And actually at work, things are headed towards a good point: the good Captain I work with and for (in a way - I mean, she IS a captain still, but she's the deputy commander, so there is authority over me. Weird, eh?) has helped a lot in planning and realizing goals. Which has been much needed, as when you're barely staying afloat, that planning stuff seems like a luxury, one that I don't have. So a light, finally, at the end of the tunnel? Check back in a month or so. I just hope shit doesn't start back up once the bossman returns. <sigh> Monday may kinda suck.
What's New? Survivor Episode 4 and updated Amazing Race Episode 2 with Robbie's comments.

What a day! (And not in a good way)

March 8, 2005: So first off this morning, I walk into my work area and I see that my coworker is laid out on the ground, face down. Not moving. She looks like she fell over or passed out or something. I immediately freak. Which equates into me inhaling sharply and muttering oh my God hoping I remember how to do CPR. As I run over, she looks up and smiles. Now, while I love a good joke or prank as much as the next guy, I really didn't like this one at all. I really thought something had happened to her. I am not mad now, but I guess am though. That kind of shit is not funny. It's really like the boy who cried wolf now, because if that shit happens again, I'm going to be very reluctant to act so as not to look like a fool.

The rest of the day was no better. I got very riled up by work, and by the end of the day I just needed to go home. And so I did. And now I'm typing this up after Amazing Race, which helped to make the day better. Really, I can not wait for October 2005. That is when I will possibly be able to leave this hell of a job. Even if it's a new hellish job, I'll take my chances. So, my fingers are crossed for a new and better day tomorrow. I even get to start it off by running 3 miles or so in the morning. Now who can't love that shit?

Oh, and here's a link to Michancy's site - I forgot to link to it below. And have you checked out those words yet? C'mon, you know you want to know all the combinations of ass-****** that aren't going to be put on an NFL jersey.
What's New? The Episode 2 page for Amazing Race 7.

"You're so lame, dude. You're so white...."

March 7, 2005: An oxymoron of a sentence if there ever was one (Saying lame and dude makes YOU so white), but alas, I heard this as I was driving by these three young kids walking in the apartment complex. All white. All really stupid. And all making me laugh my ass off. You know, Las Vegas definitely has good sound bites for you if you're just willing to listen for them.

You need to take this test and see how you fare. Here are my results, and I must say that I do agree wholeheartedly! I have always loved grammar and spelling - how nerdy is that? Very, I say (and so white - :-)). It's just that every now and then dotante occurs, but that is to be expected.

English Genius
You scored 100% Beginner, 86% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 77% Expert!
You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go!
Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it!

And an item of sheer hilarity now. I was looking through Michancy's new blog (go read it!) and she had a link to Wonkette.com, which is an absolutely hysterical read. Anyways, there was a link to this page below, and it is possibly the funniest thing I've ever read. Warning, actually, multiple warnings: If you don't like cuss words, by all means, stay the fuck away from this link. Second, it's on a gay-themed site, so if you're really really homophobic, don't go here either. What it is is a listing of the 1100 or so things that the NFL will NOT put on a jersey in the NFL store. So click away, you've been warned. Also, don't have any food in your mouth. You'll spray it all over your screen, so to speak.

And in other news, I got a score of 324 on my electronic pocket Yahtzee that Mom got me as a deployment gift. I didn't get deployed, but I did get to keep the game! Speaking of games, I am so damn addicted to Knights of the Old Republic. Unreal. It's like playing a game that puts you in the middle of a Star Wars movie. Awesome plot and character development, an amazing twist/revelation that just makes the game even more awesome.... it's one of those games that is a total time suck. But so worth it. And it's replayable and I have the sequel lined up for playing. I am SUCH a geek. Someone stop me. I even didn't go to Best Buy this weekend - something actually made me not go. Weird.

Survivor with the Schofields

March 3, 2005: I had my first visitors over for Survivor tonight, and it was pretty fun, even if the pizza took almost an hour and a half to arrive. I haven't had company over in a long time, and it was fun to do so. I am realizing there is a shortage of true places to sit, although there are lots of stools to pick from in addition to the couch. Just not lots of couch seats. Anyways, I should probaby get going but I had to update and say that the Survivor page for Episode 3 is up and Robbie submitted comments for the Amazing Race Ep 1 page. Sweet!

"I can't believe no one told me I looked like a slut"

March 1, 2005: I finally got to have a 3-day weekend. It was glorious. I did a couple fun things, but I didn't leave town and I thoroughly didn't think about work. I didn't even do any schoolwork until earlier this evening. I can't wait to be done with school. Sorry Sgt...er, I mean MsJenny! But you didn't come here to just read my random typings, did you? Oh wait, YES you did!!!! So sit back and relax. Actually I'm going to avoid typing the great American novel tonight, as it is nearing midnight and I still have to go to work tomorrow morning. That just bites. And what is really weird is it's kinda back to normal operating procedures, but that also means I/we have got to deal with the old crap again. Blech. When do I PCS again?

So this weekend, I had briefly considered taking a trip somewhere, but I didn't. Instead, I decided to play craps on Friday night. Not so successful was I. I had fun, but I did end up paying for a vacation locally. Ah well. It's not like I played craps again that weekend hoping to win it back.....oh wait, YES I DID! Oh silly silly Hobie. You know, who cares though? No one is starving because of my losses, especially me.

So I bet you're wondering what the hell my headline means. Well, sit back and I'll tell you a quick story. I had gone on Sunday to Best Buy to buy a really cool DDRMAX dance pad, but of course they didn't have it. They'd had it every other weekend, but this time, no. Figures. So I realize it's time to visit the EB Games store that just opened up a few blocks away from me on Nellis Blvd by Sahara. They had it, which rocked. I got it, and then decided to also visit the Starbucks that is right next door to it. I got my Grande mocha, and sat out front just to chill and watch Las Vegas traffic on Nellis Blvd. That may sound uninteresting, but the way these fuckers drive provides endless entertainment. Anyways, this young girl, probably 14 or something, comes walking around the corner with, I'm guessing her nephew of 10 and a girlfriend of 13. She's wearing a lime green tanktop and daisy duke shorts. Very appropriate clothing. She walks past Starbucks and is checking herself out in the window, and she suddenly has the realization that has been completely obvious to the rest of the East Side: She looks like a damn slut. And she says it out loud for all to hear, and I just had to laugh out loud because it was just so damn funny and so damn TRUE. Props to her for self-awareness, but c'mon people, let's buy a mirror at home and USE IT.

So on Saturday I got bored and decided to do something. I initially thought I'd find a way up Sunrise Mountain and take some cool pictures from the top or somewhere higher up than ground level. I drove up Lake Mead looking for some kind of place to park and hike up, but I missed it, although I think I know where I have to stop now. There's really not an official parking lot, you just have to pull off the road. Anyways, I zoom past the possible stopping point and just realize, hey, let's just drive to Lake Mead, and so I did. I took some pictures, which I'll post shortly when it's not nearly midnight, and then made it all the way down to Boulder City, coming back finally to home. I then gambled again on Sunday evening as I knew I didn't have to go to work on Monday! And I lost again. But it was still fun. I'm definitely at the point where I am not hurting for money, although I still need to keep my wits and not be a dumbass. No gambling for me for awhile until I get a semblance of luck back.

Anyways, I've added a brand new section to the site for the Amazing Race, Season 7. It started off great. So now I have two TV shows to keep up-to-date, but since I love them both, it's all good! Hope you're all doing well, and know that as I was typing this, I was reading it all aloud to myself.
What's New? My Amazing Race 7 page is up. If you have some comments you'd like added to the page, let me know and I'll post it ASAP.

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond. (okay, you know I will - what else have I got to do?)