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The Sixth Leg

Sala Sentle, Ray and Deana!

GOOD RIDDANCE! This was one team in which I had absolutely no desire to see them do well. From Ray's constant belittling of others (to include Deana) and whining and bitching to Deana's seemingly endless uselessness, this was one team that just needed to go. The fact that they lost before Gretchen and Meredith makes it even better. And the final fact that it was a footrace was freakin' awesome. I actually started cheering out loud when watching Brian and Greg outrun Ray and Deana. I wonder if CBS staged that somewhat? If not, that was awesome timing to have a footrace determine who was getting eliminated. Well, bottom feeders, see ya! Or as they say in Botswana, Sala Sentle!

Johannesburg, South Africa to Gaborone, Botswana

Feeding those lions was kinda cool. They almost looked cute and like a stuffed animal you could cuddle with..... until you come to the realization that these lions could seriously kill you. Or humorously kill you. Whatever, it would be ugly, especially if they're hungry. But at that one moment, they were kinda cute. Like big kitties! I guess that event's only purpose was to separate the groups again by time, but it really didn't do much, as everyone got on the flight to Botswana easily enough, even if Lynn and Alex had to drive into the ghetto first. Seriously, how do these people get so separated from each other when it looks like they're caravaning at one point? I give major props to Uchenna and Joyce for using their map (unlike Debbie & Bianca a few legs back) and going the right way, unlike Rob & Amber (who have made their second big mistake now, in as many episodes - hmmm, are they starting to lose steam?). I did worry about how Meredith & Gretchen were going to make it, now that they had ALL their belongings and cash taken away from them! That's a new pain brought in for this season. It's getting to be like Survivor:Palau over here - the penalties are getting quite brutal. And of all people to get stripped of their belongings, it's the old injured ones. But who knew? They weren't even close to being eliminated this time!

So in Botswana, it was interesting to see the teams' performances at the Bush event Roadblock, in which a member had to throw a spear at a moving target. I really didn't expect Rob to do as poorly as he did. And watching how happy those bushmen were when someone was finally successful in hitting the target. The clapping and jumping was awesome!

And what about that accident!? Rob & Amber really should be ashamed of themselves. I don't think you actually had to stop to see if everyone was okay, because honestly, none of the contestants are doctors. But c'mon, to not even slow down and ask if everyone's okay is fucking scuzzy. That was low, and even though it's a race, there's still a time to put that aside and see if life is in danger. I'm glad Phil called them out on it too. I used to somewhat root for Rob & Amber to win, as they were playing the game well, but some things just are scuzzy. All they had to do was what other teams (besides Lynn & Alex) did: slow down, ask if everyone's okay, get the nod, and move on. Fortunately Brian and Greg were okay, although that cameraman certainly didn't look good.

And what about that last Detour? I don't think I would have done the corn challenge. That looked kinda brutal. Although Ray nearly knocking out Deana with that pole was hilarious, and just seeing them getting beat by Meredith and Gretchen was worth the price of admission. And as I talked about above, seeing Brian and Greg come from so far behind, knock out the water challenge, and be neck and neck with Ray and Deana was awesome. What a footrace!!!


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