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Rob & Amber

Brian & Greg

Uchenna & Joyce

Ron & Kelly

Lynn & Alex

Ray & Deana

Meredith & Gretchen

Susan & Patrick

Debbie & Bianca

Megan & Heidi

Ryan & Chuck

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1 place

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4 places

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The Fourth Leg

Adios, Susan & Patrick!

Patrick was seriously getting on my nerves this episode. I really was annoyed watching him because I get like that: I can get seriously negative, and watching him was immediately recognizable as how I can get sometimes. So to those I have acted that way towards, I sincerely apologize! I felt bad for Susan - she was trying to stay optimistic. Alas, it wasn't to be, as they were eliminated anyways. But they made a valiant effort - even being on the last train (and thinking they weren't). As it is though, I'm not really going to miss those two that much..

Argentina: Mendoza to Buenos Aires and environs

Rob & Amber continue to impress. From somehow getting on that first flight (I do wonder what time they got to the airport; was the flight stopped a long time to let them get on?) to just pressing through and kicking ass to get first place, you gotta give them their due. They are here to win, and the rest of these teams just need to get that focus as well, as opposed to....

....just trying to beat Amber & Rob. Lynn & Alex, this is directed at you. The other teams aren't dwelling on it too much, although their shock on the plane at seeing Amber & Rob was good. But L&A really need to focus on winning a leg, not on beating Amber & Rob. What team has really got my disdain though? That would obviously be Ray & Deana. He is such an asshole. "I am NOT bottom-feeder material. These other teams are beneath me" Whatever dude. You have not been in the top half standings for quite a while. Deal - you do belong down there. And Gretchen and Meredith beat you in quite a few things, although shame on them for following you in the river challenge. Hopefully that gave them a clue to not trust anyone.

Poor Joyce - how many times did she fall off that horse?

Anyways, my theory concerning the background pictures of the contestants is definitely coming to fruition. Anybody who has had a seashore in the background of their contestant photo has been getting voted off first. So with that in mind, who's next? My favorite couple. That's so sad.....

And what's with those previews for next week's 2-hour episode? Meredith's bloody face and the car crash? Yowza! I am guessing that is why the episode is 2 hours long. Lots o' drama in store!


Others' Thoughts:

Robbie Returns to Hobiespace!

Another great episode! I'm keeping this short because I'm tired of sitting in front of a computer all day - it's time for either Buffy, or the Shield...

1. I actually like Patrick less than the not-so-ambiguously-gay duo. He's just such a wuss, and so disrespectful to his mother...I think Adam from last season could've taken him down! I'm very glad they're gone.

2. I think I actually like Ray less than Patrick. Certainly not by much, but c'mon - the guy is a complete a-hole. "We don't belong with the bottom-feeders" ?! It's funny how some of these guys say after the race is over that the camera made them worse than they really are. How could that possible with this kinda guy?

3. Rob and Amber kick so much butt it's ridiculous. Catching up with all the non-penalized teams from last week was great. He showed class when making friends with his boat driver. Like I keep saying, for someone they say is dumb as a box of rocks, he sure as heck is outplaying them all!

4. Next week on The Amazing Race...EVERYONE DIES!

--- Now stop what you're doing and go find and watch Carnivale!


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