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The Second Leg

Adios, Megan & Heidi!

Not too shocking that Megan & Heidi were eliminated this go-round. They really didn't impress the first episode and this one was no different. They didn't look like they were having fun, and definitely didn't seem like they had the enthusiasm to do this. I have a feeling they discovered that racing around the world isn't exactly a vacation.

Peru: Cusco to Arequipa

Wow, Rob (of Rob & Amber) really hasn't changed that much: he's playing this game as aggressive as he ever did in Survivor. From not just sitting idly by and accepting a slow bus to Arequipa to agreeing to tip the driver so he would only open the front door, and then keeping his share of the tip, the man is definitely playing to win. I will give him credit for that. I don't like him all that much, but if the other teams are going to play sorta silly and laid-back, then they're going to get what's coming to them.

The shoe-shine challenge was interesting nevertheless, especially in watching how some people were trying to get customers. Basically accosting a customer seemed to work the best, as opposed to just standing on a corner and hoping that someone wants their shoes shine. Typically doesn't help.

Arequipo, Peru to Santiago, Chile

Where Rob & Amber totally made this leg their beyotch. They did a good job, got all the books in the Detour in one journey, while Ron & Kelly did what I probably would have done, that being taking two trips. Gotta give Rob props, again. The man stacked his books well. I don't think I would have ever considered the shopping choice in that Detour, especially since you had to pay with your own money. I'm shocked people actually did that one. Watching the gayboys get in hissyfit fights was awesome too. The comment of "Bitches" to the angry fish marketers had me laughing hysterically.

This was an interesting finish though - almost everybody who was in the top 4 last week dropped to the bottom of the pack, except for Rob & Amber. This just goes to show that random events may completely turn things around. But with the ultra-competitve streak in Rob, I really can't see them dropping out of the top 3. I totally expect to see them in the Final 3.

Others' Thoughts:

Robbie Returns to Hobiespace!

It's too bad the Squirrel didn't start watching AR during this episode. I think it would've sold him on the concept completely. He would've easily seen how AR dominates Survivor in every way. But I digress...

Random Thoughts -

Rob is incredible. Paying off the guy at the train station to be quiet? Paying off the bus driver to open just the front door of the bus...and KEEPING his end of the tip? Unreal. He's continuing to show the cunning and craftiness that took him so far in Survivor.

Amber still has the hot.

I propose a new drinking game. Every time Gretchen sighs "Oh my goodness," "oh my," "ohmigosh," or "whoooo!" you take a drink. Tami and I crack up every time she starts in with that.

Joyce scares me. Some sort of Diana Ross meets Eartha Kitt...gives me the willies. And way to stand around n' wait for shoeshines!

Team Gay...ick. I'm with Hobie - I rolled when they were calling the fishmongers bitches. Their decision to cat-fight their way to a bigger fish was stupid. Pick your battles guys - you're in a race. Just buy yourself a new fish. OR - as I suggested to Tami - shove a few rocks down that big ol' fish mouth! OH - I thought it was great how their argument at the market almost started a riot. Did you see all those guys start to yell and shake their fists?!

Team Lesbo? I laughed when Debbie kissed her shoeshinee, resulting in a round of high-fives for him and his buddies. Nice.

Mom and Momma's Boy? I started realizing this episode how difficult it must be to be the parent of a gay child. Do you think Patrick asked his DAD to go on the race with him? Anyway - what was with the bandage over his eye he was sporting when Mom came back from shining shoes?

I'm sure there's more, but I'm going to try to watch an episode or two of Buffy/Angel...

And once again - stop what you're doing and go watch Carnivale!



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