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Ep3: Keeping Kim? Krazy!

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Bobby Jon







The Ulong tribe just keeps getting sadder and sadder

So young strong Jeff gets felled by a rogue coconut. I guess I should have seen THAT one coming, right? PUHlease. It's pretty sad. And I really thought that Ulong was about to keep him around. It was obvious he could still handle chores around the camp, but apparently the fact that he was completely useless during challenges now more than helped to make up people's minds. Now we're stuck with uber-lazy Kim, who I hope does what Angie is hoping for, which is Kim not having her boy-toy to cuddle with anymore and gets a light up her ass to participate. Or else this show will soon be the Survivor Family Koror show.

Ulong loves the Reward Challenges....

Which has been great for them, as now they have fishing gear and can wear the latest fashions, it's just that there's soon going to be no one to wear the cool clothes and eat the baby fish. I do have to give props to Ulong for completely destroying Koror in that inner tube challenge. I loved when Tom thought he was being clever by getting in the tube and then Jeff just pulled him over in the tube. Stephenie taking out Jennifer was awesome as well, but let's be honest here: was it not the coolest to see Angie just take out Gregg and provide the huge assist so Bobby Jon could tow the ring over to the platform? That was sweet. I had to get on my feet and cheer for that one.

Operation SharkBait: FAILURE

I admire Koror's willingness to tangle with extremely deadly wildlife in order to eat it, but count me out. And then to toss it all away to the sharks who just had to be wondering what the hell was bouncing off their skin when those 'sharp sticks' were thrown at them. I'm just glad I didn't have to see the snakes getting guillotined. Blech.

Another Immunity Challenge, Another Sad Defeat for Ulong

After Jeff's encounter with a coconut, it was no surprise to see him bow out immediately, the same with Willard. But Koror didn't need Willard. Ulong desperately needed Jeff. That looked like one helluva challenge though, and again, count me out. I'm thankful to just be here watching it on my 57" tv. It looked like a completely exhausting task, and Jeff's strength would have been much appreciated I'm sure, by Ulong. C'est la vie. Koror had superman-Tom, and they stomped Ulong again in the challenge that really counts. And that led to the pleading by Jeff to get voted out, and the surprising willingness to do so.

I can see why they decided to keep least, I think I do. She can help in challenges..... oh wait, no she can't, or at least she won't. She can help around the camp though, at least.... no, not that either. But she is good at watching people work though, so you gotta give her that. You know, I think I'd rather have kept gimpy-Jeff over lazy-useless-Kim. But that's just me, who's sitting here in Vegas all comfy-like watching this torture show from the comfort of my own apartment.

Final Thoughts

I pretty much summed them up above: I don't think it was the best move, but I can kinda understand the need to get rid of someone who is going to be nothing but a detriment in any type of physical challenge. Guess we'll have to see how it turns out, especially considering next week's preview which leads me to believe a tribe-equalization is about to occur. And what's with Ulong screwing up again and pissing off Jeff Probst? Silly, silly, silly.

Other's Thoughts:

C-Money speaks - What fun tonight was...:

First time talking with someone during the show... someone besides my spouse anyway. It was cool! Commercials are for catching up on all the other crap too.

So, this Jeff/Kim thing is upsetting people. I can see why. Maybe they watched the Romber stuff too and thought it was gay, so cool that it was brought up to the tribe as a whole. No more hiding it.

Squirrel and I decided to give James a name. Red Neck Joe, but since his name is James, that will fit too. Red Neck James.

The argument with Caryn and Katie wasn't what I thought it could be. Caryn blew up and Katie talked to her like a good supervisor would and everything is hunky dorey. BORING!

The reward challenge wasn't as good as it could have been. Only when Angie got in the water did the gloves come out. She was great, dunking and climbing and clawing. That's just like I would have played it, ruthless and dirty. Ulong won and needed to. At least it was something. And the fact that Kim just watched Bobby John work just floored me.

The sea snakes. "the most venomous snakes and we're gonna eat it" WTF?!?! I wouldn't. Venomous, key word in that sentence. And the animal lover gets to kill one, priceless!

So Jeff goes and rolls his ankle. Probably too busy looking at Kim when he should have been looking where he was going. Too bad for him. It probably did hurt, but he didn't look like it hurt that bad. Then, the very next morning, immunity challenge. Of course. Squirrel and I think someone put the coconut there for him to hurt himself and then the challenge came early. Conspiracy, me thinks?

So, Immunity looks easy, but I'm sure it was pretty tough. Being hot and in the water. Of course, Kim is out, is that a surprise? Not for me! Angie went down quick too, she must have worn herself out at the reward challenge. Bobby John did awesome and so did Tom. I don't think I could have hung in there that long. Koror was stronger in this, so they deserved the win.

Then, Jeff proves he's a wussie. I can't walk on my foot, I'm in so much pain, I want to go home. (you got called out about your relationship with Kim - hurt your feelings??)

I'm pissed that the editing went with us thinking that Kim was gonna go. And the tribe was stupid to go with voting out Jeff. Kim was totally worthless and should have been gone form day one. So lazy, man.

Ibrehem, shut up, you are talking WAY too much this episode. Put a sock in it!

What a shock that Jeff went, but like I said, editing. Don't know if we'll do the chat next week, Squirrel, my spouse felt left out and yelled at me after we hung up. Maybe every other week???

So y'all take care now!

CHIME!!!!!!!! - Byron chimes in.....:

6:55 - I prepare my seat for the coming episode. There is a hint of anticipation in the air and a certain level of excitement. I'm about to call C-Money.
6:57 - Seated comfortably, I force Connie to bring me a Dr Pepper. The boy wouldn't do it. Why do we have him if he won't get me stuff?
6:58 - I make the call.

Commentary from the squirrel shall begin... Now:

Kim's funny. She's all upset about being called out by Probst. He doesn't want another Romber any more than we do! She thinks no one can see. Stupid slut. I'm wondering how long it's going to take before they start putting subtitles under James. I'm digging the little cat fight between Caryn and Katie. Yeah, that's the way to do it. Be a bitch, that'll keep you in the tribe. Good thing you're on the tribe that can't seem to lose immunity!

Reward is cool. I guess they got tired of seeing the truly horrible underwear. I'm into Angie but those panties have got to go. Hmmm, let me rephrase that. Those panties need to be covered up! :-) Connie says she has the same kind of underwear as Coby. That was probably TMI. I love the challenge! BATTLE!!! It's going to be about who has more stamina. Oh, 4 people at a time! You go Angie!!! This was fixed. They wanted to cover Angie up. Probst is funny. "I got nothing for ya" he says to Koror. Translation, "You suck."

Yeah, and Angie butt shot for me. You know, she's not the eye candy type. I wonder why they did that? I know why Kim doesn't want anyone to work. It makes her look lazy. You ARE lazy!

Ok, now why are the morons from Koror messing with poisonous snakes? I certainly don't want to see the bloody carcass. Gross! You let them bleed out over the water and then imagine that, a shark shows up. Good job feeding them though. I'm sure the sharks appreciate it. No you have no food morons! Oy vay!

The immunity challenge was nothing more than a death march. Of course lazy Kim drops out right away. Coby is such a drama queen its annoying! Why can't they just stop, wait, then turn around and tag them. :-) Kim is a lazy ass and Jeff is a gimping ass. One way or the other, one of them is gone!

The editing would suggest Kim is the target for tonight. Of course they're going to do it again and it might not be. I think the demonstration that Jeff can still be of value was effective on Angie. Kim needs to go. He might get better. He contributes, even if not totally. She offers nothing. If you're vulnerable and think you are, start working. Do something! She's got to go. I don't like her at all!

Probst stirring things up again. Working hard is the key and Kim bites her lip. She's such an arrogant bitch. Yeah, I said it.

Vote time. Jeff (expected), Jeff again (hmmm), James (WTF!?!), Kim (that's better), Kim (now we're going), Jeff (WHAT!?!), Jeff is gone. Hmmm. Why? I'd really like to see why. Damn you Survivor!

It was fun talking to C-Money. I really wish I had more opportunities to get to know her before she left. I'm glad she took the call. I know when I call Hobie later he won't answer. He's such a slug. As for Survivor...

I'll give it another week.

8:02 - Turn off the TV
8:03 - Help Connie with the boy
8:25 - Start typing this up



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