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The July 2001 Archives

A Case of the Mondays?!

July 15, 2001: It's not Monday yet, but let's celebrate the fact that when any of you all (or y'all in Texese) will probably read this, it'll be Monday. If it's not Monday, just substitute the appropriate day and you're set. I plagiarized this from Office Space, a very funny movie I missed seeing when it came out originally. I know I wanted to, especially for the "I'm going to show her my O-face" line, but alas, it never happened. Go see this movie if you work in an office. You'll definitely appreciate it. On Friday night I made it to Howl at the Moon with Alan & Loren and proceeded to get my drink quite on. Thankfully no hangover either the next day. Woohoo! Howl at the Moon was a lot of fun, although the later part of the evening is quite hazy. Anyways, there's absolutely nothing new on my site except for the fact I wanted to have something different to read on the front page here. I need to scan some of my older pictures from ROTC, high school and college and put them up. Give you a little more insight or something. Not that anybody requested this mind you, but if you're reading this, then you're my prisoner until you close your browser. Bwahahahahahaahahahahahahaha!

A Month till the Azores

July 12, 2001: Hey there happy campers! Yeah, like I'm that chipper. Simmer down-ah. I saw Final Fantasy last night with Alan & Loren and all I can say is DON'T SEE THIS MOVIE. Yuck it's bad. I just didn't want to let anybody who might read this website accidentally go see it. With that out of the way, let's move on to other stuff. Kelly AFB is officially and permanently closing down tomorrow. It is literally becoming history. It turns into Kelly USA blah blah blah. A moment of silence for Kelly AFB. ....pause.... Enough of the sentimental baloney, I work on Lackland AFB dammit.
What's New? I detail Day 7 of the coaster trip, one of the longest days of my recent life. Don't read that last sentence as if I'm implying I have had multiple lives. Who knows, eh? Also, my Movies section has been updated with a Final Fantasy rant. Ugh.


July 9, 2001: Yes, this whole not-able-to-do-anything-without-a-ride like I was still in junior high is very aggravating. I will admit that it's nice to not have to drive, but that gets old too. It seems I will be getting my car back shortly, possibly Wednesday or Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed. I picked up my orders today, FINALLY. They were delayed due to the fact that my follow-on assignment hadn't been determined. Last Friday (the 6th) the Air Force Personnel office gave me a call and told me to pick new choices as all my choices were deemed 'operational' and a comm officer needs to enhance his career at my stage by being mid-level staff, aka a big yuck. I had whittled my list down to either Scott AFB in Illinois or Langley AFB in Virginia as they were Majcom HQ bases. But after inquiring about a west coast assignment, the personnel officer called me back and let me know that I could get a job at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas! Sign me up! So come December 2002, I'll be a resident of Las Vegas, NV. Woo hoo! Now I just need to stay away from the damned casinos. Oh, but the craps tables.... It will be nice to be so close to home though.
What's New? I have tried to update a lot of the rants pages, including Movies, Music, Books, and TV(albeit I just added a link here to the google groups xfiles listing). If you may have noticed, I also included a webcam of the pool area outside my window. Click on the pic to the left there for a larger picture, and click on the link found on that page if you want it to update automatically. If you seem to have a picture from the 7th of September, well, you'll have to clear your browser's internet cache, as my clock got all screwy the other night. I don't know why.

Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2001: Here's hoping that we don't get annihilated by angry aliens like in Independence Day. Now that would be a downer. I hope everyone will have a good safe holiday and no sparkler/firecracker accidents. Having all 10 fingers is a good thing. So let's see, what's been going on with me? I went to Fiesta Texas with Robbie on Monday the 2nd, and that was just fun. It was nice to realize that we didn't have to drive halfway across the country afterwards, and we actually went on non-roller coaster rides, like the insane Scream launch tower ride, Robbie's sadistic Der Twister and the Wagon Wheel, and my guilty pleasure the Swing. We also got on the Rattler 4 times (1 front, 3 back rides), Superman 2 times, and the RoadRunner express once. Pretty fun. I love that I only had to work 2 days before a day off. Very cool. I hope to get my car back soon from the body shop, but I have been able to survive with the help of friends from work. And I thought I was going to be stranded.
What's New? The mother of all my coaster trip web pages is up, with Day 2 of Cedar Point up, which is actually Day 6 of the trip. Be warned, this page has a lot of images and on slower internet connections will take quite a while to load up. Sorry, it couldn't be helped - actually, I am just a broadband snob and assume you are as well. :)

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