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The April 2001 Archives

"She's Just Jealous 'Cause I'm Cuter!"

April 30, 2001: Tell me, why would that factor into why you were voted off of the Weakest Link? I know this belongs in Rants, and it is there too, but I needed to vent this feeling after watching tonight's episode of this strangely addicting show.
What's New?I've added some links (contributed by Dan) to my Rants->TV section, so you can now find out all the X-Files and Malcolm episodes aired so far. Check out the Survivor page because now you can see who others think will win the ultimate prize (fortunately that god-awful Pontiac Aztec has already been given away) Woo hoo! I'm also working on getting that bottom picture strip to actually cycle the pictures randomly, as well as put up a photo page, and most importantly, my page!

It's Getting Bigger..

April 29, 2001: Don't be obscene. I'm talking about the website, sickos. I have updated the Rants section so now there is an actual portal page to my different thoughts. Of course, only TV and Life have anything there to read. The others, in time, will have content. But a person can only do so much if he works on this thing right before going to sleep.

This Website Will One Day Rule The World

April 27, 2001: I am officially opening up the Rants section. That is where I will enlighten everyone on my opinions of movies, music, TV, random stuff, and other weird s*it so that you all know where I'm coming from, and maybe, just maybe, learn a thing or two. Additionally, I hope to learn how to make a guestbook so that people can do their own ranting and learn to use my website as therapy. Also look for the all new special ME section that will give you all sorts of useless trivia about Scott Baio. Okay, really it's all about my favorite person, Eric Cartman. Alright, it will be the ultra-modest section devoted to me.

April 26, 2001

It's Time to Tap Some....

....well, I can't really say on such a family-oriented site. But! I do recommend to anyone that hasn't gone yet to go to the following website for an extremely 'interesting' experience. But there's nothing wrong with that! Just click here for an example. But don't think I'm the only one! Just try typing your name instead of mine in the URL and you'll see that you had a past just as scandalous as mine!

What's New? Well, I haven't done the Survivor site like I thought I would, shame on me, right? Whateveh! It's not like it would have revealed who won or anything. But after tonight's episode, be sure to look for the updated (read: created) Survivor page. Be warned, it WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS if you haven't yet seen the episode. That's a warning Robbie or Dan or anybody who may be on the West Coast and looking at this site for some strange reason. I anticipate getting the rants section up real soon, and a photo gallery shortly thereafter. I like pictures and I LOVE to rant, so there you go.

Late Breaking News! My Survivor page is up and ready now! Not much to do there yet, and it looks pretty plain, but I have a comment or two on tonight's episode. Plus a picture! And I don't have to go to work tomorrow! It will be nice to sleep in while I know Robbie has to go (oh, he doesn't have to, he's just fighting the power) in to work. Sucker.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Keith P Says I'm Lame!

April 25, 2001:Well, duh?! Anyways, I take pride in my total lack of coolness. But I sure do enjoy letting you in on the weirdness of my life. I've gotten some other feedback from people in a more positive spin regarding this ultra-cool website. Sure, it's all about ME, but if I didn't make a shrine to me, then who would? Certainly not Keith, that's for sure. Okay, in Keith's defense, he is Insane. But that's what the East Coast and crazy drivers will do to you, by his own admission. Not to mention the insane amount of programming he has been doing lately on NetSim v.2, which is going to be a very cool and powerful program. But more on that later......

What's New? So far, all I've got operational on this dang website is the Journal feature and the Babel It, which will give you the Journal in its alternate incarnation. I'm furiously (scary mental picture, eh?) working on getting the Survivor page up and ready before tomorrow's ousting of the 13th Survivor.

April 24, 2001:Right now the Welcome Page has all my blatherings on it. You are so damned lucky! I will eventually move this blatherings section to someplace more unobtrusive, like "The World According to Me", but until then, you get assaulted with my opinions. So, after the success of changing an MTU setting, my website is visible to the world. What's New? you may be asking. Well, I've babelized this entire blatherings section. If you haven't had a good laugh in a while, then definitely click over there on Babel It! You'll want to do your own translations on everything. Just go to Babelfish and you'll see what I mean. Check back later. I may have some pics that will blow your mind! Or not.

This pic shows my pals Ryan & Sveta, with me on the right.

April 23, 2001:Welcome to the website that will actually be seen by more than just JJ and Dan! I was getting pretty unmotivated to do this, but after my heroes Steve, Phill, JJ, Dan & even Robbie helped figure this out while I sat idly by and played Black & White, oh wait, did I just type that? I meant while I was hard at work on the problem as well! Yeah, that's it! So, if you explore this website at all right now, you'll find there's absolutely nothing more than this first page. Sorry. But I guarantee you constant updates and work, like the DVD page, pictures page, and Survivor discussion (my first priority). Tina will take all!

April 21, 2001(later):I like Xitami better. I think Savant was crashing too often. A very unstable server. I did like that Savant let you see the log right on its operating window console, but it locked up a LOT. So, back to Xitami, and my next trick is to remove the router. Which sucks, cause I would like to use the mo'fo at the same time as I'm serving up web pages and analyzing dumps ( :) Robbie, you rule).

April 21, 2001:Moving on to a different web server to see what happens then. Goodbye Xitami (for now), Hello Savant! I wonder how the X-Files is going to be tomorrow? Let Scully have her alien baby already! I'm hungry for lunch (speaking of alien babies....just kidding), so again, if you can actually get to this page, let me know!

April 20, 2001:Happy Birthday Ryan!

April 19, 2001:So what is a neophyte to do? Let Dan and Co. figure it out? Why yes, that's exactly what that person would do! Especially after nothing makes sense considering that there are no consistencies. Hmm. And especially after what happened on Survivor tonight. I understand the strategy being used by these guys. It's all about getting the despicable guy up there next to you. It was supposed to be Jerri, at least in my book, but since they weren't able to bear her, they have decided to keep Keith around for good measure. Well, good for them. At least they're thinking strategy now. I would much rather have had Keith kicked out, just because the man is so damned arrogant. But what can you do? The pictures that have been floating around the internet most definitely are real, especially considering tonight's ousting of Rodger. Oh well. Guess we know who's going next, don't we? Elisabeth, honey, better pack your immunity headgear/rags and eat something soon.

April 17, 2001:Now I'm pissed. I have found that I need to manipulate my router to not DHCP, fix my PC's settings for a static IP, I've found that there are three network adapters installed (I only have just one, mind you, physically), and I don't know which one is the right one. I think I'm almost at the "I don't give a crap anymore" phase. And I was so excited about bringing to the world such a cool page. Maybe I won't give up.

April 16, 2001 (later):Well, HTML and the like is harder than I thought. Maybe HTML isn't all that hard, but getting my website to be seen has been quite challenging. Some people can see it, others can't. I can't see it from work, for example. Not sure what to make of that. But we'll see. And yes, I know that this web page has absolutely no form to it. Tables and frames will be implemented LATER.

April 16, 2001:Buenos Dias Pat! Hope all is going well with you in Puerto Rico. Say Hi to Dad for me.

April 14, 2001:In mere days I hope to have the first real incarnation of a web site up, full of useless (but fascinating) information, pictures, thoughts, and DVD listings. Yes, this website will be oh so fun. And best of all, I am hosting it. Who needs those ISPs when you've got Xitami Web Server running and a DSL line? See you shortly, with all the cool things I can figure out how to do with HTML, DHTML, etc.

Shoot me an email if you have any comments!