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The June 2001 Archives

I Miss Cedar Point

June 26, 2001: After working on the page for our first day at Cedar Point, I just gotta say that that park is awesome. Okay, not much else is going on except that my car is in the shop for hail damage. I'm finally taking it in to get fixed so that I'll be able to sell it for what it's worth than if I had to knock off a couple grand because of acts of God. So I'm carless and a mooch for the next couple of weeks. I think I'll be renting a car during weekends for grocery trips and stuff. We'll see.
What's New?: Day 1 at Cedar Point (Day 5 of the trip) is up! See the joy that is Cedar Point. Also see Dan's rice pictures!

Renting Movies is Fun

June 24, 2001: I decided to go to Blockbuster yesterday and pick up some flicks that I hadn't seen - there are quite a lot of those, and some people seem actually offended when I haven't seen this movie or that one. I can't think of an example right now though. But I tried to narrow the candidates by getting Chasing Amy, Traffic, and the House of Mirth. I made a good selection. House of Mirth: What a downer. I really liked the movie, but damn if it doesn't leave you empty. Traffic: Another movie that was intense but very well done. The crack-whore daughter was very disturbing. Now that's an addiction. Chasing Amy: I'll be adding this to my DVD collection very soon, probably along with Dogma. Kevin Smith is awesome, and this movie was hilarious. The Criterion Collection DVD I rented of Chasing Amy had a lot of cool extras, and I just really appreciate Kevin Smith's sense of humor. So I recommend all of these to all of you if you're at the video store and can't make a decision.
What's New? I made a couple little changes around the website, but the only substantial addition is Day 4 of the trip, which finds us in Cleveland at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. Hang in there for when I finally put up the mega page that will be the Cedar Point thesis.

The Joy of Rice!

June 20, 2001: I've included a new section to my website that I hope to grow with the help of all you out there who may have a camera at just the right time and take a picture of one of those cars that just makes you take a triple take. Please send any you have to me. I'll put it up. But anyways....today was kind of a busy day. The 690th Information Operations Group, where I work, had its change of command ceremony and said goodbye to Col Marshall and hello to Col Gentry. So that's that. I also had a minor surgical procedure done to remove a cyst off my back - too much information? Of course the doctor just had to show me what he took out of me. Ugh. I can't believe that was in me. Fortunately, I didn't get a picture. I'll find out if there's anything to worry about in a couple of days, I guess. The doc said it was most likely caused by a hair follicle, so I guess an ingrown hair did it. And I got stitches too!
What's New? First, you may have noticed that I changed the sidebar color and that the items are outlined in red when you put your mouse over them. (In other words, I riced up my website! :) ) Second, I added some pictures to my apartment page, and reworked it to look like my more recent photo pages. Finally, I added the Ricers page that I discussed above. I hope to add more pictures soon to that.

Not Enough Beer in the World

June 17, 2001: I was dying from laughing too hard after hearing that said by Janeane Garofalo in Mystery Men as Paul Reubens tries to hit on her in the bar. That is such a great line. I have been racking up the frequent-moviegoer points lately, as I saw 2 movies this weekend, plus one last week. Gotta love summer movie season. Think I'll even repeat one or two. Happy Father's Day to Dad and Harv, and all of the dads out there.
What's New? I've added 3 reviews to my Movies section, and while doing that, I cleaned up that page and got rid of the DVD and VHS section. It was becoming a pain, and I don't know how I want to do the DVD section yet. Further, I've removed the Hobie and DVD options from the sidebar because I don't know how or if I want to do an "I Love Me" page.

Feeling better: Saw Tomb Raider, put up Day 3

June 16, 2001: My cough doesn't hurt as much anymore, and I think my throat is clearing up. That grossness out of the way (I know, way TMI - too much info), how the heck is everybody? I went to see Tomb Raider today (almost an obligation) and in spite of the many negative reviews I heard about, I enjoyed it. The acting is not horrible (see Showgirls for bad acting), and the sets are pretty good, as is the action. But I'll put up my review later. Can you believe that my last day of work at Kelly/Lackland/Security Hill is in less than two months? Wow! That means I'll be in the Azores in a little over two months. Scary. Life here has been pretty good, as I've been going to the pool these past couple of afternoons and chilling, working on the tan. I'm trying to learn to not be so stressed out. I think I actually gave myself a neck-ache at the end of the rollercoaster trip. I don't know how I did that, but I did.
What's New? Day 3 is up in my Rollercoaster journal. Also modified Day 2 to look like Day 3 does, with links to pictures of the individual coasters by my little rants on each coaster. This action is for when there are more pics to see or when I didn't have my own photos of the coaster.

Sick as a Dog but I put Day 2 up anyways!

June 12, 2001: I hate being sick. I think I have both an ear infection and something to do with coughing and throat nastiness. I'll be in sick call tomorrow to get some military drugs. Woo hoo. Okay, I'm done whining. Really. But I always welcome pity when I can get it.
What's New? Obviously, Day 2 is ready in my Rollercoaster journal.

From Texas to Ohio and Back Again OR How I learned to stop worrying and love Texas

June 10, 2001: I've finally come back from my trip (en Francais!) extraordinaire! Why do I say the above? Well, let's just say that I'm not going to be packing up for Arkansas or Kentucky any time soon. Or ever. Sorry if you're from there. Too bad for you. I hope you finally got to leave and put your past behind you. But on to the point - I've returned successfully and safely from my rollercoaster trip and I did get to ride Millennium Force (on the left there) 3 times. I rode lots of other coasters too, but there were a few that are definitely more memorable than others. I took plenty of pictures, but it would take a lot of work to get the entire trip up all at once, so I'm going to pace myself and put up a day at a time in the journey. Some days will be pretty boring as some days we did nothing but drive. And drive we did. I've seen way too much of the back roads of Ohio and Arkansas. But more on that in the later days, as the trip really did start out uneventfully and completely on the highway. But needless to say, this trip was a blast and the only thing I'd change is to fly there and rent a car to go to the different parks.
What's New? I've put up Day 1 (June 2, 2001) of my trip in my Rollercoaster journal.

Gone Coastering!

June 1, 2001: I'm going to be gone for the next week so there won't be any new things up in that time. When I get back there will be lots of new pictures to see and hopefully some cool stories. And I will have ridden Millennium Force by then as well. Kick-A$$!

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