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The May 2001 Archives

The Return of Tres Teamos

May 31, 2001: At least in my head. I never have talked about my beloved bowling team on this site yet, and it did provide a great way for me to meet people and have a good time. I'm very glad I did it. Anyways, I talk about it and list my scores on the new Hobbies->Bowling page that I've created. Once I develop the film I'll also add the Tres Teamos team pictures I took. We shall be digitally immortalized!
What's New? The bowling page as briefly mentioned above. I think that once I get back from my rollercoaster trip I'll devote some time to the Hobie page (gotta love me) and finally get the DVD tracker up and going. I'm also planning on moving my site over to a real web server, because I don't think running my computer nonstop for this is all that effective. It is neat to do though. Oh yeah! You may have noticed the hot-or-not panel is gone from the bottom of the screen. I got way too many interpretations of that thing (well, I got one, but I got it repeatedly). It originally had a lot of head shots of people I knew or were on Survivor 2 and it was just to see if I could make a frames page. It eventually morphed into a hotness scale, unofficially. Elisabeth of Survivor 2 was the least hot, apparently, and I was hotter than everyone but Jerri and Amber. Of course, this wasn't how I intended it, but it was fun. The most recent incarnation was a collection of pics I had just scanned, but I realized it just made the page look cluttered. I don't know if I'll bring that back in one form or another. If I can really do a hot or not thing with it, that would be cool. Of course, my inflated self-esteem would probably be shattered. You're all jerks!

Congratulations Capt Phelps!

May 29, 2001: Well, now there's no 1st Lt in my office. What are we going to do now? I'll be one in July, so hopefully we'll get by. Steve was promoted to Captain today and he can really boss me around. Right. But it was cool to see the ceremony go well, as I helped run the thing. Who knew you had to put something like ginger ale or sprite in punch? Not me. But everybody loved the cold and refreshing Kool Aid! I'm sure they did, they couldn't have been lying to me, could they? I liked it. Dan says it probably helped to remind people of their youths. If it did, then my work here is done. Anyways, if you want to see pics of the great event (and of my punch), click here!
What's New: Well, besides the pictures discussed above? Nada, nichts, nothing. Go away.

Vegas Baby, Vegas! /
Lakers Sweep the Spurs!

May 28, 2001: I've returned from my trip to Vegas and the wedding of my Aunt Helen to Steve went great. Of course it went way too fast and I didn't do everything I would liked to have done, but I got to see my family, gamble, and drink, so I can't complain. They got married in a small chapel and the ceremony was very nice - color me surprised because I was totally expecting to see a guy in jeans tell Helen & Steve to say "I do", sign some papers, and kick em out. The priest was very good and he seemed very sincere. Very cool. Gambling went pretty well, after the first attempt. Geez I got my butt kicked. But I'll leave the details for my gambling section. Can you believe how bad the Spurs got their butts kicked? What is up with that? How did they get this far to play so horribly? At least they could have given the Lakers some resistance, but Game 3 was something like a 30 point spread, and yesterday they lost Game 4 by almost 30 points again. WTF?
What's New?: I've added a new section to photos including almost all the photos I took (some just were kind of bad) in Vegas this past Memorial Day weekend. I hope my family enjoys them and if anybody needs bigger size photos, I still have the files with the pics double in size. Just email me and I'll send them to you.

Lakers 2 (TWO!) - Spurs NONE

May 21, 2001: Hahahahahahahaa! Wow, deja vu! So, the Spurs choked again! They did make the Lakers work for it a little more, but not much. The Spurs were up by 14 (FOURTEEN!) points in the first half, then the Lakers came back in the third quarter and from there it went to a 10 point lead by the Lakers, until a last minute shot that made the difference 8 or 7. Who really cares? Not San Antonio, that's for sure. These goofballs actually started leaving the sinking ship about 5 minutes before it was over. Sad sad sad. But I got some cool pictures! So go check out my photos section at Photos->Spurs Game and see what I mean. Wow, so now I've seen my second Spurs vs. Lakers game and the Lakers won again! Woo hoo!

Lakers 1 - Spurs NONE

May 20, 2001: Hahahahahahahaha! I'm going to laugh now because I don't know how long I will be able to, because this matchup is going to be great....unless the Spurs play like they did yesterday. What a joke. Of course, they can play way better than I ever could. Yesterday I went on a precursor to the Ultimate Rollercoaster Trip. I went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas to validate my Season Pass, and went on a few rides (Superman rocks). The place was packed! It's definitely not a good move to go to a theme park on a weekend.
What's New? I have finally opened up the Hobbies section which now contains a Rollercoastering section. So far it has pics of Fiesta Texas from yesterday, but eventually it will contain a journal of the trip, pics, and links to the parks or something. We'll see. Additionally, some thoughts on movies in the Rants->Movies section. And finally, look at my Rants->TV section to read my thoughts on the amazing season finale to the X-Files. Yowza!

Love Is a Rose......Bah!

May 16, 2001: Ask Roni about that song one day and you may get yourself punched in the face, or at least you might get a sarcastic look or remark thrown towards you from her. I have no reason to put that title up there, except I just heard the song, the sentiment is totally hokey, and I stole the bah from JJ. No, I'm not going to go around and say bah all the time, just when the time is right. When is the time right? Don't know. But it will just seem right. So, what's up with you? Like I care. Alright, I do. Seriously.
What's New? Well, My Roadrunner is bugging the heck out of me and tomorrow it will hopefully get fixed......wait, you don't give a rat's a$$ do you? Oh, what's new on the website? Well, you just GOTTA check out (in my best Robbie voice) my new and exciting Photos->Friends page, my updated Photos->Family page, and last but not least, I've updated the Photos->Travels page with some shots of San Antonio. Oh yeah, the Rants->Movies section has been updated with my thoughts on my most recent DVD purchases.

Website Cleaning

May 14, 2001: After some constructive criticism, I cleaned up my sidebar and moved some pages around in order to ease navigation through my website. Upon further contemplation, I realize that besides myself, I don't think all that many people are losing seconds of their lives because they're stuck in my website trying to find that new Moulin Rouge CD review. But I could be mistaken.
What's New? Well, you can click on Rants over there on the sidebar and it'll pop open the whole Rants submenu right there! Now if that isn't neato-keano, well, uh, well, then it isn't. Also, my Survivor page has been moved to Rants->TV because it's kind of out-of-date now. Who cares about frigging Survivor now? I am SOOOOOO over it......but I can't wait for Survivor 3!

Because You Can Can Can

May 13, 2001: Happy Mother's Day to Mom and Happy Birthday to Harv! The above title is from the extremely hyper and awesome new tune by Fatboy Slim from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, which I picked up today. It is very cool and is highly recommended by me. I finally developed some pictures that have been sitting around in film canisters because now that I've moved on to the digital world, I need to cut the ties! I will be posting these up shortly, at least the ones that I want up. You may notice that the picture bar below is different. Or you may not. What can you do?
You may also notice that I'm in a lot of the pictures below!
What's New? Besides the bottom bar, I've updated the Rants-Music section. I will add the pictures I talked about over the next couple of days.

Rich got his on the Weakest Link!

May 10, 2001: The 5 Survivors from Season 1 got revenge on Rich Hatch on Weakest Link tonight, as he was the first one voted off, although he was not the weakest link statistically. Ramona even said she voted him off because he was the gayest one on the podium. Well well, what is going on? My Roadrunner didn't work for all evening once I got home and all of a sudden after I've stopped playing Hoyle Craps, I look at my cable modem and it's solid green lights everywhere! So, WTF? But whatever, I'm back online. I'll have to cancel my appointment tomorrow now.
What's New? Well, after I got back online, I did update a little more than I thought I would. First, the Rants on both Gambling and Movies (with the long-awaited Robbie review) is updated, and I have some photos of my sloppy handiwork installing my UTP to hook up Road Runner. Eventually I'll get the DVD database up (with Phill's help), add cool images and stuff, make my pictures section interesting to peruse (just you wait!), and all sorts of other crap. Yes, I rule.

Auf Wiedersehen DSL!
Guten Tag RoadRunner!

May 9, 2001: I've finally gone to the dark side and got cable modem service from Time Warner. Amazingly, it was a painless installation and so far so good. I am wondering how much of a pain it will be with the new email address, but I guess I only have to worry about that for the next 3 months. There's nothing new on my site at the moment, other than the pics mentioned before.

Tina looks a little like Magda!

May 7, 2001: Just in case you didn't notice the resemblance. Ask Dan. I haven't updated much on the website, but I played with my digital camera a little more, and now you can see the inner sanctum of Hobie Barnes. Enter at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any mental trauma that results. You have been warned. Oh yeah, I also ranted in a new category, Toys & Electronics. Have fun, and shoot me a line just to say Howdy, although I never really say that word. I did think at one time that I would gain a Texan accent just by virtue of me being here in San Antonio. Wrong!

We're All Here for the Same Reason: To Love Me

May 6, 2001: Dan gave me this Barry Manilow quote the other day, and it just fits here, I think. :) As you can see, I've cleaned up around here on the start page. You can see all of the stuff that used to be here at one point or another in the Journal section. Apparently what I've been doing on my web-page, among other things, is blogging (thanks to Dan for that term). Seemingly, this is not a bad thing as I initially thought it was, at least by the sound of it. It's a short form of 'weblogging', or where somebody puts their thoughts and activities and stuff on the web for people to see. It sounds accurate to what I'm doing, so I'm gonna take that title and go with it.
What's New?: Finally, yes finally, you can see some pictures on the Pictures page, and I've worked on the Rants-> Movies section because I got out and saw some movies this past weekend (one good and one bad, see Rants for details).
Yowza! What is up with this storm that came through? I've never seen or heard hail like that before. Well, I guess I should also say I've never seen hail before. I thought for sure my car was going to be trashed. Amazingly, no bumps at all. Modern workmanship, I guess. I suppose the hail has to be the size of footballs before you get serious damage. But wow, no sooner had I seen the news warning did the hail start to fall. Fortunately, I didn't lose power and I got to see the X-Files. Otherwise, I would have been a little annoyed.

Tina Tina Tina Tina!

May 3, 2001: Tina Wesson won! Check out my very un-indepth review on the Survivor finale as well as my mocking of those who picked Colby to win. Chumps! Not really. He just made a $900K mistake. We all make those kinds of mistakes every now and then, right?

Survivor Thursday!

May 2, 2001: Yes, I need to get a life on Thursdays, because whatever shall I do on Thursdays at 7(8 for you Yankee East/West-coasters)? My face still keeps me warm at night - and not from the knowledge that I am truly beautiful. No, the lack of sunscreen when you go to a baseball game is a sure Darwin award winner. But the game was fun.....AFTER the fight began in the 6th inning between the San Antonio Missions and the Tulsa Drillers. After that, we got a broken bat, extra innings, and a home run finish. Now what else could you ask for - except for a LOT of Aloe Vera?
What's New? Not much, to be honest. I've updated the Survivor predictions page (thank you to those who dared to predict) and a rant here or there. I think the other pages will have to wait till I've got my digital camera and I have a little bit more time to focus. PLUS! Take another look at the Survivor page as there is a new pic to dissect before the finale. If you don't look at it before tonight then any speculation will be stupid. Wait, are the current rounds of speculation stupid as well?

Shoot me an email if you have any comments!