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24 August 2008   PHOTOS: Larry & I Take a Stroll Through NYC

I hung out with Larry this weekend and we ended up just walking around the Upper East and West Sides, as well as Central Park and the Hudson River area. It was a beautiful day in terms of weather and just overall coolness. Here are some of the pics from our walkabout.

Crazily Enough - I've also just finished up the last of the Europe 2007 Trip pics. The motivation to finish finally found me!

23 Aug 08 - Strolling through the city

A great pic of Larry in the City
Here's the view looking south along the Hudson River
Me and Larry - aww...so cute
I really like this shot of the West Side of NYC
There's Larry!
The path on the West Side of Upper Manhattan
Me and the Trump Plazas
Hardcore Larry
The softer side of Larry
As dusk came on, I thought this view was pretty
Walking back through Central Park at night, it is very dark and quiet. This view was cool yet creepy.
One more angle of it. Like I said, it's very quiet and spooky, yet cool at the same time.