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14 July 2008   PHOTOS: KD & Eric in NYC

The story can be found on the livejournal blog - but at least here, you can see the pics and read the captions!

10 Jul 08 - KD & Eric's First Day in the Big NYC

While waiting for KD & Eric to get here, I killed some time on the river, taking pics
of Manhattan
because it was very clear. Here you can see the Verrazano Narrows Bridge
I zoomed in, digitally, to see the GE Building (aka 30 Rock)
KD & Eric on their first trip into the city, via the ferry
While walking around, we went by Avenue Q's theater. I thought I'd take a pic.
Ah, the M&Ms store.
It has become quite a fave of mine
A night view of Rockefeller Center - notice the absence of a skating rink!
Eric and beer at the Channel 4 Bar
KD too!


12 Jul 08 - KD & Eric's Third Day in NYC

Eric & KD on the walk to the ferry from my apartment
Ah, the City
KD and her boy, JT
The Manhattan Bridge as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge
Just past the Manhattan Bridge, you can see one of the 6 'artistic' waterfalls installed around the city
KD workin' it
There's that smile!
And the two of them on our ferry home


9 July 2008   PHOTOS: Jeff in NYC

The story can be (or will be) found on the livejournal blog - but at least here, you can see the pics and read the captions!

4 Jul 08 - Going to see Fireworks (Day 1)

Jeff and the Empire State Building, on our way to the FDR
Me too
After the fireworks. This was more impressive.


5 Jul 08 - 30 Rock / Top of the Rock / Ziegfeld / Times Square

Jeff and Larry at the Conan O' Brien Studios
Jeff the Hummingbird
Larry is getting ready for his next career - look out, Conan!
The company!
Up on the Top of the Rock, with the rain too
Larry and me!
Looking down towards 49th street, where I wait every day after work for the ferry bus
Jeff and the ESB
Larry loves it!
And my patented, reserved point
Larry and Me, yet again!
A view of lower Midtown from the Top
Inside the Ziegfeld before Hancock started
Jeff in Times Square
Me and my friend


6 Jul 08 - Coney Island (CYCLONE!!!)

The Cyclone as first seen upon leaving the subway station
Cyclone with other Coney Island attractions behind it
Me and Cyclone again
Larry and Cyclone
The Coney Island Boardwalk
And there's the beach! And the Atlantic Ocean!
Larry and Jeff ready for some Nathan's and the Cyclone
Jeff heads to the Cyclone
Action shot!
The Loading Station
A sign that says this could hurt (it doesn't if you ride up front)
Jeff trains for next year's Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest
Larry's not so sure...


2 July 2008   PHOTOS: NYC Pride Parade & A Ferry Day

Some pics from the past week, including my first Pride Parade here in NYC and pics from the beautiful ferry ride home.

29 Jun 08 - NYC Pride Parade 2008 / 2 Jul 08 - On the Ferry

Larry at the beginning of our walk to the Parade
On the way down, I looked up and saw the awesome Chase building!
Here's looking south on Park Ave towards Grand Central
The fountain from Breakfast at Tiffany's
In the Lever House courtyard - Hello Kitty fountains... .crying tears
Kind of a twisted take on San Rio stuff
I'm a giant Hello Kitty statue. hug me.
Looking up at the Lever House
Ah! the Parade. That girl in the lifeguard chair was gyrating all over the place.
Notice the building in back - that's where I work!
More marchers.
She/He has wings and flew around the parade route
Drag Queens on Parade. Yay!
Super Drag Heroes!
The leadup of the Gay Google Bus
The Gay Google Bus!
That guy is one towel away from ridiculousness
Crackhead Superheroes
She's ready anytime, anywhere
This guy is well-hung
It's a Cheerocracy
The Nair has been put to good use here. Damn.
Smaller version of Macy's Parade...and gayer.
Larry and me (soaked)
Me and Shelly (soaked)
Me not quite ready for my self-portrait
With help from a stranger