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16 March 2008   Not What You'd Call....

....Photogenic, for one. Seriously, I love TAKING pictures, but jesus pleazus, I am appalling to the human eye in pics, especially lately. And especially when I drink a little. My god, could I get any more damn veins in my head? And oh, maybe I could lather my face in some french fry grease to just make sure I win the GreasyFace2008 Face Of The Year Award. It's enough to make a person want to say, "No Paparazzi" but when you're your own Paparazzi, you then look like you're talking to yourself.

....Smooth, for another. So it's been going good with Steve. Really. I know, right? But I seem to have a way with not only never saying the right things but also LOVING to sabotage my own life. Take for example this weekend. We hadn't planned on seeing each other this weekend as he was supposed to go on a ski trip and that worked out fine because Jason was coming into town for a quick visit with the friends he has out here in NYC (which now includes me!). Then Steve's ski trip was cancelled, so we could now hang out at least on Saturday. And we did and it was a lot of fun - went to the Guggenheim Museum (my first time there - very cool exhibit there: here's a link to the Museum's website where it talks about it in more detail). Anyways, the talk went to some things that I'm apparently retarded about. It's from lack of experience in these matters, but seriously, I'd really hate to ruin such a great thing I've got right now with my retardation. I'm striving not to let it, so I will have to make sure I fight my own tendencies to sabotage my happiness. Stupid Hobie.

....Reliable on a Weekend. You know, I just deleted a whole paragraph of information that I realized I really shouldn't put online. But needless to say, I've got some things that I am learning I better have handy at all times.

.....Unhappy. I'm really not unhappy right now. There's lots of crap still happening out there in my work and personal life, but compared to where I was a few weeks ago, things aren't ridiculously shitty. Some things have happened elsewhere that make me realize I need to 'Be Prepared'. My own interpersonal dealings have made me glad that I tend to be more honest and upfront than not. Even with what I've said to Steve, I'm glad I said things rather than not. It's best to have the more uncomfortable conversations than to try to ignore them.

Okay, that's all the conclusions I've got to the sentence above for now. Here are some pics from this weekend. As I mentioned, I got a chance to see Jason for a few days as he was out in DC for his job this week and then took a bus up here to hang out with his NYC friends (including me!). He's doing great as usual, and what's great is that our friendship is always one of those fun things to have.

Here's to a good week, to me and to everyone out there!

14 & 15 Mar 08 - Out & About in NYC

The ferry approaches as I wait to board it so I can head back IN to NYC.
Jason, Shannon and Me
Me and Jason again
Central Park - what a great place to walk around
The Guggenheim - it's signature circular exterior is unfortunately shrouded under construction for now. Bah.
Inside the Guggenheim is a dramatic artistic rendering of a car bomb
Hung right over your head while you're waiting in line to buy tix
One more view of it. I've attached a brief video so you can actually see what it looked like with the lights all flashing



13 March 2008   Don't Jinx It

I'm afraid to even talk about this but fuck it, what's the worst that could happen - I could go back to being single again? Pssh...been there, done that.

That date I went on last week? Well - we've been nonstop in touch with each other every day since. And it's amazing. Someone who I have feelings for and who returns them back with just as much intensity. A wicked sense of humor about others and himself. Very cute. And he's not imaginary. His name is Steve. And he's awesome. That is all for now.


9 March 2008   Whatcha Know 'Bout Me?

Free mp3 alert! You don't really too many choices of songs to pick from but that lyric above is from Mama's Sister, this deliciously awesome mashup of a Scissor Sisters tune titled 'I Can't Decide' with a hip-hop song from Lil' Mama called LipGloss - and it's brilliant. I can't get it out of my head.

The RIAA isn't going to come after you or me for downloading it, as it's not something for sale anyways. And here's the link to the website where you can download the entire album called Da-Tah. Basically these folks did a mash-up of the entire Scissor Sisters Ta-Dah album with all sorts of songs. If you've heard the song, I Don't Feel Like Dancin (a brilliant song, by the way), they mash this song's tune up with Beck's Loser. Incredible.

I found on the original website a music player I can embed here - you gotta click on #3 at least!


It's been a few weeks since I've updated - it's been a bit hectic in all aspects of life.

First - Mom is doing a lot better and with some good medication, she's been rapidly getting better and should be going back to work very soon. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a huge relief.

Second - I'm surviving at work. It's been crazy busy. My sorrow at Jim's leaving has been replaced by anger as I find out more stuff but whatever, I've got a job to do and I'm getting it done. Things are getting delayed a little bit here and there, but honestly, I'm gonna get this REACT program out there one way or another!!!

Third - I ended up meeting this new guy online that I have been communicating with for the past week or so - and we went out last night. It was a fantastic time.

Fourth - Shelly and I have been trying to get out on our own sort of 'date' - we're trying to at least go out in the middle of the week and have a dinner out and just try to break up the craziness of our work week. I've been trying to find places within my 1001-things-to-do in NYC book to go to - so this last week we went to The Odeon, which is a fairly well-known restaurant here. Great food - and it really is nice to just have a night out with me and Shelly where we can just have fun and relax and try to recharge. Plus, getting out of the house is nice too.

Fifth - Taxes this year are devastating. Primarily because of the VSP. Luckily I saved most of that money but still - I really am not happy about having to write a check to basically EVERY entity: the IRS, California, New Jersey AND New York. That VSP income put me in such a different tax bracket that it raped me for every other thing. 2007 taxes = suck.

Sixth - since I've been busy as hell, I really haven't done much else. At least of real note. I'll do better with the updates, hopefully!

9 Mar 08 - Misc IPhone pics

Took a Macy's trip last weekend and captured this pretty cool pic - it's currently my IPhone wallpaper
Me heading out to work
Port Imperial - although here it looks like some racing speedway turn
The Rock Center 'Electric fountain' in all its tacky Vegas glory.