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21 June 2008   PHOTOS: Me and Moonbeam

I'm not allowed to put Moonbeam's real name because one day she may run for public office and her being seen associating with characters like myself would totally kill her job opportunities. :-)

Not a ton of pictures to put up - in fact, just one. I do have pictures from Englewood Cliffs when I decided to just go nuts taking pics....but I decided they're not all that worth putting up, as let's face it, I'm not in them. And who needs pics of people without me in the pic??? ....Exactly.

That's me and Moonbeam somewhere in Delaware after my Air Force Inactive Ready Reserve muster. Yay for margaritas and good company!


15 June 2008   PHOTOS: Latest from iPhone

I got the latest bunch of photos I've taken with my iPhone and put them here as I haven't used my Canon for anything since my excursion with Larry last week.

So what do we have in this batch?

First, there is a pic of Larry from when we went out to dinner this past Friday and also when I took a pic when we were down in the Grand Central subway station for the 6.

And second, some pics from the Lincoln Center when Shelly and I went there to see Puccini's Tosca performed in concert with the New York Philharmonic. Yep, we're a couple of culture hounds.

13 & 14 June 08 - iPhone picture fun

It's Larry!
Grand Central
At the Avery Fisher Theater in Lincoln Center
Right before the concert, Tosca, began
Shelly and Me - I wasn't quite ready. iPhone actually has a bit of delay when taking a pic!
That's better, although I should probably composite the two of these so both of our smile faces are in one pic
The lights literally darken....
Just to show the side balconies


7 June 2008   PHOTOS: Jeff's Birthday in CS / Brooklyn Bridge w/ Larry

Here's where I am putting all my photos still although my main journal stuff will be found on my Livejournal blog page. Highlights from here will be put there.

I have a few weeks worth of photos to put up!

First up on the agenda, my trip back to Colorado Springs to help celebrate Jeff's 30th Birthday party. What a great time that was, from flying out there on Friday and having a get-together that evening at Susan's with everyone to the next day on Saturday where we had an all-day fun fest. It started out with the bike ride down Pike's Peak (the same thing I did with my Dad in June 2007 (scroll to the bottom of the page) ) wtih a good group of folks to then strolling around Territory Days and finally the Disco Down party in the evening. Everyone committed very well to the party theme and had a discolicious time. Yours truly was a very convincing Construction Worker. Just sayin'. The next day I hung out with Jeff and Susan, re-doing some of the things that I used to always do back then, hitting up Old Chicago's, Best Buy, and then catching a movie (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls). Ah, the good ol' days! And then the next morning, a quick breakfast and then it was back to the East Coast - and amazingly, all my flights went as scheduled. I'm sure that means that all my future flights are going to be utter disasters!

Anyways, here are MY pics from the Colorado Springs weekend back from the weekend of May 24 - there are literally a ton more pics but seriously, I don't have the patience to put them all up. I think they're all on another website whose link I have misplaced....but there's a TON more. Like I said: My patience is not THAT extensive! :-)

23 & 24 May 08 - Jeff Turns 30 in Colorado Springs!

Susan and KD are happy I'm back!
See, we're all so happy
Even Melissa, who's like "Why the hell is he leaning on me? How much has Hobie been drinking??"
Eric, KD and me
Grilling and drinking - a Southern pastime for the ages
Me and Jeff - the over-30 members of the group
Melissa and Chips - a Southern pastime for the ages
The next day (Jeff's Birthday!) - here are KD and Jeff at the office for the Bike Ride
Is Melissa cold or is she just a fan of self-hugging?
Susan with a helmet - she wasn't riding a bike. That's just her fashion accessory of choice lately.
Here's as high as we got that day - the wind was REDONK
You can see the road keeps going while our van was not.
I got out for a quick pic. If I had backed up two feet I would have been blown off the mountain
Jeff at the beginning of our ride
Laura (with KD behind her)
Eric and KD
Keladora and Me
Jeff and the beautiful Colorado scenery
I like this pic of me and Jeff
Jeff, mountain biker extraordinaire
Hobie, standing biker extraordinaire
Me and Jeff in an oddly-stylized 'action' shot
The Unabomber and Susan
Here's our group at one of our stops
Me and mountains.
Susan, a cute tilt, and mountains
Aww, the three of us together again.
KD and Eric love the Rocky Mountain High
There's the reservoir before the hill of doom
You may see whitecaps. That is caused by wind.
You may not think that's a bitch of a hill. You may be stupid.
Melissa working it for the camera
Susan the spin instructor was NOT phased by the hill of doom
Neither was the birthday boy
Here we are almost at the bottom. It was a nice day down low.
The group
Me and Susan, hardcore yo.
KD and Eric
At Territory Days, Melissa is a happy camper
Our Sears Portrait Studio shot
Jeff and his potato skin fries thing
Me and Susan.
Melissa's Myspace photo - interests include: gnomes
At the disco party! It's Disco Jeff!
Me (yes, it is ), Jeff, and Susan!
Don't hate.
Y - M - C - A!

So the next batch of photos is from this past week - the first two below are for the fans o' Arielle - but the rest are of my trip out with Larry to go do some touristy stuff. We ended up heading out to Brooklyn to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which is one of those things I've definitely wanted to do since coming to NY. Of course we decided to do this when a ridiculous heat wave came to the East Coast, but c'est la vie. We subway'd it to Brooklyn first, as I really didn't want to walk the bridge back and forth, which was a good idea, all agreed. But before leaving Brooklyn, it was recommended to go to this famous Grimaldi's Pizza place, and that we did.... and waited in the nice half-hour line outside just to get inside. But it was actually worth the wait, as the pizza was amazing. Having refueled, we explored a little bit of the Brooklyn side of the East River before crossing - and taking some pics of the great view. There's also this cool thing called the Telectroscope, which looks like something out of the 20,000 Leagues under the Sea set (aka Steam Punk style). You go up to the viewing panel and look into it and what you see is a view of people staring back at you from London in front of the Tower Bridge. And what they must see is us in front of the Brooklyn Bridge. It's really cool. Here's a 'site' about it: Telectroscope. We then found our way to the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian level and began the crossing. It's a great experience and amazing view to undertake. You can see the Statue of Liberty, Downtown, Midtown, the Manhattan Bridge... it's all pretty amazing. And this was something that Larry hadn't ever done before too, which is surprising but maybe not so much, as I bet a lot of native NYers probably haven't bothered with this trek either. Anyways, it was a cool experience with lots of pics taken, as seen below. We then spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Chinatown and SoHo - and I contained myself from spending lots of money, which is very possible down there. We also went to the Apple Store, where I strangley now want to get a MacBook. Those things are slick!

7 Jun 08 - Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Arielle's new do
No Paparazzi!
Under the Manhattan bridge - Larry starts to see my touristy nature knows no bounds
Pointing at an unrecognizable part of the Brooklyn Bridge
Me (at military attention) and the Manhattan bridge in the background
Larry in a much more relaxed pose - doesn't he know photos require military poise?????
A sign setting up the fact that you're about to see Brooklyn Bridge pics!
And there it is - I love this pic of the Bridge
Larry looking cool - and a clone of Catherine in the background
The Bridge really is an incredible structure
And here's the Grimaldi's Pizza place you have to wait to get into - but it's worth it
Inside Grimaldi's - Larry's happy
Me - the demonic smile should say it all. Me likey!
It's not a tourist attraction unless I'm pointing at it
Yes, it's the Bridge again.
On the waterfront
Larry and Me
This is Larry, the Bridge, and the Telectroscope
Me and the Bridge
If you look closely, it totally looks like I'm holding up that woman's breast
This would be a Welcome if I weren't leaving. Stupid sign.
And the walk begins to Manhattan
You can see the Empire State Building through the canyon. Also a sign for DUMBO.
Looking down upon the traffic lane of the Bridge, with Downtown in the background
That's the Manhattan Bridge, which carries some subways where you can get a FANTASTIC view of the Bridge from
Oh yes, this shot is for real. I AM that awesome.
I like the way that the Brooklyn Bridge looks smaller than Larry. I AM that good of a photographer.
Standard, yet totally AWESOME, shot of the Bridge. I got lucky with very few people near me at that time.
Looking towards downtown
The Statue of Liberty out in the distance
Peering up at the archways - I keep expecting Cloverfield to smash this mo'fo down....
Another view of traffic
The amazing view of Midtown from the Bridge
Welcome to Manhattan!
And looking back towards Brooklyn from the Manhattan entrance