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May 2004

Limos, Strippers and Alcohol - The Memorial Day Weekend

May 31, 2004: Do I HAVE to go back to work? <sigh> Don't really want to. Anyways, I had a fantastic weekend. It was awesome to see a lot of my friends and to just be a tourist in my own town. Partying it up in a hotel, and not having to drive or clean up after myself just rocks!!!! Limos do too. Here's the link to the weekend page! Also, remember I have a camera for sale!!!!! Other than that, I'm done typing. See you soon!
What's New? The Memorial Day weekend page is up.

Camera for sale!!!!

May 26, 2004: So I went and did it - I bought a new digital camera, and it's pretty damn cool. I got the new Canon S410 ELPH digital camera, which has a 4 MegaPixel resolution and a 3x optical zoom, just to name a few of the features. The new resolution and new processing power is a giant upgrade from my previous camera. A really cool part of the camera is just how small it is. It's probably the same size as a pack of cigarettes, so it's perfect for putting in your pocket and going, which is what I really want.

Now to my for-sale item: my old digital camera! It still works great and is what I've been using to take all the pictures you see on this website. Here are the specs:

Canon S10 digital camera
2.1 Megapixel camera
2x Optical Zoom/2x Digital Zoom

In addition to the camera, here is everything you'll get if you buy it from me:
Canon camera bag
USB camera-to-PC cable
AC adapter
Battery charger
4 (FOUR!) NB-5H rechargeable batteries
8 MB CompactFlash card
32 MB CompactFlash card
Camera-to-TV video cord
All the manuals

What's the price, you ask? Only $100 for all of this. Yes, $100!!!! So if you, or someone you know, is in the market for a great digital camera that can print great pictures up to about 7" x 9" without any digital jaggies, please let me know. And like I said, if you know someone who would like a camera, tell them about this.

Other than that, I am so stoked that Thursday is Friday, as ACC has benevolently given us the day off so we have a 4-day weekend. THEN, Friday is when the fun starts. Jason & Wendy arrive, as does Boris, Ilyne & JJ. Let the Memorial Day festivities begin, I say!!!!!
What's New? Awesome camera for sale. Tell everyone you know! You even get free shipping and handling! What a deal!!!

The Meaning of Pagong!!!!

May 24, 2004: Watching season 1 of Survivor on DVD makes you wonder....didn't these people ever watch the damn show? ;-) Just kidding, of course they didn't. But still, hello????? These people are amazed that alliances formed! And thus Pagong, the name of one of the original tribes, became a verb after the merge of the two tribes. This happened as the Pagongs turned on each other, voted randomly for people, all the while Tagi is collectively voting people out, first Gretchen. And she was shocked..... It's just amusing to watch how naive they are.

Anyways, as I hinted at on the What's New bar..... yes, I went and got my hair cut. Not nearly as short as that one time a long time ago in San Antonio, but this new one is definitely not a keeper. Oh well, as I read on Alan's website quote list, the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is one week. I can only hope.... Alright, fine, I've decided you can see my prisoner look, as my coworker Porsche so elegantly described it. Why couldn't I have left good enough alone????? Why why why? I hate my hair as it is, but this time I've actually somehow managed to make it worse..... Bummer. Here's the link to what it looks like now. Click if you dare! Never mind. I tried taking pictures of me and I realized I am horrendous looking. So screw that.

Oh, and I finished my paper. I knew you were dying to find out. School was tonight, and this teacher rocks. She's actually willing to compromise and let us NOT do the final team project due on week 6. Amazing. She's actually willing to let us pick a movie that we'll watch that last class and then we'll discuss it as a class. Can you freakin' believe this? Unreal. I LOVE IT!!!!!
What's New? Never let me decide to have my hair cut. Ever.

Don't Want to Write My Paper

May 23, 2004: Yeah, I don't want to write it. It's actually going to be one of the easiest papers I've EVER had to write during my masters program, as I don't need sources, there's no mandatory word count, and here I am, lazing around on a Sunday afternoon being as lazy as possible. But driving back from LA takes a little bit out of you, and I'm a tad blech. I have Survivor Season One going on in the background, and Dirk just got his holy-roller-self voted out, as the Original Alliance just took out its first victim.

So, I have received the feedback from some of y'all out there in the Internet and I completely and totally agree. I haven't been working on the actual website as much, and that is out of sheer laziness, nothing to show, and craziness at work. Honestly, since March, I've had absolutely nothing to take pictures of, and when I could have, I didn't bring my camera. I need to get a smaller camera. One of those Canon ELPH digital cameras would be just perfect. The Amatos showed me their camera, and I kind of fell in love. With the camera that they had. It's small, it's got 3.3 MPixels, which is just the right size I need. That level will get you good prints up to around 11" x 14", which is more than I'll probably ever need. That might be my next purchase. Or a convertible. Just kidding.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Taking a day off is such a satisfactory experience. You get to do whatever you want while you know that everyone else has to go to work. Even if you do absolutely nothing, it's a special nothing. And it's wonderful. That's how Friday was. Even though I had to go in that morning to help calm down a spastic individual (no names named in this area - I'm not that cocky), I was still in a great mood. You can read about my time off and this weekend at my Kellers wedding picture page. It was a definite good time seeing all my friends, and to see one of my friends getting married. I guess this is the time when we all do that. Uh oh.

I was looking at Robbie's site, and I saw that he might have missed his perfect new home. Sorry Robbie! It did look pretty cool. But it's San Antonio, there's got to be lots of cool homes out there. I'm sure the Sanders will find new digs eventually.

Well, that's all. I do reassert a promise to refocus my energy on this part of the website. And you're in luck. The next few weeks will be fodder for lots of pictures and stories, so this website should get updates galore!
What's New? I put up the Kellers wedding pictures!

Work = Suck

May 17, 2004: Yes, I said it. And I'm not afraid to say it again. Or am I? This Monday actually started good, but of course, lo and behold, a hammer falls and I get nailed on the head. Joy. I may actually win "Most Popular Guy in the Squadron" come this summer. Just you wait!!!! I'm going to take a picture of me and my plaque and post it on EVERY section of this website. Oh yes I will..... What I am thankful for though is my uncanny ability to leave this shit at the office. Well, most of it. Today there was actually some remnants hanging around as I drove to school tonight. I was getting a little queasy thinking about it, as it literally was like some giant cloud of doom surrounding me while there at work. But amazingly, AMAZINGLY, going to my class tonight cleared the air and allowed me to get back to the way I normally am, and now I think I can deal with my problem and make it through. I still won't be very liked come this summer, but hey, I don't think I really was up for the award as it is. And yes, I said above that class put me in a good mood. I'm more shocked than anyone. I've ended up in a great learning team with fun people and after leaving class tonight, well, I'm just relaxed now. So, I can't wait for this weekend, and I really can't wait for Memorial Day weekend.

A visit from the Sanders!

May 16, 2004: Yep, Robbie and Tami made a surprise visit to Las Vegas to see me! Oh, wait, I misstate the truth (aka.... I be a big fat liar). Actually they were here to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and they called me up to go have lunch with them, which was awesome, as they really are very cool. And in fact, I just now realized that I hadn't seen Tami since leaving for the Azores, as during my last visit to San Antonio I didn't get to see her. It really was like no time had passed though, which was great. They're a lot of fun! We ended up having lunch at a Dim Sum restaurant in the Bellagio called Noodles, which I never would have gone to on my own, but I would have been missing out. I don't know if you've ever done Dim Sum (that's not like doing say..... Soon Ye of Woody Allen fame), because I never had. But they wheel around a cart of food that you pick from and then you chow down. Awesome!!! Good stuff. And to top it off, even I got an anniversary gift from Robbie & Tami, as they brought me the leftovers from their prime rib dinner, and after eating that tonight, I gotta say I may have to try that restaurant myself and get the prime rib fresh and hot, as damn, it was good even reheated. Anyways, after eating, I drove us all down to Excalibur in my newly-washed and oh-so-pretty car (my Catherine is soooooooooo pretty when she's clean. Black cars rule when clean, but SUCK when dirty. In the dirty phase, I almost get to the point of not even caring anymore), at which Robbie & Tami started to play Texas Hold-em poker like on TV. And Tami was kicking ass!! She was getting some great hands and managed to outplay a few of the other sharks out there. There you go for Beginner's Luck! Robbie was having fun, but at the time I left, he had some ground to cover..... Anyways, I took after watching for an hour, as I didn't want to play poker. I actually was playing blackjack before watching the poker, and while I was up initially, I started to lose, and then some jackass started playing stupid (the last thing he did before I left was hitting his 15 against a dealer's upcard of 6 - stupid stupid stupid). So I left only down $11. A world record I think for me.

So on to other news! I never ended up seeing the Amatos the rest of their time here. Apparently I stink or something. The nerve of some people! Ah well, next time. punk ass bitches........ Oh wait, did I just say that? Oh me oh my!

Sgt Jenny has been on leave most of this week, and while it didn't get all crazy busy like it usually does when one of us is gone, it definitely stayed eventful. My coworker Porsche filled me in on some news on Friday afternoon - she's getting a new car! Well, hopefully. I guess I'll see on Monday. But if she actually gets it, she'll be tooling around Vegas in an RX-8! SWEET!

I have quite a few interesting weekends lined up - first is this upcoming weekend. I will make my triumphant return to Los Angeles to attend the wedding of Sarah Bridges, she of the million-dollar check fame. You may have no idea what I'm talking about. Excellent. It should be a good time and serve as a good reunion with the buds from high school. Speaking of which, this year IS my 10-year reunion, and if I plan to pull a Romy and Michele on MHS, I better hear something soon. But I haven't heard a peep, which sucks. I've been kinda looking forward to one for a long time now. About 10 years. Heh heh. It's funny - 10 years!!!! Quite a bit of difference in my hair levels, that's for sure. But other than that, not too much difference. Still the uber-charming personality I was back then. It's tough to be me, I gotta say. ;-) I'll take some pictures of my latest idea for a hairstyle when I do it - it's pretty much just chopping it down to about 1/3 inch or so. If the hair keeps going, expect a bald Hobie, kinda like what I accidentally did to myself back in San Antonio that one time.

So what the hell was I talking about? Byron definitely called it - I can ramble like no one! Speaking of which, Byron is headed down to my old workplace, ENE, in San Antonio. To be the boss, no less. Good luck Byron! It'll be fun, but I know he'll need some time to acclimate to the ENE environment. I hope he doesn't try to change it too much. But, I'm staying out of that one.

OH yeah, my upcoming weekends. After Los Angeles, the next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which will be the Lajes reunion. I'm sure there will be lots of fun pictures from that, and I just can't wait to party and hang out with these guys again. They truly were one of the greatest groups of friends I have had the privilege of knowing. Lucky me! I don't look forward to the inevitable really bad hangover though. Ugh.

So, that's enough for now.
What's New? I got some more DVDs! And I rambled on and on. Again.

Back to School. Again.

May 13, 2004: I finally went back to school. I'm going to get done with University of Phoenix once and for all. So my first class back was this past Monday, and it works out that it was the one I had to skip when I first started this hoo hah business back in Jan 03. This one is a 'ground' class as opposed to my flexnet internet classes. That means I have to go every Monday evening to campus and 'participate'. Ugh. I miss my flexnet classes already. Anyways, I ended up with a pretty cool learning team, and I think it will turn out to be a good course. We even get Memorial Day Monday off!!!! Score!

In important news, Happy Birthday Harv!!!!! When talking to him today, I found out him and my Mom went to a Cali casino and they saw it was his birthday and they upgraded them to a super duper suite. Now that's working it! I need to start going to hotels on my birthday and get some comped upgrades!!!!

Other than that, I just finished watching the last episode of Survivor - the America's Million nonsense. Well, Rupert won. No surprise there. I kept pulling for my girl Shii Ann. <sigh>

This week needs to end. I've had enough. Check please!
What's New? My last Survivor 8 page is up. Also, I've updated my DVDs. I got the Survivor Season 1 set and it's amazing how different Jeff Probst is! Check that season compared with this one. He's much snarkier now.

Happy Mother's Day!

May 9, 2004: I've returned to this part of the website and I should be making a better showing in this journal entry part. I was rereading some of my old entries and this journal entry section really does let me have a way to remember what the hell I've forgotten (or killed of via drinking too much).

So what's been going on? Work sucks - big surprise. It's been hella busy lately, but there's been a lot of progress and by the end of summer, I think everything will calm down a lot. Anyways, with me being a part of the cell phone crowd now, I discovered I love it. I don't know why I wasn't part of it earlier, but it's just so damn cool.

So last night I hung out with Alan and his brother Stephen, who just came back from Iraq for 8 months. It was great to see Alan again, the last time being in London, which you can see here. He's now in Charleston, SC, and that's one of the places I wouldn't mind going to as well. So last night we went to the Hofbrauhaus, which I still am not tired of. Oh yeah. A few beers later, we then went to the Hard Rock Hotel and partied it there with all the trendy people. Hmmm.... what the hell was I doing there? :-) Anyways, to top it all off, I was playing Blackjack and I kept winning. I played $40 at a $10 table, and walked away with $105. A little while later, I went back to the table, and starting with $20, I walked away with $100. It was sweet. Because I was trashed, they let me crash with them at their room, which was most appreciated.

What else has happened in the last few days? My baby, My Jetta, had a bit of trouble earlier this week. The battery went bad and the car wouldn't start at all. Fortunately it was in the afternoon after work, and I was at home, so it wasn't too big an inconvenience. But everything is all good now. Catherine still drives just as she did when brand spanking new.

And finally, I'll be starting up school again. Yay....... I'm really not interested in going back anymore, but I have got to finish this damn thing and get my masters degree. And hopefully by February 05, I will be!!!

And now really finally, Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!!!
What's New? I've got my Survivor page up to date in time for tonight's Season Finale! If Amber doesn't win, I'll be shocked!!!

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond. (okay, you know I will - what else have I got to do?)