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April 2004

I'm a Cell Phone kind of guy

April 29, 2004: Who knew? I went this past weekend to T-Mobile and got myself a phone. I figured it will give me a little bit more piece of mind when driving to Los Angeles, plus when Memorial Day weekend festivities begin, I will be harder to lose!!!

Guess what? This week didn't utterly blow as the past 2 weeks did. Thank God. But I found out some crappy info - my cousin Jamie is undergoing chemotherapy for stomach cancer. My mom is going to find out more this weekend, but we don't know much as of now. I'm just hoping and praying for the best.

It's hard to update both this part of the site and forum. I sincerely hope you read the forum as well because it is fun, but I will be doing my 'darndest' to stay in touch with this part, as some people just don't like the really rambling nature of the forum. Oh, and by the way, I don't apologize for rambling on and on, as Byron pointed out that I do on his site. I think it's an essential part of my Hobieness. You can't bottle this stuff, people!

Is it Memorial Day yet?

April 22, 2004: Another crappy week. Great. I do believe it will be like this for another few months until construction is over here at work. I am in charge of a big networking project which will either make people very happy or very angry. Who knows? And then a lot of the networks that come into my area have decided to take the month of April off. I DIDN'T APPROVE SUCH THINGS!!! :-) So if these things could possibly start working again so that my weekend will be great (who am I kidding - Friday at 1700, I could give a crap about work). Anyways, at least Survivor was very entertaining. I just love Shii Ann. <sigh>
What's New? My Survivor page is up! And I still don't have my Kill Bill DVD back. I do believe that is my most slutty DVD, as it never stays at home and always goes to someone else's house for the night. Cough<slut>cough.

Lots of German beer

April 18, 2004: Thankfully, last week is over. Friday was better than Thursday, but honestly, it still was hectic and had plenty of ups and downs. I did find out I don't have to go see the commander anymore - that's a relief. But anyways, this upcoming week will be a busy paperwork week for me, as I have to get my ducks in a row so that lots of money can be spent for a lot of networking equipment. Yes, my job is oh-so-exciting. It's just like the Apprentice!!! I finally watched that today and I gotta say, Omarosa is a raving bitch. I don't know how Ereka kept herself from attacking her, and the fact she had to sit directly next to her must have made her insane.

So yesterday, I met up with the folks from work and we had a good ol' time at the Hofbrauhaus. I ended up having 2 1/2 beers - that's all!!! Oh wait, each beer equals 3 regular beers. Whatever. I ended up leaving my car at the Haus and had to take the bus back to get my car, as I have no friends near my side of town. And that's that. I'm still kinda tired, a little bit headachey, and jonesing for pizza like you wouldn't believe. So I ordered some, which I can NOT wait for. Yum yum gimme some!

Shitty Week, but hopefully a great weekend

April 15, 2004: Seriously, would it kill the powers that be to let me have a decent day this week? Okay, Monday, for all I can remember, was okay. But seriously, it has gone downhill and I thought Wednesday was going to be the low point. For anyone who reads the forum, you'll know what I'm talking about already, but for those that don't, this week has been ultra-shitty at work. (But don't talk about my week to Michancy; I'm sure she'll let me know that she has the worst job of all time, with examples - :grin:). So there were pretty much two things that made me really pissed. First, I'm working a project to get a hard drive's data recovered. It has turned into an ever-loving NIGHTMARE. Every body and their mother thinks they need to add their two cents to the pot, and all I want is to just get the A-OK from someone that says I can spend the money to have the drive recovered. That's it. But no. I get sassy civilians (no offense to those civilian employees I actually like and respect - you know who you are) who decide to call me out to the Major Command and do it with attitude as well. This woman obviously doesn't know me, or she would know that she's about to get a nice helping of MY attitude. Which she did. The second thing that pissed me off, royally, is the fact that I will have to report to my squadron commander for something that is almost completely out of my control, yet I'm being held accountable. I was extremely pissed when I first found out I had to go, but after some time, I'm much more mellow about it. But it was not a way to start my day - literally, I get this news at 7:45 this morning. But I welcome my chance to give this guy some of my patented attitude and explain my side of the story. And oh yeah, I will never be as helpful and courteous as I was say a day ago. My patience has run out with people thinking I'm their bitch. I will be doing my job, and my job only. I will politely direct any other requests, that I used to be willing to help out with, to the appropriate personnel and be on my way. Guaranteed.

So why am I hoping this weekend will be great? Because after such a week, it HAS to be. So the plan is to go to the Hofbrauhaus again this Saturday (I never tire of this place). Also, there is a party to go to on Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, the plan is to see Kill Bill, Vol 2. Yay! And then on Sunday, well, depending on how Saturday night goes, I may be hungover and chill, or maybe be not hungover and just chill. Whatever. Just as long as I"m not at work, it's all good.
What's New? My latest Survivor page is up, and I've bought some more DVDs.

I spent a lotta money today

April 7, 2004: So I spent a lotta money last month on clothes, this time, I spent the bucks on some very necessary furniture replacements. I got a new couch and a complete new bedroom set, which I got from two different furniture outlets. There is basically nothing wrong with these things, but they sell them at serious serious discounts. I'll put pictures up of before and after to illustrate the difference. I get all this stuff Friday, and it will be good.

Have you been to the Shooting Gallery yet? If not, that's where I do most of my daily ramblings now. But I recognize that this part of my site definitely is the place to put the REAL random ramblings I tend to go on. So never fear, those of you who are afraid of taking that first step into the Shooting Gallery. There is always a place for you here on this site!!!!

Survivor returned

April 1, 2004: Today at work was quite....uh, hectic. Quite a bit of bad news was given, I had a confrontation with a coworker, which I'm getting quite good at, although I really don't like them, especially when that's how I start my day off. Actually, I started my day off by accidentally sleeping in and not hearing my alarm. I guess that should have been a subtle sign. But then the argument, and then we had visitors, last minute meetings, bad news, stress, etc and it was a relief, an actual relief, to go workout at the Boot Camp class. That is so my favorite class - you just never stop moving. Anyways, because of that constant energy, it just burns that stress right out. So it's nice that the end of the day was good - I got to watch a new episode of Survivor and I think I'll be going to bed early tonight so I can go running in the morning and hopefully have a nice Friday. It's First Friday, and I think I'm going to bring my camera. This weekend has the promise to be fun - I hope to go to the Hofbrauhaus with some folks from work, possibly to the casino with some friends, and overall just forget about this week.

I do have to say - the Shooting Gallery has turned into a great place to vent and just be fun and silly. You don't know what you're missing by not joining. Lurking is fine and all, but wouldn't you rather just plunge in and see what it's like to interact with us? We're a good group! BTW, my old friend from high school, Max, found my website through yahoo.com and joined the newsgroup. I saw Max briefly last year when I was at Mr. Jansson's remembrance, but obviously that was a rushed visit. It was good to just hear from him though. He was/is a cool guy - ice cold, actually.
What's New? I put up my Survivor page! Enjoy. For those of you who actually don't loathe the show Survivor. I have found, since the inception of the Shooting Gallery, how many people actually can't stand the show. Whatever!

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond. (okay, you know I will - what else have I got to do?)