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October 2002

Happy Halloween! Only 3 more shopping days till...

October 31, 2002: ...my birthday!!!!!!!!!!! November 3 is so close, but oh so far. I'll be turning 26 - scary! I'm not doing anything for Halloween this year, unlike last year with my crazy party. That was a blast, but those pictures are safely offline now and will remain so for awhile. The day after that party - oy vay. I don't have much planned for my birthday either. Actually, much is an overstatement. I'm not doing anything, except getting my stuff ready for packing on the 8th. I can't believe it's almost time to go! Yes I can. I'm just kidding. Here's a funny thing - I actually was talked into playing basketball yesterday morning after PT. Yeah, me. Of course, it wasn't pretty, but damn it was good exercise. If you just run up and back the court, that's some good aerobics! I can't shoot a basket for sh!t, but I'm starting to improve a little. I've already embarassed myself once with my weak-ass throw, so I will be damned if that happens again. In some good news, I found out that there is one less bad account on my credit record than I thought before, because one of the credit bureaus was reporting one of them twice. So that's a relief. I may actually have good credit once again. Like I said in my about me page, I'll detail this story for you one day so that you can learn from my pain.
What's New? Where do I start? First, I put up a new page of my European trip in May, this section detailing our first stop in Germany, Fussen, where the famous Bavarian castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein are. Then, I've got some more viewpoints on Episode 6, including Robbie's (with two bs) and Fran's. Also, I made a small update to my Redman farewell page with a noteworthy contribution from Jim Dorrian. Priceless. My ultimate goal is to have all of my European travel pictures up before my computer leaves me on the 8th. Here's hoping!

COMM2 Bowling team takes it all, again!

October 29, 2002: Okay, it wasn't the championship or anything, but our team is doing outstanding, especially considering we're the 'fun' team. We took all the points tonight - the other team didn't have a prayer! But fun this, because last season, COMM2 (the team I was on) walked away with the base championship. COMM1 - hmm.....where were they? Uh, nowhere! On October 30th, we will finally get to claim our trophy (for our triumph) at the Sports Banquet ceremony. Oh yeah! It reminds me a lot of when I was part of the IOG bowling team at Kelly. We didn't have a prayer back then, but ended up pulling out 3rd place, and we were pretty damn close to getting 1st. Ended up getting a lot of prize money, if I recall correctly. Unfortunately, our team here at Lajes didn't win the money round last season, just the roll-offs to award the title of base champion. But that still is cool!
What's New? I updated my Episode 6 page, as well as the Music section.

Master Sergeant Redman is going to Utah.

October 28, 2002: Wow, his farewell luncheon is tomorrow, and mine is next week Wednesday night! Scary stuff. I'm creating this page at the same time as I'm Instant Messaging one of my best friends Veronica back in Monrovia. Touching base with her is bringing home back and making me want to go back there more and more. I miss my friends and family a lot!!!!!!!!!!
In other news, my entire Sunday yesterday was spent watching the remaining hours of the first season of 24. What an incredible show! I actually watched 12 hours of the show yesterday, and I would have finished up the season if not for the power going out (God telling me to go to bed). I loved the show though, and can't wait to get the DVDs (of course). I can't wait to see what happens in Season 2. The way things turned out in Season 1 were incredible. The betrayals, the deaths, the ending!!!!!!!!!! If you can, go rent this series. Very sweet.
What's New? I've updated my Survivor stuff, including finally putting up my Ep 6 page and updating Ep 5 with some more thoughts from others and more links. I need to start putting some finishing touches on my website though, as there will be a 2 month period where there will be no updates as I wait for my computer. I hate moving.

The end of my Exec era....sniff sniff....

October 23, 2002: Okay, it's not really that sad. But it's definitely been a learning experience. So let's see, what else is going on? I've been starting some interaction with Desert Volkswagen via email to see about getting myself a car, specifically a Volkswagen Jetta, perhaps a GLS or GLX (the fully loaded model). I wouldn't mind either galactic blue or silver, with leather interior and a sunroof. Gots to have the sunroof! So we'll see in a month what happens. Eventually you'll see it in real or on the website. I love my cars! Also, just found out today that Marcie Fuller (who you can read briefly about in last month's journal entries) had her baby today - a baby girl! So, congrats Marcie, and see you when you get back! And have I said I'm ready to go home yet? I am going to spend this weekend getting some Azores furniture and stuff to take back with me, and also spend some time getting rid of all the shit I've accumulated while here. It's quite a sizeable pile. :-)
What's New? I've opened myself to even more ridicule by putting up my music page. It's not as if I don't get enough grief about my music, but I just love to inflict pain and suffering on myself. So read it if you must, then mock me as everybody else will.

I actually heard from my next base!

October 22, 2002: Not only that, but I've been hearing from a lot of people from back home or who I haven't heard from in a while - my best bud Mila and my college friend Catherine, to name two. It's just making me realize more and more that I'll be home before I know it. Now if I have a car and a place to live, well, that's a whole 'nother thing. But as for my base, I finally called them (so I guess I really didn't hear FROM them), and they are actually expecting me. As to what I will be doing, well, I have no idea. I probably couldn't talk about it anyways. So if I mysteriously disappear, well, you know where I might be - the Vegas area. One month and counting! I actually leave exactly a month from today!
What's New? I just put up Robbie's and Jim Dorrian's thoughts on Survivor. Remember, the thoughts and views expressed by those on this website are not necessarily those of the stud who runs this website.

I miss London even more now.

October 20, 2002: I just spent the entire day finishing up all of my London picture webpages. I hope you enjoy them. Other than that, really not much else is going on. A couple more days of Wing Exec, then it's back to WIAO to plan for Rich's going-away. I've got to start thinking and enacting what I want to do for my going-away. I'm thinking a formal dinner at A Ilha and an unofficial party on my birthday (a Sunday this year) which can be a barbecue and a party all at once. I wish I could do it on a weekend, but I don't think I'll have my stuff anymore come 8 November, if all goes as planned. We'll see.
What's New? Nothing but the many London picture pages.

The many hats of Hobie Barnes

October 19, 2002: My executive officer time is finally coming to a close - I can't say I haven't completely been miserable doing this. In fact, it's been fun for the most part, at least the human element of it. Well, most of the human element of it. You do have to put up with quite a bit of shit doing this job. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger though, or so it's said.
I haven't been writing much lately on my site because of a few things - first, on Monday, OY VAY, I got hit hard by a stomach virus. You name it, I'm sure something was coming out of it. Unpleasant to hear about, unpleasant to experience. I can honestly say I've never gone through a sickness that quick and violent before. I don't know how I got it, nor do I ever want to get it again. Ugh. The after-effects were with me till about Wednesday, at which point I felt better but just lazy. Then Thursday began the weather from hell. The sideways rain and nightmarish wind have come to the Azores a few months early. Must be a goodbye gift or something. Joy! But I finally got some motivation and have returned to it. While you only see the Survivor page up, I shall be putting up my London page hopefully tomorrow. There's not as many pictures as I thought, so it shouldn't be too big a hassle. We'll see.
On departure notes, I've made my appointments to get outta dodge - it seems a lot more real now to actually have to plan for what to do after my stuff is gone. I expect my website to be pretty much stagnant for a 2 month period. :-( I won't get my computer back till probably late December or early January, the very sucky part of an overseas move. I am considering mailing my DVDs and CDs back, because I'll be damned if I have to wait THAT long for entertainment joy!
What's New? Survivor Episode 5 is talked about, plus London is on the way.

6 weeks and counting!

October 13, 2002: I can't believe that in LESS than 6 weeks, I'll be on a plane bound for Baltimore and then Las Vegas. Finally! I'm paroled! I'm so looking forward to seeing all my friends and family again - I'll just have to be patient and wait for the end of November. Till then (or until the movers take my computer), I'll be keeping my webpage updated and full of fun. :-) I just got back from seeing the Mel Gibson movie, Signs. This was pretty good - it kept me on the edge of my seat. Good nailbiting material here. Of course, I can't recommend to go see this to anyone else outside the Azores, as it's probably not in theatres anymore. But if it is, go catch it. In other news, my friend Jason should have had back surgery, but since I have no idea what his phone number is, I have to resort to sending well wishes via the Internet until I find a way to get his number. Jason, I hope you're doing well! Let me know if you are - give me a call!
What's New? Robbie finally sent me his Survivor thoughts. And my goal, over the next 2 days, is to get ALL my Europe photos done, including London and the rest of my May trip. Hell, I have no life out here, and the weather sucks now, so it's pretty much the only thing to do. And balance my money accounts - that is NOT going to be fun, especially after this London trip. I kinda spent a lotta money - London is EXPENSIVE.

What a trip! London rules...

October 11, 2002: Yes, I have returned, blistered feet and all. I gotta say, I'm thankful I have a few days to recover from my vacation. London was outstanding - so much to do and places to go and see - and I think I walked to every single thing there is to do in London. But more on that when I finally play with my pictures. I am glad that everything went smoothly though - I met up with Alan on Monday and we had a fun couple of days - saw Stonehenge, the Prime Meridian, the Tower of London, the list goes on and on....also saw Les Miserables and Mamma Mia, which were incredible. What a town!
What's New? I got a Survivor viewpoint from Carolyn circa Episode 2 (which is good, as I will be watching Episode 3 tonight before Episode 4 airs this evening - got some catching up to do!), so her thoughts are posted on the Episode 2 page. If anybody else wants to become famous, don't hesitate to send me your thoughts. And don't worry about a picture, I'm sure I've got one of you. :-) Bloody hell, my feet hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What's New (as of 12 Oct 02, 12:25 AM - Azores time)? I just finished my Survivor Episode 3 and 4 page - enjoy! And now, as of 1:38 PM Azores time, I've put Carolyn's thoughts on 3 and 4 as well.

Microsoft Out-of-Office Autoreply: I am outta here till the 11th of October - I'm in London, chaps! Cheerio!

October 2, 2002: Yep, that's right, no more updates for you until I get back in about a week. It's not too long to have to wait - just be patient. I'm the one who will be suffering having to be in a strange land without Survivor. Poor me.... :-) I was paroled from Logistics Group Exec and worked in WIAO a whopping day and a half. Once I get back, I will then go to work as the Wing Commander's Exec for two weeks while the real exec is finally getting a vacation. THEN I return to WIAO, just in time to outprocess. My real last day in WIAO was back in May before going on the Europe trip. So long ago.... Well, wish me the best and I promise to come back with plenty of pictures of London and hopefully some good stories. A whole week in London - SWEET! If you want to see the website of the hotel I'm staying at, click here for the Curzon House Hotel website. And for those of you who were in Los Angeles back in 1987, it was 15 years ago yesterday that the Whittier Narrows earthquake happened, which is the first quake that I remember. Apparently it made quite an impression.

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond.