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September 2002

Can I go on leave now?????

Sept 30, 2002: The end of September....that must mean that the Logistics group is no more (hence, I'm no longer an Executive Officer) and Lajes is under USAFE and not ACC. That really doesn't impact me all that much except for a patch change. Whoopty doo. But I do go on leave this Thursday and fly off to jolly ol' England. I was looking online at the various London Walks offered, and I think I know what I'll be doing the entire week. There are so many walks to go on - and so much to see. Next Tuesday, they offer a day trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury which I'm definitely taking. One of the evening walks is the Jack the Ripper walk. I think I'll do this, THEN see the movie From Hell. No need to get too scared taking a tour. I won't be meeting up with Alan until Monday, so I have a couple days to myself - I'm going to knock out the double decker bus tour and other easy stuff while he's gone, as he has been here already. But we're both up for seeing Les Miserables on the West End! I can't believe I'm actually going on vacation - last time was to Europe, right before I started all this Exec nonsense.
What's New? I made my Hobie page finally. It's not all that complete yet, but it's started and will probably change as I deem fit. Explore at your own boredom.

Nothing much...just thank God it's the weekend!

Sept 27, 2002: I only have one more day as the LG Exec, on Monday. THEN, I picked up my plane ticket to London today, so I'm officially going. That still seems crazy, considering very little planning went into this trip - I guess not much is needed in comparison to the train trip in May. After reading the travel books, there is going to be PLENTY for me to see and do. I'm curious to see how the weather will be. I'm sure I'll need to bring my rainjacket. I picked up the 9/11 DVD that was made by those French documentary makers - that's quite an intense view of the events that happened. Especially the view from inside tower 1 as tower 2 collapsed - equally intense was watching the vacant scared looks of everyone in NYC. It's hard to believe both of those buildings, and the thousands of people inside them, the Pentagon, and the planes are gone. Geez, and I didn't have much to talk about either. You should've been around me earlier....I was a mess of vengeance and rage. But no need to go into that. I'm better now. Hell, I got to watch Survivor!
What's New? Survivor Episode 2 page is up. I am starting work on the "I Love Me" Hobie page, but I'm not sure how best to arrange it. Coming soon.

58 days or so and counting to the USA!

Sept 25, 2002: Can you believe it? I can't. I will be back in the states before I know it, just in time to see some cool movies (Two Towers, Die Another Day, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) and also finally able to see my family and friends. I can't wait. Well, in the highly contested CGO of the Quarter contest, I was shut out. I guess I really only had a 50/50 chance as it was, but still, I'm bummed - especially after it seems I was able to talk my way out of the award during the board. Maybe one day I'll figure out how to speak without stuttering over myself when I get nervous. What else is going on? In addition to the London trip, which I still can't believe I'm doing, I'm also finalizing my PCS trip to Puerto Rico (to visit Dad), then to San Antonio (to visit my good friends) and finally LA for family. So lots of travel plans in my near future.
What's New? I've made sure that the Paris pictures are all up, and put up Robbie's thoughts on Episode 1 of Survivor. Additionally, I've put some more Azores pictures up that I took this last Sunday. Pretty incredible day.

It's all about the fish n' chips baby!

Sept 23, 2002: Yep, I have made my reservations for London - I'll be departing 3 October and return 11 October. Not too shabby - a week will be just enough to make me happy to get off of this island. I should be meeting up with my friend Alan who I met at AIA in San Antonio at my last assignment. It should be fun! In other news, I survived my board for CGO of the Quarter, group level. I think I did okay, but I guess I won't know if I won till Wednesday the 25th. Too long! So to console myself, I bought some stuff at Amazon.com. That always seems to do the trick. I am not sure what I'll do when I get to Vegas - I may have to just go play craps or something. This weekend was a blast, and I had a chance to not only drink and watch a bullfight, but took some outstanding pictures of the Azores that I'll put up shortly. It was an increasingly rare beautiful sunny day on Sunday, and fortunately Byron stopped by and invited me along for a drive. I was intending to study for the board, but nah! It was more fun to drive around. My LG Exec duty is coming to a close - it was fun, and will probably help in the long run for giving me experience, but I really don't want to get stuck with it again. I miss my real job.
What's New? I have updated the European trip photos by putting up Paris pictures. As Alan told me today, I need to put some more content up - but it does take time and effort. And I want to finish my pictures first.

Let's just say Friday nights for me are accounted for.

Sept 20, 2002: That's because Survivor has returned, and so far, so good! Woo hoo! In other news, I played my first round of 18 holes of golf. Damn! I am so freaking tired from all the walking - my feet were killing me. And afterwards, I was so exhausted - I got home and pretty much passed out, almost missing Survivor!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, someone called me at 7:30 PM, and while I don't know who it was as I didn't make it to the phone, I'm in deep gratitude, as it was enough time to get over to Byron's to watch it. Oh, and as a public service announcement, please get your credit report, from all three credit agencies. I am having problems still from identity theft, and while I am able to get rid of the bad stuff from my credit report, it just is such a pain in the ass. Right now I couldn't get a loan to save my life, as there are multiple bad entries made by some fellow in Anaheim. Lucky me. Humor me and get your report, you just may find something you didn't know was on there. Hopefully not. And off of that soapbox.....I watched 24 for the first time this evening, after Survivor. Most excellent first hour - wasn't expecting that whole plane thing and the actual bad person on it. Yikes!
What's New? Episode 1 survivor page is up - click here to discover the joy of Survivor. I anticipate getting my Paris pictures up by Sunday, but I have to study up for my awards board - I am competing for Support Group CGO of the Quarter (I got Comm Sq CGO of the Quarter - please, hold your applause). So we'll see.

Survivor Thursday, or, uh, Friday! Depends on where you are.

Sept 18, 2002: Because for me, AFN has to delay it a day. Oh well, it's at least being broadcast reasonably in line with the states. As much as I appreciated Robbie and Dan videotaping Survivor 3 for me, watching it way after it aired left me without the option to go on the web and read about it, which is almost half the fun for me! So finding out Survivor Marquesas was being aired only a day after its run in the states was happy news. Except for when Byron told me who won anyways upon my return to the Azores after my European trip (and I hadn't seen the final episode yet).....grrrrrr...... So in honor of Survivor's return, my first 'quick link' on my website title page has become active. You can also click here to be taken to the first Survivor page. And as I state there, please email me with your predictions, comments, and stuff and I'll make this a truly interactive page.
What's New? I just told you dammit!

Vegas baby, Vegas!

Sept 16, 2002: I don't really have much of a reason to talk about Vegas yet except for the fact I can't wait to go home! Or at least near home. I have quite a few travel plans for the next few months, including a trip to London in October and then a whirlwind howyadoin' tour in November and December, visiting Puerto Rico (Dad) and San Antonio (my buddies Robbie, Dan, and JJ, to name a few, from my AIA days, which you can read a little about in the 2001 stuff) before heading home to Los Angeles to visit my family, whom I haven't seen in SOO long. It will be great to see everyone and be home for Christmas.
What's New? Barcelona pictures have been put up.

Best of luck to you, SrA Marcie Fuller

Sept 15, 2002: Today one of the recent additions to the Wing Information Assurance office went back to the states to go have her baby, so good luck to her - I'm bummed I won't get to see her or the baby though, because I'm leaving before she returns from the states. We did have a good time at Pescador's restaurant on Friday - and I drank plenty of vinho verde - a very wonderful Portuguese invention. Anyways.....I have put up the beginning of the Europe pictures. Lisbon is up, with Madrid on the way. I should have these all up soon enough, just in time before I travel to London next month. Woo hoo!
What's New? Well, BOTH Lisbon and Madrid are up now...so enjoy. They're not the most interesting of pictures if you weren't there, but hey, I know Jason and Wendy are enjoying them back in Los Angeles. I think. Also, I rediscovered the August 2001 journal entries. I had forgotten to look on the old index page from my previous website, and alas, when I did, there they were! Click on the link above to view them.

What a difference a day and a year makes

Sept 11, 2002: It's been a year to the day of the attacks on the US. I can't believe how fast time really has gone...and for me it really seems like it's far away. I guess that's because I haven't even been in the US since it happened, as the last day I was there was something like the 28th of August. I think it'll hit pretty hard when I actually return this November. But even reading the news about what was happening today to memorialize the day makes me sad though. My headline today refers to both the weather the island has been experiencing and the year since the attacks. The weather here is certifiable, I tell ya. I won't mind if the weather stays nice for a little bit longer, that's for sure.
What's New/Coming Soon: I will eventually make an 'about me' page, unlike my last iteration of the website. And of course more pictures of people and places. I'm going to make a focused effort to get my European pictures up, before I go on another European adventure.....think 'fish and chips' and 'Cheerio!' and you'll have an idea of my next destination, hopefully in October. It's only $150 to go to London from Lisbon, round-trip! Sweet!

What do you call a Capt-Select? A Lieutenant....

Sept 9, 2002: Ha ha ahahahahahahahhahaha! A freaking hilarious joke. So what if it's true? But on to the point as to why I'd tell a horrible and untrue joke like that. I put up my first picture page on this version 2.0 of the website, and it contains pictures from when us captain-selects celebrated our notification that we made it (or better yet, that we breathed). Click here for the link to the pictures of the party. And other than that, this Monday pretty much SUCKED! Let's hope for a better Tuesday. Hopefully my lazy butt will make it to the gym in the morning. MUST GET OUT OF BED TO ACHIEVE THIS.

Really, this website will be fully operational one day

Sept 8, 2002: Yes, it's been a little too long since I've done this, but I figured if I'm going to get back on the wagon, why not go all out? So, I've paid some money to a company (www.hostsave.com) and they not only got me my own domain name (can you believe hobiebarnes.com wasn't already taken?) but I also got about 100MB of storage space. Now that ain't too shabby, is it? I've tried a new design and I think I like it. I'm using Dreamweaver, which kicks Microsoft Frontpage's ass big time. It's so easy and nice to use. Highly recommended. I welcome any and all thoughts about what I'm doing with my webpage.
Coming soon: Of course with Survivor 5 starting soon, I'll have to get that page up and running. Based on pictures alone (I haven't heard the TV spots, so I can't discriminate based on accents yet), I am pulling for Tanya. I also want to get my Europe pictures up. I'm going to have to get Photoshop up and give it a workout.

Guess who made Captain? That's right, me!

Sept 5, 2002: The list officially came out from the Air Force and it is confirmed: I managed to live for at least 3 years and not do anything too bad, so I got promoted, along with 9 others here at Lajes Air Base in the beautiful Azores. I managed to find out a little early, because with the power I have as LG exec, I read some stuff that accidentally fell in front of me. Oops! It was pretty cool though - the morning of the official release date, 6 Sept, a whole bunch of people came up to say congrats, including my much-missed WIAO shop (their names for record - Rich Redman, Shelly Garcia, James Dorrian, Marcie Fuller and Brian Kirkwood - departed members I worked with include John Armentrout, Christopher Joe, and for about an hour, Jim Lovell) and the SPTG front office (Dawne, Lt Col Hartford and the newest SPTG exec, Mike Miley). I won't get into what's happened in the past year or so, yet. That's for a later entry. But I was SPTG exec for a while. Anyways, on Friday all of us Capt-selects opened the club's bar and had a good ol' party. I got very buzzed and had a good time. Enough said.

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