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14 Dec 2008   PHOTOS: My New Place in the Upper West Side

Guess who's moving from West New York, NJ to NEW YORK, NEW YORK? Me!

It's been a great year and change living in New Jersey with Shelly, but I always knew it was a temporary stepping stone to living on my own again. And preferably, in New York City. Well, after some searching and searching, I ended up finding a place that is unbelievable. It's a studio, but I am SOOO okay with that. Just look at the pics and you'll have to agree.

14 Dec 08 - Pics of my new place (not my stuff though)

The floorplan to my 550 sf UWS studio!
Yeah - these windows are ridiculous. 12-foot-high ceilings too.
Belive you me, MY TV setup will be a lot more impressive.
Looking to the kitchen. Imagine bar stools there instead.
Great bathroom too.
ATTIC space. Whoooowee.
I like the bed area being near the bathroom.