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September 2004

I am NOT brainwashed

September 29, 2004: I have just gotten past the mid-point of SOS, and I have to say that it has been a much different experience than I had anticipated. I'm actually enjoying it for the most part. I did not expect that to happen. Sure, most of the briefs are dry, but the flight I've been assigned to, F-61, is amazing. We've been doing well in all the competitions (except Flickerball - that first game we got worked), and as a result, we rank #5 out of 32 flights. Not too shabby.

Anyways, Sgt Jenny let me know that her and MSgt Sugartank think that I am brainwashed because I am not hating SOS and the Air Force. I am surprised too. But getting stuck in Nellis and being removed from anything resembling a decent Air Force unit (I'm not even talking just my squadron either. The Nellis Comm Sq is horrendous, to borrow a JennyJason word. I think Nellis is just a completely jacked up base) has definitely brainwashed me in another way in thinking it's like that everywhere, and it really isn't. It's not like SOS either, but seriously, it's been good for me to remember what it could be like. And Sgt Jenny and Sugartank, do you really think I'll come back and be like, "Uniform inspections for everyone every Tuesday!" Yeah, didn't think so. I just won't be so bitter about the job, for at least like an hour or two. I"m sure once I get back, everything will be back to normal.

Well, I'm procrastinating because I should be working on a paper. But I finally got online, so I decided to play a little. I'll talk at you all as soon as I can.
What's New? Got some DVDs.

Back. Been a little busy...

September 21, 2004: Okay, it's been a tad hectic because it has been quite busy. First we had scary Ivan to deal with. Now some people apparently weren't afraid when the big bad hurricane came through - good for them. But when a tornado siren wakes me up at 3 in the morning, I get a little scared. Fortunately no tornadoes hit on base, but it certainly wasn't appealing to be right in the direct path of a major hurricane. Anyways, we got like two days off but I'm sure we're going to have to make it up one way or another shortly. The schedule for SOS is already compressed as it is.

The latest on SOS? It's not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. Seriously. I still enjoy my flight, and I am actually getting an appreciation for the Air Force again. I didn't think it was possible. But being away from my crummy job and learning about the Air Force, leadership, followership, and all that stuff, it reminds me there's a whole lot of stuff out there that I had just forgotten about. There's a midterm test coming up at the end of this week, so this week is the first stressful one with lots of studying and stuff. I even missed the first episode of Survivor last week because of it. I wouldn't have been able to see it though anyways, because the cable was all messed up. Obviously you can see there's no Survivor page on the site as of now. There's no really no time for me to work on one, but once I get back, I may attempt to get one made.

I made my final arrangements for my trip to Berlin, and it's booked. I am stoked about going out there. Vacation!!! Oh, cool thing - I got two emails from complete strangers in the span of the last two days from people asking about the Azores or thanking me for my pictures that I have up from there. Crazy. I'm sorta motivated to get the rest of my scenic shots up on the site now. There's lots more I haven't gotten around to working on. Hell, I have tons of pictures from the past that need to go up, but that would be a full time job. I could probably fill up the gig of storage space I rent with all the images I have and the ones I could scan.

I swear I thought I had a point when writing this, but obviously not. Alan sounds like he's doing okay out in the desert, which is good. I found out my high school is having a 10 year reunion!!!! It's Thanksgiving weekend, which is fine because I'll be down in that neck of the woods anyways. It'll be interesting to see if this pans out and people show up.

Well, I should probably get going soon. I am reluctant to hang up my internet connection, because you have to compete with 1100 people to connect, and during primetime afterschool hours, it can be quite a long wait to get on line. I miss my broadband connection at home. I haven't been taking pictures every day because I just don't feel comfortable taking too many pictures of my flightmates yet, and the base scenery really isn't much, but there is some pretty sections by the river. I may go photo-exploring one day this week for the site. But that's why there are some blank spots on the pic of the day section, because I just didn't take pictures those days.
What's New? I actually picked up some new DVDs at the BX here. Other than that, not much! Just getting by one day at a time!

In the way of Ivan

September 14, 2004: I'm here at Maxwell!!! I made it safely, and managed to meet some people on the plane ride from Atlanta to Montgomery. So that helped ease my nervousness a little. I got to the base by bumming a ride off of someone who was renting a car......oh wait a minute, I forgot one of the real interesting (read: oh-so-stupid) things that happened that first day on the 12th. So Sgt Jenny met up with me at Nellis where I dropped my car off. She drove me to the airport and dropped me off, and I quickly and efficiently checked my bags in. Wow, this was going easy. I go up the escalator, start walking towards the gate security point, and immediately remember something horrible: I had left my cell phone at home. And what's worse, I knew I would. Because that morning, I had turned on my phone, and in the midst of doing that, walked into the gym/office bathroom, dropped the phone into the easy chair there, thought to myself 'wouldn't it be funny if I left my phone there?', and cleaned the toilet. Well, that is quite an activity, as no sooner had I finished doing that had I forgotten my cell phone. Until the airport. So I stand there in utter shock, realizing I HAVE to have my cell phone. That's the way I promised people I could be reached. For 5 weeks. So.....I had an hour and a half before my flight left, and I went and grabbed a cab. $50 later, I had my cell phone. So that $50 cell phone rebate I got has just been returned. I can be so fucking stupid sometimes. I think my true hair color is blonde. ANYWAYS.....

I am here at Maxwell. I checked in, got a room that is separate from my flight mates, which really sucks. And the situation is not going to be able to be changed either, as the other building is completely full. Oh well. The first few days have shown that our group/team looks like it can work together well. Of course, there are still 4.5 weeks left. Plenty of time for drama. But usually you already see the people who annoy you by this time. Fingers crossed!

And maybe you've heard about a thing called Hurricane Ivan. It's on a direct course for where I am currently. I am fortunate that I am WAY inland, but it still is going to be a helluva of a storm. And once giant hurricanes make landfall, they typically make tornadoes. The fun never stops! Wish me luck.
What's New? SOS isn't so bad.

And, so, I'm off to Maxwell AFB

September 11, 2004: And I'm actually becoming more relaxed about it. Yesterday at work was one of my alltime high stress days, as I just felt like I wasn't going to be able to handle it all. I was worried about making sure I got all the information to Sgt Jenny that she needed so she could function alone. I was worried about my University of Phoenix final project that was due today. I was worried in general about leaving for 5 weeks. I was worried about getting to Maxwell and finding out that I'm not expected. I worry a lot. But now, with my UoP stuff done, a lot of my self-imposed and needless stress has been removed, and after getting quite a bit of last minute stuff taken care of, I'm ready to go. Really.

So today I went and saw Cellular. Great movie. Recommended!

5 weeks without gambling at a casino. Can I do it? Imagine all the money I'll have afterwards!

I'm ready to go. So take care. See you after I've arrived in Maxwell - hopefully I can update regularly!

I don't mean to seem like I don't notice the significance of the date today. I'm fully aware of what happened 3 years ago. It's just something I don't want to dwell on or really think about, as I'm already a nervous flier. But of course it's a time that I remember what happened then, the senseless nature of those thousands of deaths, the way the world is now. It's sort of all-encompassing as we live with the ramifications of Sept 11 all the time anyways, especially in the military. Well, not exactly poignant or inspiring, and it doesn't really illustrate how I feel, but it's something.

Montgomery, here I come....(so to speak)

September 8, 2004: I've been back at work for a few days now, and while it's great to be around some of the people there, I honestly am looking forward to getting away for a few weeks. Sgt Jenny is getting the crappy end of this whole deal, but I know she will handle it like a champ. I wish I wasn't bailing out on her especially with the projects occurring, but she's up for the challenge. If not, she'll be destroyed like so many before her. Heh heh heh.

I found out that last week while I was in San Antonio, during the Commander's Call I was farewell'd! I was actually in shock. So right now, I'm no longer in the squadron, at least according to the commander. EXCELLENT. This is all actually because there is a organization reorg occurring when the new fiscal year starts, and me and Sgt Jenny and other comm folks will be realigned into our very own Comm Det. We all get our own squadron pocket protectors, laptops, and brain implants. Let the assimilation begin.

Anyways, I've been taking care of lots of tasks necessary to get me ready for SOS. I've been keeping a legal pad list of things to do, and amazingly, I'm getting them done. I may not actually be doing the panicked run on Saturday getting last minute things. Who knew? I ended up buying a massive mp3 player online so I'd have something to listen to while I'm out there in Montgomery. I didn't get an iPod because they don't support wma files, so I ended up getting the iRiver iHP-120 that does. Lots of good reviews sold me on it, plus the price beat Best Buy's. What has been a crisis for me is the fact that while I'm out there in Alabama, all these fantastic DVDs and games are coming out. So I have to determine whether I will have them shipped to Alabama where I am. So I decided, yes, that's the plan. I guess I'll have to be mailing back a lot of crap on my way back. But Hobie needs his Star Wars Original Trilogy DVDs, let me tell you. Wow, I rambled. I'm just not sure about leaving my apartment and home for 5 weeks. I haven't done that in a long time. I won't even have my baby Catherine. <sigh> Well, it's only Alabama, right? Wait, didn't they film Deliverance there? YIKES. It's okay, I'm okay. I'm sure you'll all hear about it when I'm down there. Geez, Hobie, you're cut off.
168.5 - What's New? I bought a TON of DVDs yesterday. Lots of money spent. Check them out. Shoot, I still haven't written about those two movies. I'm just tired of being in front of my computer now.

I have returned.....for a week

September 6, 2004: Yep, I'm back. Sucks. San Antonio was a blast. Here's a rundown of what went on. Not too exciting, but that was exactly what was needed. I anticipate quite a hectic upcoming week with me trying to get all my stuff in order before departing for SOS. Uniforms, mail, bills, the car.....this is when it would be nice to have a wife to stay here and take care of that shit. Oh well. I think I'm okay with going to Alabama, because it will get me out of Vegas for a while, and who knows, perhaps I'll know some people who are attending now too. So I guess we'll just have to see.

170.5 - What's New? I've brought my daily pics page back up to date, I've got that whole San Antonio page thing going on, some new DVDs (expect quite a few more tomorrow). Some movie reviews will be on the way, but I'm tired of working on the page now.

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond. (okay, you know I will - what else have I got to do?)