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April 2003

Buffy rules. And only 3 episodes left. <sigh>

April 29, 2003: What the hell will I do without Buffy after it's over? I guess I'll just have to watch it on DVD on Tuesdays at 8. That'll work. Tonight's episode was pretty cool, but shocking, as basically all of her friends and family said to her, "Get Out, Crazy". Seriously. So there's only 3 hours to resolve everything.....I'm interested to see how they'll do it. And that was pretty much the highlight of my day. Work sucks. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off to see if I can get out of this funk somehow. Wish me luck. I need to get in a good mood, fast. Even I don't like being around me.
What's New? A quick update to my DVD listings. I had forgotten I purchased The Towering Inferno the other day (it was so cheap at the BX: $7.95!). I love disaster movies! This and The Poseidon Adventure represent the pinnacle of 70's disaster flicks, and wouldn't you know it, I have both of them now! Yay!

Can I say how much I HATE accounting? Apparently, I can.

April 28, 2003: Well, the end of the month AND this damned accounting class is quickly approaching. I wouldn't care if I never see another financial statement again. Ugh. Perhaps it's the teacher, I don't know. Or the overflow of assignments for us 'working adults', as University of Phoenix claims to cater to. Yeah, right. I got your 'working adults' right here, buddy.
Enough of THAT. So what have I been doing lately? Since I wrote last, quite a bit actually. Last week, I had a mini-Lajes AB reunion of sorts. TSgt Brian Kirkwood of my old WIAO shop in the Azores was on vacation and driving across country (and still is, actually), and stopped in Vegas. I met up with him for dinner at the Aladdin (P.F. Chang's - mmmm....good Chinese food) and it was great to see him and hear all the latest from Lajes. I was actually able to win dinner money at a Wheel of Fortune machine when I got 'SPIN' and won 200 quarters. Yes, I rule! Earlier that same day, I was in the BX for lunch and who do I run into (or more correctly, who ran into me?) but Fran and Jimmy Tran of Lajes!? They had just gotten in town the night before. It's unreal who I've met up with at the BX food court. You'd think Nellis would be huge, and it is, but there's only one food court and everyone goes there. I've seen some other people from Lajes that I really didn't know, other than by facial recognition, and have struck up conversations confirming our suspicion. It's pretty cool. But it was awesome to see Fran again, but boy is she pregnant! :-)
I then went to Huntsville Alabama again, for 2 days. It was fun, I guess. I just found out today though that the project I was working on in relation to Huntsville has been given to another organization completely. I guess it's for the best, but that was the one thing that I was working on that had some kind of meaning or importance. Now I've got....well, nothing to do at work. Better work on my "looking busy" skills, STAT! <sigh>
Got back this weekend, had a horrible Saturday because I did nothing but homework, but on Sunday I got to wash my poor dirty car, take care of some household stuff, and then went to see Identity.
Today was an interesting day, besides the fact that I have no job. I talked to Ryan for the first time in a while, and it was good to hear from him. Also, got a call from Robbie this evening, and it's always a blast to talk to the Robster via actual voice methods. If you think he's funny in email, wait till you actually talk to him. Good guy. And of course, I got to talk to Jason, who is the man. But you all knew that. I hope I get to go to his wife Wendy's graduation this month. Wendy is graduating from LAW SCHOOL! Goooooooo Wendy!
Well, I better go to bed. I'm sleepy, and I need my rest because it does take quite a bit of energy to look busy. Wish me luck!
What's New? I've updated lots of sections tonight, including Survivor stuff, Movies, Music, Books.....and I guess that's it. But it took a lot of work, so you better read every damn word. ;-)

These friends of mine

April 20, 2003: Be prepared for an exposition (you like that word, dontcha?), but it won't be a rant. Promise. First though, I have got to say Happy Easter and also Happy Birthday to an old friend, Ryan. He finally turns my age - did I ever mention that Ryan is now married? Time does fly....
So why is the title what it is? Well, it's not like I didn't know this before, but this last week just reinforced the fact to me that I have some pretty damn outstanding friends. Maybe there's not that many, but it's just the way things turn out. I keep some friends, don't keep some. I wish I would have stayed in touch with a few more than I did, but I don't think it was entirely my fault on some of them. I wanted to actually take the time to publicly (well, at least on my website - I don't think it reaches the general public all that much) say thanks for such great friends. Dare I list them? No. Initially I thought about doing that, but I know I'd forget somebody. From the newest friends I've made here in Vegas to those from back at Santa Fe and MHS, those friends in San Antonio and in the Azores, and those at UCLA, it has been a definite pleasure to have known all of you. Please know that I do regret my completely reprehensible communication ethic. The fact I don't keep in touch is laziness on my part. I'm not even going to say I'll get better. I'd be lying.

Well, I'm not suicidial, so please don't think that above exposition is some kind of last words. It does sound like that though, doesn't it? It's not. I don't even have my bigscreen TV yet. And I can't wait to make Captain money. And one day I will resume playing the violin because you know what, I did have some talent there.

In completely unrelated topics, last night I went on a pub crawl with some people that included Marian and Drew, who turned out to be the only people I knew enough to talk to during the evening. We started at Westward Ho, which I know would entertain my mom and Harv to no end. The place hasn't changed at all. Worked our way up the strip to Slots o Fun, then the Algiers, the Sahara, and finally the Stratosphere. And this was all walking. And you know what happens when you mix alcohol and exercise? It kills the buzz! So no more fucking pub crawls for me. Let me sit in my alcohol so I can at least get a buzz going. But at the Stratosphere, Drew and I were playing craps (again - I think I'm getting addicted and helping Drew along to Addictionville) and actually WON MONEY. And even better, it was all because of ME. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME. I LOVE the sound of that. The table (a TWO DOLLAR table - I LOVE that) had gone horribly cold while we were there, and fortunately my system prevented me from betting and losing money during the streak. Well, sure enough, the dice came around to me, and I consciously told myself, Roll Motherfucker, Roll! And I did. And I made about $50 for myself by establishing and rolling the point about 4 times. It was sweet. I even got Drew some of his money back. And the kicker - the other players didn't clap ONCE during my roll. Ungrateful bastards. I'm not expecting a Rose Parade (okay, maybe I am, so what) but these people were the most braindead zombies ever. At a hopping table with actual craps players, these people would have been screaming their lungs out. Literally. Whatever. No glory for me, but at least I was laughing my way to the bank. (this time, at least).

I watched some of my latest DVD acquisitions today. West Side Story is an incredible movie. It initially makes you laugh seeing gang members ballet dancing around New York City, but you're drawn into it so quickly. The songs are all good too. I also rewatched Billy Elliot today too. I had forgotten how great that movie is too. By the end, you've got tears in your eyes. Great movie, and highly recommended.
And who watched Buffy this week? Faith's return on that show was outstanding! Of course Buffy is a repeat next week, but Angel isn't.

The Casino karma has taken a downturn, for now

April 13, 2003: Well, I went out last night with Marian and Drew Masur to Sam's Town and Boulder Station. I played craps at Sam's Town, got worked, and then it was pretty much drink the rest of the night. And here's where I know I have grown as a person - I really didn't care about losing all that much this time. Am I, <gasp>, growing up? No WAY! ;-) I did have a great time last night, we gambled a lot, went and saw Anger Management (which I'll write about later), and I finally got home at around 1 this morning. But I didn't go to sleep for another two hours, as I had to finish the latest book I've been reading called "The Lovely Bones". It's an incredible book. Highly recommended.
What's New? Survivor Episode 9 page has been installed on my wondrous website.

Apparently AngryHobie didn't make such a splash with the public

April 10, 2003: For those who do actually read this, I sorta apologize for the long-winded rant below. If you know me, you may understand where this was coming from. As Byron calls them, I have 'black moods'. No, it doesn't mean I get all ghetto (although I do sometimes...), it just means I am not always a pleasant person to be around because I start to channel any anger and rage and it has to get out somehow. When I was in the Azores, Byron and Jason were direct and sometimes willing recipients of said venom. I don't have that outlet right now in a person who will listen, so hence, the website served that purpose. I feel lots better now, and can start the long process of building up rage and anger again, just to have another blowup sometime later. Yay!
So who watched Survivor? That episode rocked!!!!!!!!!! Who knew, especially Deena, that she would be voted out? It just goes to show that too much cockiness can backfire on you. I haven't made my page yet, but I will soon. But I just had to say something.
I'm so tired lately. I've been staying up lots doing homework for this bloody Accounting class - I decided to not do homework at all tonight. I'm going to save it for work tomorrow, as I really don't have much to do tomorrow anyways. I just really don't want to do it tomorrow night. I don't have any plans, but who knows, right?
What's New? Plenty of nothing.

Long time no web update.

April 7, 2003: Yeah, well, it happens. I do wish I would update this more often sometimes, because now I have to think back and remember what the hell I've been doing since my last entry. Well, here we go.
I didn't pass the fucking ergo test. I had forgotten about that disaster until looking at my website. Great...... I didn't fail it by a lot, but c'mon! What a stupid fucking test. And I really don't care about using profanity because that test fucking deserves it. FUCK! Alright, I might be a little better now. We'll see how it goes in the next couple of paragraphs.
Alright - so I guess I am in the middle of my next graduate class, Accounting 529. Honestly, I could give a shit about this class. Is that harsh? Not for me. I must admit I'm learning a lot, but still, c'mon. Am I ever going to be doing a company's books? Voluntarily? I guess I should knock on wood - I never thought I'd be an exec, and BAM! I got to be one. So wonders may never cease.
My mom did come up last weekend, and it was great to see her. We went and saw The Core at Sam's Town, and I reallly don't have the energy to update my movies section yet. It was a decent movie and all, but there is a better review of the movie that has my same witty flair on the AP news wire. Knock yourself out. While at Sam's Town, I started playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine (the only slot machine i have a weakness for; although, the Family Feud one I played at Bellagio was fun, once you get the bonus round) and I hit a 5x, 7/bar, 7/bar, which equals 5x 100 quarters! An old lady was watching me play and she got just as excited as I did. Well, maybe not THAT excited, but you know. She didn't win any damn money, and I wasn't about to be giving her some sort of commission. Get a job, lady. And stop staring at me! It's creepy. I also got a couple 100 marks on the big wheel at the top. That, my friends, is a good spin on the Wheel of Fortune machine. It wasn't the jackpot, but when you walk away with 100 dollars more than you started with, you do the dance of joy and hope it never stops. Which was the case when I met up with my mom at the Hard Rock Hotel, where she was staying. I played Wheel of Fortune again! and won, again! This time, only $20, but still, I doubled my $20 initial investment. We had a good dinner at the restaurant in there (I love roasted rotisserie chicken, I really do) and then I had more gambling fun at the craps table there. The table is an ungodly purple color, but you get used to it. Especially when you're winning. I was supposed to do homework that evening after dinner, but when the table is hot, you don't go anywhere. It was fun, and while I only won about $40 at the table, that was after about 1.5 hours of playing. Not bad for a guy whose last two times of craps table playing he's lost about $140. So yeah, that was cool. Mom was going back to Los Angeles the next day and I was headed to Albuquerque!
Yes, I got to go to Albuquerque. Send me your condolences later. It wasn't that bad. The guys I went with and I did get to have some drinks, okay, quite a few drinks that night, which was fun. Until you're lying in bed all hot and dehydrated and you realize you actually have to work the next morning. Ugh. And the meeting I was in lasted like 8 hours. No joke. No fucking joke. It was horrible. The first 3 hours were okay, but the next 5 was overkill. Kind of like this journal entry. And am I close to stopping? Hell no. If you need a break, go get a Kit Kat or something, cause I ain't done and I'll tell you when I am.
So I got back on Thursday (we went to Albuquerque on Wednesday - it was a really short trip) night and I discover that not only did I miss Angel, my Survivor tape didn't. Bastard thing. The weekend was okay - Marian Masur (she actually googled herself and found her name on my website - I think she's officially afraid that I'm stalking her. Too bad.) had a pool party on Saturday and again I ended up having to curse my social ineptitude. Why must I be so fucking retarded in social situations? Seriously! I find myself even stuttering at points. And then to top it off, I set my drink on a table and it spills on me. Yes, I left that party in quite a hurry. The next day I got Catherine's windows tinted, and I must say, a black VW Jetta with tinted black windows is oh-so-sweet. Worth every penny.
Now I'm fucking done with this tirade. This week I'll get to watch both Survivor and Angel. I might even watch a Buffy rerun. (I guess I'm not done yet, after all). A video game that I have been addicted to lately is the latest Legend of Zelda for the Gamecube. This game is unreal. It is so well done and so much fun and so fucking addicting that I can't believe how easy it is to forget time and shit. It's a blast. 10 stars and four thumbs up and all that jazz.
I got some email concerning people out in Lajes. SSgt Dorrian is still doing good and loves being a dad. And it looks like my successor also is sharing my fate, as he is due to be an exec shortly. I'm guessing for Col Giroux, the MSG CC. If so, he'll love it. Col Giroux is pretty cool.
Oh yeah, I may get deployed in November. So that should be interesting. I have no idea where or exactly when, or even if I'm going for sure. But definitely need to be ready to go. At least I'm getting warning. I've heard stories about people getting notice days or hours before having to leave. That would suck.
And I helped out my boss, Maj Wimmer, set up his home network (including some wireless pieces - it was cool how it all worked so fast). It has made me realize that as soon as I get a laptop (which I am realizing I need more and more, especially with school and my tendency to go TDY a lot more than I used to), I'm setting up a wireless network too. But to the original point of my story - he got me a case of Shiner Bock! I LOVE THIS STUFF! I have no idea where he got it from, but I will find out. As soon as I"m done with 24, I mean, 22, oh, I mean 17 bottles more.
Alright, I'm really done now.

What's New? My Survivor episode 8 page is up. Pretty late, I know.

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond. (okay, you know I will - what else have I got to do?)