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November 2002

Till we meet again!

November 7, 2002: Well, this is my last update to my website for a while. I never did get to finishing up the rest of my Europe pictures (Florence, Venice) - so I guess that will have to wait for a little bit. I'm bummed about not being able to document the rest of Survivor. We'll probably have to get an email circulating to interested parties, just like we used to do in the old days of Survivor gossip. As for me, my stuff gets picked up tomorrow. I will be living elsewhere so calling me at my phone number may or may not yield my voice on the other end. You can always email me though, as somehow I'm sure I'll have access to the internet and be able to check Hotmail. I still can't believe I'm leaving the island in 2 weeks and 1 day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!
Where I'll be the next 2 months: After leaving Terceira, I'll be catching up on movies with Byron in Baltimore, hopefully checking out Harry Potter 2 and/or Die Another Day. Then I'll be on my way to Vegas and meet up with my parents, who will be helping me out in buying my new car (yay!) and getting a place to live. After Thanksgiving, I will then be headed to Puerto Rico to see my Dad and Pat for a week, then stopping by in San Antonio for a few days to make sure everyone there is okay. Finally I'll come back to Las Vegas and prepare to get settled and working at my new job at Nellis AFB. I'll give all the dirty details (with pictures!) upon reuniting with my computer and a web connection.
What's New for this last update? Fran's take on Shii Ann's ousting is up. I also put up pictures of my going away last night at A Ilha. sniff, sniff.

My office rules - WIAO forever!

November 4, 2002: Nothing really new there, just stating the obvious. Anyways, I'm really sleepy right now, and ready to go to bed. I really will try to make sure all of my Europe pictures are up before Friday, but man, it's a lot of work to get these pages up! Byron returned from his TDY to McGuire, and it sounded like he had a blast, as he got to go with Connie to NYC. I'm very jealous, especially after hearing his stories. I will definitely have to make my way up there one day. He also got me a birthday present: Rollercoaster Tycoon 2! I fiddled around with it a little, but not that much. I'm afraid of the obsession that will begin if I start to play it. But I only have a few more days till the PC is gone, so I need to play it a little. Wow, I'm rambling. Good night!
What's New? Some more stuff on Ep 7, as well as my Salzburg & Munich picture page.

Happy Birthday to me!

November 3, 2002: Yes, it's that happy time of year when I get presents from around the world from my many many friends....okay, maybe not. But I do turn 26 today. Scary!!!!!!!! I'm not doing anything for my birthday as there's really nothing to do. Just getting ready to return to the states. Last night I went to Col Gene Smith's going-away dinner at the TORC. He was the SPTG CC when I did my first stint as an exec this summer. He has the same birthday as me, although not the same year. :-) Anyways, Survivor rocked - and if you missed it, you missed OUT!
What's New? My Survivor Episode 7 page is up, already including Robbie's and Carolyn's thoughts. They liked this episode so much, they met their deadline early!!!!!! And be advised, this is my last Survivor page for Season 5 Thailand, as my computer gets picked up on Friday and I really don't think I'll have the ability to work on my page till I get my computer again. :-( Also updated my links page as well as my Hobie page.

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond.