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Friends' websites


  • MSNBC - Gotta pimp the company's news site, right?
  • The Huffington Post - Arianna Huffington's place for columnists and op/ed pieces about what's going on in the world today.


  • The Digital Bits - THE place to find out the latest on every aspect of DVDs
  • DVD Talk - I love to read the DVD forum here - good info, but lots of idiocy as well

Entertainment, Interesting, or just Fun

  • MySpace - A link directly to my MySpace page, but feel free to check out the other billions of peoples' profiles there too.
  • YouTube - Do I really need to explain this site?
  • Facebook - I have a profile here, but to be honest, I enjoy MySpace a lot more. Facebook has too much crap on it now with all those damn games and such.
  • Project Rungay - The BEST site that dishes on the awesome show Project Runway and everything associated with it. HILARIOUS.
  • Kenneth in the 212 - A blog that I stumbled upon long ago in my closeted days. Very down to earth gay guy out here in NYC who posts about many of the stories out there and frequently posts pics of ridiculously good-looking guys
  • Towleroad - Another gay-themed blogger who links and discusses to most of the news going-on out there and the gay aspect of them
  • Meetup.com - If you're curious about the different social organizations/clubs in your area, check out this site. You'll find a club for nearly EVERYTHING out there. Recommended by my friend Susan!
  • AfterElton.com - Home of the Best.Gay.Week.Ever.... frequently funny but sometimes too militant about gay issues. Relax dude.
  • NotComing.com - I've linked this page directly to the Twin Peaks section which details both seasons of the show and Fire Walk With Me. There's a lot of other interesting writing about movies and TV throughout the rest of the site too, but if you love Twin Peaks, check this out!
  • JoBlo - A definitive source to download nearly any movie trailer. Impressive... And he has the scoop on everything Hollywood. You could browse this site for hours if you had the time.
  • IMDB.com - This site is great for getting the name of that guy you just know who it is but can't remember his name for the life of you.
  • Arstechnica - An Amato recommended site - great info for the PC enthusiast
  • So You Want to Play Craps? - An awesome site on everything craps, including dice setting
  • Snopes - A cool resource that talks about every urban legend imaginable
  • The Smoking Gun - C'mon, who doesn't love reading the real dirt on people. And the mugshots are priceless.
  • Fandango - This is actually a very impressive online movie-ticketing company, which even tells you the prices of the movies at different times and rates. Yes, I am easily impressed.
  • StephenKing.com - My favorite author's official website. And since he overhauled it, it is very impressive.
  • Homestar Runner.com - Pure fun in animation form. Strong Bad and Homestar Runner are the best. There's LOTS to look at here.
  • RealityNewsOnline - This is THE place to read about pretty much any reality show. Lots of summary articles, opinions, etc. Definitely the place to get great reading on Survivor and the Amazing Race!
  • EFF.org - The Electronic Frontier Foundation website, which I recently discovered. It's an organization that goes out of its way to fight for and protect individual freedoms in the electronic world. Very cool.
  • Wikipedia.org - An intriguing way to have an online encyclopedia: let the public edit and contribute the topics. The community has currently over 300,000 articles.
  • HowStuffWorks.com - This site will tell you how anything works: I learned already how hangovers work and how blu-ray DVD technology works, and there's tons more than that in every kind of subject. Very fun to read like Wikipedia.org if you're ever just wanting to surf something interesting.
  • Travelocity.com - The site I go to for good airfare rates and for when I dream about a vacation.
  • Gamespot.com - I could spend hours here, whether it be for the video game walkthroughs, reviews, previews, screen captures, etc.

Shopping & Saving

  • Amazon.com - My favorite website to shop from. Great selection, even if not always the best price
  • BarnesandNoble.com - I actually own stock in this company. Now go shop there!
  • USAA - My favorite bank so far - sorry Wells Fargo and Bank of America
  • KennethCole.com - Um...basically go here and you'll see what I like to wear. The Men's items, of course.
  • Rockefeller Center - Here's the website of where I work.

Web Design & Hosting

  • Hostsave.com - The company that cheaply hosts my website and got my domain name
  • Webmonkey - A great place to learn about web design
  • Macromedia - The company that makes Dreamweaver, which I use for this website
  • Matt's Script Archive - A place to get free CGI scripts that work really well. Matt's Script Archive

My alma-mater & ROTC

  • AFROTC at UCLA - The place that taught me how to be an officer. Scary.
  • UCLA - My alma-mater

Europe Travel

  • RailEurope.com - The place to buy your Eurail passes; also has train schedules, specials on trips, etc.
  • London Walks - When in London, you've got to try out some of these walks. They're a blast.
  • Curzon House Hotel - A decent, cheap place to stay while in London.
  • Ticketmaster UK - A way to get some good tickets to the theater while in London.

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