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Time for me to go - so let's eat

November 6, 2002 @ A Ilha Restaurant, Sao Sebastiao

One of those fun rites you have to do before you leave an assignment is to have a going-away lunch/dinner/party. My last one, at San Antonio, was cool but I really didn't do well during the talking part, as I really didn't expect the emotions to come at me like they did. So this time, I tried to do better, and I succeeded in getting out what I wanted to, but still, it is hard to say goodbye (sing along in your best Boyz II Men voice). Anyways, it was a great dinner put on by the WIAO (of course) - I got the greatest gift in the WIAO picture. I'll have to take a picture of it one day and put it up, but it helps to encapsulate all the time spent here. I also received a cool desk plate from Fran and Dawne, stating Exec Survivor. In a similar theme, I received the commander's triangle which stated, Exec for Hire. Ha ha ha! :-) SCB got me a cool stein glass with a curved engraving on it (Hobiefest) as well as from the Dubois some of the seasoning salts that makes the best fried potatoes, ever. WIAO also got me a beautiful 2 glass set with a large carafe. Very awesome. It was a good time - but it just makes it all seem so real now that I will be leaving. I'm typing this on the day before my computer goes away and trying to clean up all my stuff before it gets picked up. Scary! Let's hope I see it again! Well, to Lajes and everyone there - it's been a blast! Las Vegas, here I come.

Note on the pictures below: Some of them are blurry and just odd looking - I think it adds to the pictures and I put them up anyway. Also, I did NOT take the picture of the A Ilha urinal. But it ended up on my camera, so I decided to put it anyways.

Roger and Shelly

Byron, me and Tracy


Brian, Rich and Tascha

A smiling James and Michelle

View of the table



Tracy and Jenny

Brett and Roger

The Prices and the Moores (sounds like a movie)

The Schraders and Myers

Teresa, Gary, Millie and the rest of the table

Tasha, Juan (sans Melinda), Truth and Gil

Me and Redman

Brian and me opening the glass gift

Crazy Dubois

The giving of the salt

Schrader and me

SCB - Schrader, me, Chief and Dubois

Me and Fran!

Fran and me again (getting the Exec Survivor gift)

Maj Moore and me

The A Ilha urinal (for all the ladies who haven't seen one)

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