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What's up, beyotches?

I once caught a fish THIS big! Anyways....

So welcome to the page where I just go and talk about myself! Oh wait, isn't this whole DAMN WEBSITE about me? Well, yes it is, and that's the point, literally.

I'm in the Air Force (sad, isn't it, that the guy pictured to the left there is actually supposed to LEAD people - shudder....) and can not WAIT for the year 2007. That's the year o' liberation (possibly...). Until then, I will finish out my hellish tour here in Las Vegas for the next few months, and then see if I like the AF any better when I go to my last duty station, Colorado Springs, for two years. I'm sure I'll love it. <yawn>

I love Dance Dance Revolution, DVDs, dinner, developing evil ways to mock others, and many other things that start with letters.


Here's the part of the website that if you were a true stalker, you'd print out, memorize, and immediately try to figure out why I'm wearing a red shirt above.

Things About Me or Things I Like to Do or Things That Bother Me or Things that Look Pretty in Orange Writing:

- Read Books. Books are fun. Especially Stephen King books. Harry Potter rules. But I'll read almost anything that catches my interest. Current title on my bedstand:

Guns Germs & Steel, by Jared Diamond (a UCLA professor, btw): Just your random book about human history and why societies developed the way they did. It takes the point of view of trying to explain just why our Homo Sapiens ancestors in Eurasia got so far ahead, technologically at least, of those in Africa, the Americas, or Australia. I didn't say this would appeal to everyone, did I? NOOO! So leave me the hell alone. I gotta read something as I just can't reread Harry Potter 6 all day now can I?



- Video Games are a blast too. As you can see from the oh-so-cool picture above, I love playing DDRMAX, DDRMAX2, or DDREXTREME. I am now proficient at the Standard level, which gives you one HELL of a workout. I've actually noticed my leg muscles growing just because of all the jumping you do when playing at Standard level. I'm SOOOO ready for the AF's stupidest physical fitness test: the Standing Long Jump. Too bad it's gone the way of the dodo.

- Gambling. I used to like to play craps a lot until I found out I have absolutely no luck anymore. So now I just collect dice from casinos. You can see pictures of my 'Quest for Dice' in the various journal entries. Before I leave, I will be collecting all the dice together and putting them in some sort of frame to commemorate this most wonderful of assignments. I'll post pictures, don't you worry.

- I would love to say I have an active social life. I would also love to say I have a million dollars. Either of those statements would be a lie. A bald-faced lie. Whatever the hell that means. So there you go with that. WHY WON'T ANYONE BE MY FRIEND? It's because you all suck!

- I also love to grocery shop. Okay, that lie will send me straight to hell. I fucking HATE grocery shopping. With a passion. I even dropped an f-bomb for that one.

- The friends I do have - well, they rock. I miss them. I even have some here in Vegas.

- One day, I will rule the world.

Miscellaneous Me

That's all the sharing I feel like doing for now. Some of these links below lead to a long winded talk about the event, including pictures. Obviously this will take time, but I think it will be fun to write and enjoyable to read.

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My Violin

UPDATE as of 2005: I haven't touched my violin for like 3 years. I hate that I haven't played it in so long. Maybe when I move to Colorado I'll resume it, as now that my Master's Degree is done and gambling as an option will be removed, I'll have focus. Cross your fingers.

I decided to pick up the violin while here in the Azores and discovering that lessons were cheap and I didn't have all that much to do otherwise except drink. Hey hey, I don't drink all that much. But when you've had some of the vinho verde here, hell, you'll be singing a new tune also. has always been a goal of mine to get the nerve to learn to play the violin. I didn't really think that I'd ever do it, but lo and behold, I did, thanks to my coworker SSgt Jim Dorrian who also decided to take lessons. And I actually think I have a knack for it - I'm no Mozart (aren't you glad I told you that?), but I am coming along nicely. I decided to put in some pictures of my violin (Libby) and the room in my Salga house where I tend to practice. A cool thing that just happened on the night of 28 Sep was that my violin teacher, Elena, was in a chamber music concert at the Praia Catholic church, this very old and European-looking cathedral. There was a pipe organ, a cello, a violin (played by Elena), and a soprano vocalist. It was amazing inspiration (and frustrating at the same time - how is it that my violin just doesn't sound like that?) and was a great experience. It was very similar to when Jason, Wendy and I were in Florence and went to a concert in a church there. I got to hear Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor played on a huge pipe organ. That was a religious experience - freaking incredible! I know my friend Roni's mom, Toni, would have died had she been able to hear that.


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