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March 2003

I better pass the damn Ergo

March 27, 2003: I really can't believe how fast this month and year have been going by. What the hell? I barely even remember this month. This just shows how fast time flies after you reach a certain age.
So I get to take my most favorite of Air Force tests tomorrow, the blasted ergo test. I stress myself out for this test that my resting heart rate is way high. I think I'm going to do fine, but damn this test! Damn it! It'll be nice to pass and then not have to worry about it for another year. We'll see.
My mom is coming up to Vegas this weekend because she will be working up at the Smith Barney branch office up here. I'll be seeing her Sunday, which will be cool.
And my first Accounting class is this Saturday. Joy. I've been reading the text and I want to poke my eyes out. Ugh.
Well, that's enough for now. Go surf something more interesting - I'm fairly certain my website doesn't hold a candle to some of the porn sites that are out there. Now skiddaddle!
Late Breaking News: I just checked my grade for LAW 529 and I got an A. Yes, I rock. I think I need to make sure I get A's on these early classes as I'm sure it's only going to get harder as I go on. Gee, you think?
What's New? My Survivor episode 7 page is up. Pretty fast, I know.

Gulf War 2 is on!

March 25, 2003: Well, since last I wrote, we have started the second gulf war. I'm nowhere near the action of battle and I really don't know if I'll be called up at this time. I have a feeling that if our occupation of Iraq is long and drawn out, I will probably have to do my time out there eventually. We shall see. My thoughts and prayers are with all the soldiers out there who are fighting proudly for our nation, and especially with the POWs who are currently in Iraq's control, and who are being victimized against Geneva Convention rules. It's unreal to think we're actually fighting a war again.
Anyways, it's been a week, so something interesting had to have happened, right? Correct! Let's see, I finished my Law class at UoP this Saturday, and I think/hope I did pretty decently. I can't imagine getting less than a B+. But the biggest highlight was a weekend visit by my best friend Jason and his wife/my sauna buddy Wendy. They came up to visit on Friday (I took the day off - that was very nice) and we had a great Outback dinner, went down to the strip to check out the action down at Mandalay Bay and the sports book (for March Madness - the madness, the madness!). On Saturday I had to go to class, but in the afternoon we went back down to the strip for more madness, and visited the Bellagio and Barbary Coast, at which I lost $100 in no-time flat at craps. Even when using my new system, if a table is ice cold, you will lose your money. Oh well, I'll get it back. All in all, we had a great time and it was just a blast to have my best friends here to hang out with. It definitely felt like old times.
Other than that, I've just been watching Fox News nonstop at work, just like the rest of the country. It'll be scary and interesting to see how the Battle for Baghdad goes in the next few days.
Oh yeah, the Academy Awards were great last night (Michael Moore excluded in my evaluation of the ceremony), and I'm happy that Chicago got recognized. I guess I need to check out the Pianist.
And in a final happy note, my good buddy from San Antonio is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday Carolyn!
What's New? Lots! I've put up my Survivor Episode 6 page and the Team Jelly update, added a great new book to the book page, and also updated my DVD listing. Oh the fun!

Back in Las Vegas

March 16, 2003: And you didn't even know I had left, did you? Bastards. Anyways, I am back from Huntsville, Alabama with some observations. First, Alabama isn't so bad this time of year. But I don't think you could pay me enough to go there during summer. Ugh. Summer in the deep south is not pleasant. Also, flying back to Vegas, it's funny how upbeat and excited EVERYONE on the plane is. They all have future-millionaire written on their foreheads and have no idea that they're going to all be losers in about 4 days. But, as they say, ignorance is bliss. For me, I just wanted to get home. Flying back and forth in two days really messes with your body clock. But I did get to fly over downtown Chicago on the way back, at night. It was an incredible view, with the Sears Tower and the rest of the Chicago skyline beautifully illuminated. Most of them were all in green too. Must be for St Patty's day.
Recovering this weekend, I finally watched the Ring. Eeeeeek. While I had issues with some of the movie, like WTF is up with her kid?, I totally loved how it ended. I totally thought the movie had copped out at the end, and I was also totally wondering WTF? That's how they fix the problem? Heh heh...... Nope. Now I see why there's talk about a sequel. Let's just hope it doesn't resemble Blair Witch 2 AT ALL.
Today I also rewatched Chicago at the movies. What a great movie - I think it'll win Best Picture at the Oscars next weekend. While at Sam's Town, I tried my luck at the Megabucks machine for a whole $21. Which was gone in like 20 seconds. But I had to take a shot. I'm ready to go play craps though. Oh yeah. Bring it on.
What's New? My Survivor Episode 5 pages are up.

A pretty decent weekend - go figure

March 9, 2003: I guess it helps when you actually leave the house. But anyways, it was finally a no-rain weekend, and I got to wash my car. I love when my car is clean. She's so pretty and nothing beats a clean black car. Nope, nothing. Last night I also played some poker and I made a very good showing - after initially almost getting cleaned out, but due to a fortunate hand at 7-27 and Screw Your Neighbor, everything turned around. It was sweet.
What's New? I saw Bringing Down the House (very funny), put up my Episode 4 Survivor page, and a quick rundown of the new craps book that will make me a millionaire.

Viva Las Vegas - aka look out craps tables

March 6, 2003: Okay, so I haven't been updating the webpage all that much lately - it wasn't for lack of events occurring or even a lack of sarcasm that needed release. No, it was just due to pure ol' laziness and the need to test out the latest craps theory on Hoyle Casino. What's that you ask? What is this new theory? Well, sports fans, I bought a book on craps at the BX the other day and yowza it made lots of sense. I haven't put it to use on a real table, but putting the theory to work on the Hoyle Casino computer game has helped me to see that it does work. Hoyle Casino is very realistic in the rolls of the dice, and hot/cold tables, so I am eager to try it out at a real casino. I'll let you know how it goes.
Alright, what else? I've been fortunate during this week to see the Thunderbirds do their air show twice! They have been practicing their show before they take it around the world, and they had to get the ACC commander to approve before they start their season. He was here this week and let me tell you, the show is incredible. It's unbelievable what these pilots do in their jets. I get nervous just looking at a 6-ship formation doing this monstrous loop in the sky. It was awesome. Just another great reason to be at Nellis.
I've been going DVD crazy lately too - I bought up Star Trek IV (the funny San Francisco one), The Ring (Robbie said I had to buy it - what was I to do?), and Back to School (just too funny of a movie).
I've been doing good in this latest class o' mine. The professor actually just emailed me that I got the best score yet on our case briefs - just had to toot my own horn there. Sorry, I won't do that too often. Kinda obscene.
In other news, SSgt Marian Masur broke my heart earlier this week when she said she was going to be deploying by Friday the 7th. For like an undetermined amount of time. I was getting seriously depressed about this, as she definitely makes work enjoyable to go to. We found out yesterday she's not going after all - she's bummed, but the rest of the office is happy to keep her there. So yay!
And I just watched Survivor and the suicidal actions of the female tribe. They had a shot, but now it's gone. I predict that the men will sweep up the rest of the season as the women are morons. Let me clarify - THESE women are morons. Not ALL women are morons. But c'mon! Why the hell did you keep Shawna, who didn't even want to be there.....anyways, I've got to save this rant for my Survivor page, which will be up this weekend. Send your thoughts if you have any. And I think I got a whopping ZERO points this week. Thrilling....
What's New? My Survivor Episode 3 page has been updated with TSgt Nylorac's views and some more links. Also updated the DVD section.

Shoot me an email if you want to. I may respond. (okay, you know I will - what else have I got to do?)