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Halloween 2001

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Halloween in the Salga House

October, 2001 @ Baia da Salga, Terceira

So Angelo & I got coerced to have the CGOC Halloween party at our house. I must admit, the place was perfect for it, albeit a little small and out of the way for most of the CGOs. But whatever, the party was a blast. I remember getting completely sloshed and having the weirdest costume ever. I don't even think it counts as a costume. And I still have the pants. And boy did we all dance that night - my computer's mp3 dance collection was put to full use and it was fortunate there was no neighbors right next to us. I do remember putting real candles in the candelabra above the dance floor and the candles burning down to the end and dripping on people below. Perhaps not my best idea?

Getting the house and decorations ready

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

Pumpkin #3 (the one I carved)

Holy Dani

Not so Holy Hobie

It's a nun and Lara Croft

CatAmy & PsychoHobie

Gotta love the self shots

Groovin to the tunes

Sunday the cereal killer

Chris the boy scout nun

Dani doesn't like really strong jello shots

yet Kasey does!

I think I won a contest or something for most original costume - hmmmm...

Cereal Killer and the Toilet Man

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