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Merry Christmas in LA

December 24-26, 2003 @ Southern California locales

Well, as you may have read in my Journal entry, the driving to and from LA was miserable, but the time spent in town was great. After my ordeal of driving here, I ended up right in Mom's car after a bathroom break to head down to Mission Viejo where my Aunt Mary & Uncle JC were hosting the Sperske Christmas Eve. It's been a tradition to be with the Sperskes on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, and I can't imagine being anywhere else unless physically unable to be there (like the Azores in 2001). So it was great to see all the aunts again, some of the cousins and cousins-in-law (a lot were unable to make it - having babies, other families, etc - excuses, excuses), and just overall it was fun to be around lots of family again.

On Christmas Day (the first rainy Christmas in Los Angeles in 20 years), I headed down to my Uncle Richard's in Long Beach to spend some time with him, Diane, and her family. None of the other Barnes were there, as location issues (they don't live in LA anymore) kept them from being around. It was a lot of fun, and good eating as well, at Uncle Richard's though, and I am very appreciative of still getting together with any Barnes.

Finally, on my last day, I spent most of the early day just hanging around the house, but when my Mom got back home from work, we went to lunch and then saw Paycheck, which was a pretty entertaining movie - although I enjoyed it, I probably would have enjoyed renting it better.

And then after that, I embarked on my 6-hour journey back home. Oh the joy.

Merry Christmas!


Uncle Bill & Aunt Lorraine

Cousin Cindy, me, & Cuz-in-law Lisa

2nd Cousin Garrett & Cousin Bob

Aunt Helen & Me

Aunt Helen & Uncle Steve

Awww... Mom & Aunt Helen


Lisa & Me

The hosts - Doug, Uncle JC, Aunt Mary, & Heather

The Annual Shot - Harv, Mom & Me

Sperske Sisters 2003

Barnes time - Uncle Richard & Aunt Diane + Sophie




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